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Sep 19th

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  1. BobDigital

    Why Mac Jones playing this year is important

    How important is it that Mac starts this year exactly? Let's try to find out by looking at every season from 1994-2020 (the salary cap era) Notes – I consider someone a starter if they start the majority of the games in a season. 1994 – Steve Young won in arguably his 4th or 5th year...
  2. BobDigital

    Where the pats stand right now

    There are still a few moves they can do, but they look mostly ready right now hrading onto the draft. Here are my grades. Offense. QB: Cam/tbd - I think Cam wasn't as bad as some say he was last year. The offense simply didn't have the skill players. That being said, he isn't good enough to...
  3. BobDigital

    What is A Bill Belichick Patriots team?

    I had a bit of a lightning bolt hit me today. For a while I could not understand what BB was doing last year and the way he has coached this team with Brady at times. Recently something occurred to me and it all makes a lot more sense. While BB did at times build his team with Brady in mind...
  4. BobDigital

    Moneyball and the price of winning in the NFL

    What makes a championship team? Simply put, getting the the most talent possible out on the field for the same amount of money that everybody else pays. After that there are human factors and coaching that come into play, but generally those things only tend to REALLY matter if the above is...
  5. BobDigital

    5 early bold predictions on 2021 NFL season

    #1 KC won't make the AFC title game. KC has been to the super bowl 2 times in a row. Since the salary cap era the only team to EVER go 3 times in a row is the Pats. KC already achieved the incredibly rare feat of going to 3 straight AFC/NFC championship games. People have already penciled them...
  6. BobDigital

    Full Breakdown of Mahomes Performance

    There has been a lot of talk about how Mahomes choked or how he played heroically against a D that gave him no chance. I'll be going by drive drive. Rewatching the whole game and telling you my thoughts. Drive 1 @ KC 33 - The first 3 plays of were fine. First play, got it out fast with a...
  7. BobDigital

    Belichick's 'prove it' time table.

    The debate Between Brady and BB was never who was more important in my mind. That was always Brady. The question is, can each hold on to their GOAT legacy without the other? In my mind Brady has already proven he can be successful without BB, not that he needed to. Anyone know knows...
  8. BobDigital

    Wildcard Weekend Wrap up

    6 games in the books and we're down to the elite eight... mostly elite. Here are my thoughts this weekend. Feel free to post your own as they will be scatter shot. Maybe a break down will come later but few games deserve it this week IMO. In case you need a reminder it was IND 24 @ BUF 27...
  9. BobDigital

    JC Jackson: To pay or not to pay, that is the question

    Something not bein brought up much with Gilmore's fresh injury is JC Jackson. Actually this is a thought I've had for a long time. If we want to rebuild holding on to Gilmore and his cap hit makes little sense. But what about Jackson? He has looked amazing in the #2 CB role. He is set to...
  10. BobDigital

    Current QB rankings

    I will leave Dak, Trubisky and Jimmy G off this list. I won't be featuring their back ups or any backups. So i'll only feature 29 players. Though Foles who is playing for Chicago would break into this list at some point near the bottom. While this list puts an enthisist on this year, it...
  11. BobDigital

    2020 season prediction

    First let me say I hate the new playoff format. Okay, moving on. AFCE Bills 11-5 Pats 9-7 (Decided to bring them down from 10-6 to 9-7) Dolphins 6-10 Jets 5-11 AFCN Ravens 12-4 Steelers 10-6 (Having Ben will look old-ish this year.) Brown 6-10 Bengals 3-13 ) AFCS Titans 10-6 Colts 9-7...
  12. BobDigital

    A game we will look back on as key to Brady's legacy

    Yes, I know he's no longer the QB here, but I just had this thought today. Let's rewind to 2018. The AFCCG with the KC @ NE. The Pats barely manage to pull out a win on a game that was arguably decided by a coin flip. I don't think anyone believes the way Mahomes was playing at that point...
  13. BobDigital

    What happens if Aliens show up? Here is your answer

    We have seen a lot of movies and read a lot of books about what an encounter with Aliens would mean for humanity. There actually has been a fair amount of work done on this at the governmental levels. It is a subject that has always tickled my fancy as a scifi fan. Here is everything I have...
  14. BobDigital

    Move on from QBs quickly

    What is it you hear everyone say about drafting QBs? Develop them slowly, ease them in, give them a few years so you know for sure what you have. Usually year 3 is the make or break year they say. Well I'm here to say this is utter nonsense! The Patriots will not compete for a championship...
  15. BobDigital

    Patriots defense going into the playoffs

    There is one game left but there are some things to talk about when it comes to think unit. Here are the main issues I want to hit on. #1 Chung - One of the most underrated and key players to this D in 2nd run of SBs has clearly started to show some signs of falling off. His play this year...
  16. BobDigital

    Patriots Midseason grades

    This is entirely based on my personal opinion, but I would love to hear how others would grade these players. Grade meanings A+ All pro level player A Pro Bowl level player A- Maybe pro bowl B+ Very good starter/elite role player B Good starter/very good role player B- Okay starter/good...
  17. BobDigital

    Random midseason thoughts around the NFL

    I guess this thread should be left until after tonight but I honestly don't think anyone cares about Pitt or Miami at this point. #1 The 49ers are a beast of a team. People keep talking about the Pats going 19-0. The 49ers have just as good a chance. While that 51-13 win against Carolina may...
  18. BobDigital

    Defensive Rankings

    There's been a lot of talk around the NFL about defenses. Which one is the best and which one isn't? Particularly when it comes to the Patriots. So I decided to dig a little deeper into the numbers and see what I could find. Please keep in mind I only looked at the top 10 teams in PPG. To do all...
  19. BobDigital

    Rank these NFC teams

    Right now the NFC looks wide open. Rank these teams from best to worst. Saints, Packers, Bears, 49ers, Rams, Seahawks, Cowboys, Lions. All have winning records and have looked very good at points this year. It would be possible to make an argument for any of them having a chance to make the...
  20. BobDigital

    Week 4 thoughts around the NFL

    about 1/4th of the regular season is in the books. I want to talk about some random NFL things that don't deserve their own thread. #1 Defense. In a league which has really done a lot to favor the offenses in the past decade i'm pretty happy to see a resurgence of defense. Around the NFL are...