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Sep 19th

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  1. cupofjoe1962

    I guess Brady’s wife let him go to the White House this year.

    Didn’t Brady skip the White House when Trump was president? So now he goes to the White House to meet Dementia Joe? I guess his wife let him go this year. He had been friends with Trump, so my feelings is his wife wouldn’t let him go. I am losing my respect by the day for Brady. Still wish...
  2. cupofjoe1962

    On a day like today, I really miss the Political Forum.

    I really miss the PoFo on a day like today. There were a lot of really knowledgeable people in that Forum & I miss their the interaction. I understand why Ian shut it down, but it was a very enjoyable forum. It could get ugly in the forum, and that even before Trump, but it was fun and very...
  3. cupofjoe1962

    Why does 1st round pick Sony Michel play like a jag?

    Does anyone else think that the Patriot way is not working for Sony Michel? I remember reading that the Patriots wanted Michel to run north and south, opposed to his lateral movements during runs in college. This reminded me of Bill Parcels talking about Curtis Martin during camp. his rookie...
  4. cupofjoe1962

    Auction Money league - looking for good players

    If you are up for the challenge, we would love some new blood. Deep - 4th year auction - fantasy football league - $25 per team - 16 teams First Place: $275 (68.75%) Second Place: $100 (25.00%) Third Place: $25 (6.25%) League ID#: 90091 League Name: 4th year auction invitational Auto-renew...
  5. cupofjoe1962

    The NFL plans to play the black National Anthem before Week#1 games.

    So the NFL is going to play the black national anthem before the week#1 games. NFL plans to play Black national anthem before Week 1 games - CNN Are we expected to stand? As a 34 year season ticket holder, I won’t be standing or kneeling. I will just be sitting quietly waiting for it to end...
  6. cupofjoe1962

    Fantasy football money auction league.

    I am opening up my auction invitational league to Patsfans this year. Yahoo collects the money and hands out the winnings. I have seen leagues published here in the past. Please pay when you join League ID#: 90091 League Name: 4th year auction invitational Auto-renew Enabled: Yes Draft Type...
  7. cupofjoe1962

    Late round talent

    The Pats are loaded with six picks in the last 2 rounds of the draft (3 in 6th & 7th round) The Patriots have done well in late round picks and UDFA in recent years. Who do you think the Pat’s are eyeing in the late rounds? I believe a key to our success with UDFA is the fact that Belichick...
  8. cupofjoe1962

    Cam Newton released by Panthers

    Belichick has spoken highly about Cam Newton in the past & he is now available. Cam Newton released: Four most logical landing spots for longtime Panthers quarterback I don’t see it happening, but it is definitely an option although a lot of cap maneuvers would be needed. Thoughts?
  9. cupofjoe1962

    Edelman’s future with the Pats ?

    **** This could be for the Bucs or Chargers *** Today is a tough day for all Patriots fans and players. The player who is probably most upset is Edelman. He is great friends with Brady and I can’t help by wonder what is going on in his head today. There was talk about Brady wanting a couple...
  10. cupofjoe1962

    Garappalo throws 5 consecutive interceptions in practice

    Kyle Shanahan Responds After Jimmy Garoppolo Throws 5 Straight INTs in Practice Jimmy G is making a lot of money and has proved very little other than he can’t stay healthy. The Honeymoon is over.... JimmY G needs to stay on the field and show promise. It will be interesting to see what the...
  11. cupofjoe1962

    Trey Flowers goes to the Lions

    adam shefter just reported Trey Flowers is signing with the Lions. No money numbers yet, but it is a 5 year deal. Well that is our 2nd 3rd round comp pick for 2020. The other is from Trent Brown going to the Raiders.
  12. cupofjoe1962

    Will Gronk be a Patriot in 2019?

    Gronk is my all time favorite Patriot, but I can’t help but wonder if he will be a Patriot in 2019. I want him to be a Patriot next year, but instead of a raise, they may ask him to take a pay cut which may lead to retirement or Gronk being cut. He already threatened retirement when they wanted...
  13. cupofjoe1962

    Our remaining picks ????

    I have had a long week. I know we have our Pick and the 49ers pick in round #2. We just traded our 3rd for a tackle and a 5th, Any one know the exact draft numbers for our remaining picks???
  14. cupofjoe1962

    Gillette attendance after Brady & Belichick retire.

    Do you think there will still be a waiting list for season tickets or problems filling the stadium after Belichick & Brady retire & the team has a couple of 3-13 seasons? I remember the days of the local TV blackouts of Patriots home games in the 1980’s, because the games did not sell out. At...
  15. cupofjoe1962

    Patriots release McClellin

    via Rotoworld They got it from Field Yates on Twitter.
  16. cupofjoe1962

    Could Goodell flex the Week#15 Sunday night game & replace Dal vs Oak with NE vs Pit?

    I know there are some weird rules around how the Sunday night flex schedule works. What better way to really piss of Jerry Jones than to have Roger remove his Cowboys from the Sunday night game & replace them with ****y Krafts Patriots. After this week there is a good chance the Steelers &...
  17. cupofjoe1962

    The last 3 years the Patriots lost the opener 2001, 2003, & 2014.

    Losing the opener is not a good thing, but it is not the end of the world. Look what happened the last 3 times we lost the opener. 2001 lost the opener & won the Super Bowl. 2003 lost the opener & won the Super bowl. 2014 lost the opener & won the Super bowl . Let's make it the last 4...
  18. cupofjoe1962

    We're onto New Orlreans !

    Let's not hit the panic button just yet. Brady did not fall off the Max Kellerman cliff overnight. I was at the game last night & I seen some good things & a lot of things that need work. KC had a better game plan & we need to acknowledge that & move on. KC's DB's got called on a few holding...
  19. cupofjoe1962

    Flacco out 3-6 weeks, disk issue in his back.

    The Rat birds are already getting hit with the injury bug. RB - Kennith Dixon is out for the season - knee injury. Now they are reporting that Flacco will be out 3-6 weeks, with a disk issue in his back. That does not sound good. Joe Flacco reportedly out up to 3-6 weeks I have yet to shed a...
  20. cupofjoe1962

    Un-Lucky Whitehead cut for arrest that never happened

    Cops: Guy We Arrested Is NOT Cowboys WR Lucky Whitehead, Case Dropped (UPDATE) The Cowboys ignore it when starting players get arrested & they have no problem signing players who are charged with serious crimes. When a report comes out that a specials team player was arrested for...