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Sep 19th

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  1. Gwedd

    My New Stidham T-Shirt Arrived!

    Ready for the pre-season now. Hopefully have the jersey by the time the season starts. If nothing else, it has buoyed my spirits while dealing with the treatment for kidney cancer. On that end, sofar so good. A couple months of treatment and then the "we'll see" moment. Should have a good...
  2. Gwedd

    Devlin Retiring.

    I heard this morning that Devlin is retiring. It was on Good Morning Football so I consider it a real thing, vice some internet rumour.
  3. Gwedd

    O/T: Sorry I Haven't Posted In Awhile

    Hey All, I have had a relapse of my kidney cancer. Coupled with the self-quarantine, it's made life interesting. Mostly, it's the drugs that are impacting my posting/commenting, etc. I just feel like I've finished an 18-game season and want to lay about. But, things still have to get done...
  4. Gwedd

    O/T On A Happier Note

    Despite the results of the last game, my disappointment was buoyed by my doctor. My Kidney Cancer is in remission! He cautioned that there are still a few small spots on my right kidney that he wants to keep an eye on, I was told I didn't have to see him for a year, unless, of course...
  5. Gwedd

    My Trip To Gillette

    Being as there's another day until the Patriots play, I figured I would throw out a few notes about my trip last month down to 1 Patriot Place. First off, the drive down from Maine was fairly easy. I took 95 straight down and didn't have a problem finding my way to Foxboro. My only complaint...
  6. Gwedd

    O/T A Personal Note

    Hey friends, Just a short note that if you don't see me in threads for awhile, it's because I am taking some time off here and these. I beat heart disease, only to be diagnosed with cancer in my right kidney. So far, it hasn't metastasized, so there's that. I had one tumor removed, and we...
  7. Gwedd

    It's The Ides of March. Anyone Get Cut Today?

    Sorry....... I just couldn't resist.
  8. Gwedd

    LOL..Antonio Brown Burning More Bridges

    There are times when I feel sad watching someone self destruct, destroying their career. However, in Brown's case, I'll just sit back and toss some more popcorn in the microwave. Antonio Brown Claims He Doesn’t ‘Need’ Football, Won’t Play By The ‘Rules’ Of Others
  9. Gwedd

    It helps Having A Bi-Coastal Family.......

    My daughter arranged this special birthday greeting for me, post Superbowl, from Cody Hollister.
  10. Gwedd

    We're On To The Draft

    Sorry, just thinking about the next Gillette presser with Coach Belichick. :)
  11. Gwedd

    Bears Kicker Has Problems.......

    Apparently, the poor guy can't even get out of parking garage.......
  12. Gwedd

    College Coach Calls Timeout, Then Retires.

    College Football Coach Calls Timeout, Announces Retirement And Walks Off To His Car [VIDEO] Winningest coach in college football. 264 games.
  13. Gwedd

    Bills Fan Has One Final Request.......

    heh....... More here: Buffalo Bills fan takes jab from the grave, requests six players as pallbearers so they 'can let him down one last time'
  14. Gwedd

    Ben Volin Running His Mouth Again

    In an opinion piece in the Boston Globe, reportard Ben Volin demands that the Patriots "tell the truth" about the Jimmy G trade. For those with iron constitutions and/or are a glutton for punishment, you can read his bowl of tripe here: Why can’t the Patriots tell the truth about the...
  15. Gwedd

    Nor'Easter? No Excuse For Being Late For Practice

    Apparently, Belichick told his players that there was no excuse for being late, and he expected everyone to be present. He remarked that there were two hotels at Patriots Place, so go there if you needed to. I heard this report from GMFB earlier today. NO DAYS OFF!
  16. Gwedd

    The Descent Into The Abyss For FESPN Gets More Weird

    Even the Onion can't make this stuff up: Drunk, naked ESPN star arrested after breaking into condo, cops say Quote:
  17. Gwedd

    Disney’s plan for ESPN is shrouded in uncertainty

    Looks like Disney is having second thoughts about it's portfolio. As to FESPN, whatever happens to them, they have only themselves to blame. The article discusses a lot of other stuff, about Disney pulling out of NetFlix (which, oddly, is probably good for NetFlix, as it frees up some $200...
  18. Gwedd

    Hightower Leaves Pittsburg, Steelers Pull Offer

    Looks Like Hightower won't be a Steeler. Dont’a Hightower leaves Pittsburgh with offer from the Steelers off the table Hightower left Pittsburg and the Steelers rescinded their offer to him.
  19. Gwedd

    TB12. Extended until 2023?

    I saw this, and thought....... "you know, it's possible. He could out-Favre Favre". :)
  20. Gwedd

    So, The Cops Came By My House Tonight.......

    Half way through the 3rd quarter, there was a knock on my door. When I opened it, there stood a pair of cops. They wanted to know if I was alright, if there was anything wrong inside. Apparently, some couple was out walking their dogs and as they came by my house, they heard me screaming...