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Sep 19th

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  1. PittPatriot

    Nate Ebner’s story on

    Such a moving piece on Nate Ebner. Part one of a 3 part series. Truly one of my favorite Patriots.
  2. PittPatriot

    Joey Porter Arrested

    Why this bum is on an NFL staff is beyond my understanding. Looks like the details remain undisclosed, but he was arrested in a popular Pittsburgh club. Steelers coach Joey Porter arrested on South Side
  3. PittPatriot

    Does this guy play for the Pats?

    I was walking to my gate at PIT airport today and saw this guy with a Pats shirt under the sweatshirt and a Pats wrist band. Kind of looked like Mike Wallace but why would he be all garbed up? Any of you guys know if this is just a big fan or a person of interest?
  4. PittPatriot

    For fun: Patriots head to head

    Today's victory got me thinking - is this the most undependable team of the Brady era? Let's say we played our 2011 Patriots vs. any of the past decade's Pats teams: 1. The 2001 team won the SB and though injuries weakened them the following year, that Defense had heart. 2. 2003-2006 teams...
  5. PittPatriot

    Haynesworth vs. Pepper altercation on sideline

    I heard this morning on WEEI D&C that Haynesworth and Pepper Johnson had to be separated on the sideline in the 3rd quarter and that Mayo and BB had to step in. I have not read or heard anything else and am surprised none of you guys have talked about it. Any word?
  6. PittPatriot

    Week 4 TV Maps are out

    We are getting it this weekend, Baby! A Pats win (Raven loss) and an SD Loss (Steeler win) should make us happy all-around! Edit: Whoa...that was wierd. Why did my reply go to the top of the thread?
  7. PittPatriot

    OT: Are Tom & Gisele watching soccer today?

    Big game today...could be Miracle II for our country. I have yet to see any stories about Tom and Gisele (US/Brazil) and their take on the game today. I wonder if it will be the first point of discord in their early married life? I know she is a soccer fan (see link).Gisele Bündchen wins U.S...
  8. PittPatriot

    When did we ever run the Amoeba Offense?

    The buzzword in Denver this past week was Josh McDaniel's "Amoeba Offense" and how the Broncos are making a shift away from Shanahan's system (obviously). I don't ever recall the Pats running this offense under Josh McD. Is this just something contrived to get some pub or excitement for the new...
  9. PittPatriot

    Hines Ward opinions

    Hi guys, I could not find any threads on Hines Ward and all the recent 'cheap shot' or 'blind side' accusations thrown his way. I am curious to know what the others on the board think about him and the overall situation surrounding his recent hits. Do you think he is a cheap shot artist...
  10. PittPatriot

    What would BB do about Manny being Manny?

    I know not everyone on the board is a BoSox fan...but many of us are. I have always found the Sox and Pats to be very different in how they manage their players...divas don't live in the Pats lockerroom. The Red Sox clubhouse strengthened after Diva #1 Nomar was shown the door. Now, Manny (is...
  11. PittPatriot

    How many of you guys are watching Carolina vs. Duke tonight?

    Hi guys, I was wondering how many of my compatriots were looking forward to watching a great NCAA baskeball game tonight. UNC v. Duke games definitely have the intensity of Pats-Colts or Sox-Yanks. Collegiately, the only other rivalry that seems to have the same national interest is Ohio...
  12. PittPatriot

    Thank you, Eugene and Asante

    Guys, I know this does not require a new thread, but I think we should appreciate what Eugene and Asante meant to our franchise. Both were drafted in 2003 (2nd and 4th rounds, respectively) and came on to perform well for our team. The emergence of Eugene as a safety allowed us to compete for...
  13. PittPatriot

    Anthony Gonzalez vs. Chad Jackson

    While the Maroney vs. Addai game within the game has been analyzed and will continue to be for years to come, I am intrigued by the other young/rookie comparison at the WR position. The Pats usually don't draft skill positions so high, but did with Maroney and Jackson. While Gonzalez has...
  14. PittPatriot

    Bob Kraft/Patriots on CNBC

    Hi all, I am watching CNBC and they have a special on the Pats, specifically their financial success with winning.
  15. PittPatriot

    Belichick post game demeanor

    Hi guys, I am not sure if this was commented on, but at the conclusion of yesterday's game, BB gave Mangina a nice handshake and said, 'Great game, Eric. Great game.' Then he was seen hugging some of the Jets players (I am sure he has relationships with some of them). However, I was most...
  16. PittPatriot

    Remembering Katzenmoyer

    While much of the boards is calling for McFadden with our high draft pick, I feel the non-QB cornerstone of our franchise for the foreseeable future will be the Linebackers. The last time we drafted top notch LB with a 1st RD Pick was Andy Katzenmoyer. His tragic career which ended abruptly...
  17. PittPatriot

    Why all the media attention re: officiating?

    All season long we have complained about the terrible officiating that the NFL 'kept in store' for our Pats. I thought the Indy game could have been lost just on the bad calls...but we came through. Nobody was bringing this up...maybe Bill Simmons or a hometown guy, but otherwise the National...