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Sep 19th

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    Patriot's friendly Sports Bar - St. Petersburg, FL

    Ok, looking for any info from Patriots Fans in St. Petersburg, FL area for a recommended Sports Bar to watch the game Thursday night. Anything that might be Patriots friendly? My hotel is on Gulf Blvd, Treasure Island. Prefer not to drive if possible. Late game and all. ;) Hotel might...
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    Brady 1st QTR INT's in the Playoffs - Concern or just Coincidence?

    So, looking back now at 4 playoff games (Ravens '09, Jets '10, Broncos '11 and Ravens '11), in each of them Brady has thrown 1st Quarter INTs that have taken points off the board for the Pats and led to scores for their opponents. It's odd to see that happen given how infrequently he throws...
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    No Howard Mudd = A Bad Peyton Manning

    Well, it would seem that the last few weeks have proven what many coaches, players and fans outside of Indy have believed for a very long time: Howard Mudd made Peyton Manning an elite QB. While Colts fans will point to the list of key players out with injuries as the cause for Mannings...
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    Penalty stats by team?

    Anyone have a link to a site that breaks down penalties by team in detail? lists them as part of Game Stats, but that just shows the total for each team. I'd like to check out things a bit closer. For example, the perception is that the Colts get a lot of DPI's go their way, so it...
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    Blow Out Loss - Which Kind is Worse?

    So, going into this Sunday both the Pats and the Dolphins are coming off big losses. The Pats got rolled by the undefeated Saints while the Phins were crushed by the last place Bills. Got me thinking, which scenario says more about the status of a team? Losing big to an elite team might...
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    What makes some players "Injury Prone"?

    So, at the risk of igniting yet another "Maroney is made of glass" firestorm thread, I am curious as to what actually makes players injury prone. Is there something about them physically that causes their joints, bones, etc. to get damaged easier than others? Are they too aggressive that...
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    Calling on UK based Pat's fans

    I'm here on business travel and looking for info on where to catch the Pat's game on Sunday. I missed the MNF opener already, so I'm hoping to watch the Jet's game. I'm staying in Lymington, the TV channel line up in my hotel doesn't include any that broadcast American football games. So...
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    Gameday Thread Posters - Fans or Fakes?

    So, I usually don't read the Gameday Threads until after the game. Most of the time I check it out to see if someone posted some info on a particular play or call that I either missed or am looking for an explanation of. Some good stuff in there to learn from. However, for those of you that...
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    Rule Question - Just Curious

    First, let's get the legal stuff out of the way: 1) Yes, I know the Patriots won the game. 2) Yes, I understand the play I'm going to ask about had no bearing on the out come. This is just a general question for my own edumacation ;) The play was the Bulger pass that bounced up off a...
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    Could Matt Walsh end up helping Pats?

    I know that a lot of fans have been quick to trash Matt Walsh's credibility, however, what if his meeting with Goodell next week results in statements that actually help the Pats? For example, based on some of the descriptions of the tapes that he turned over, one of them was apparently...
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    Question on "Half the Distance to the Goal" [merged]

    Something I've always been curious about, just wondering if someone has the basis for why penalties are sometimes "half the distance to the goal". For example, if a team is at the opponents 8 yard line and the defense commits a 5 yard offsides penalty, the ball would get moved to the 3...
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    Good thing Mangini decided to rat out BB in Week 1

    Although I'm sure we all wish Mangini had just kept his mouth shut, at least the upside is that he decided to blow the whistle in the very first game. If he had not and waited until this weekend, when his 3-10 Jets get rolled by the 13-0 Pats, I think the negative impact would have been a lot...
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    Tuesday Morning Headlines - Your Predictions

    So, what do you think we'll be reading in the sports pages tomorrow after tonights game? Mine: "Ravens read Blueprint upside down, Patriots win big!" :D
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    The biggest gain over the Colts on Sunday...

    So, let's see if I get this straight: On Defense The Colts defense is predicated on having fast, speedy defenders that can cover a lot of ground and get to the ball quickly, therefore limiting the offenses ability to drive down the field. Making on the fly adjustments and getting to the...
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    Complete Role Reversal

    Well, I find it interesting how events have done a full 180 with the Pats/Colts rivalry. Brady started out 6-0 against Manning and in '04 beat them in the AFCCG on the way to their SB win. The following season, the Colts headed into Gillette in early November and I'm sure most people looked...
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    Could visting teams "set up" the Pats now?

    Ok, follow me on this one: Now that the Patriots have been nationally crucified because of "Camera Gate", could some team try to bury them completely with a "set up" in the visiting team's locker room? For example, Mangini the Rat Fink and his crew are still due to visit Gillette. What if...