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Sep 19th

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2021/2022 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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  1. thecore762

    What a great week of football!

    Despite feeling depressed after the Pats game this week off football was fantastic! It’s good to see the fans back! My highlight of the weekend has to be the packers getting blown out :)
  2. thecore762

    Lightning has struck twice.

    It’s just game one… RG3 when he debuted looked like the goat…then you know what happened.
  3. thecore762

    Game Day Thread Official Post-Game Thread: Week 1 - Pats lose to Dolphins 17-16

    Turnovers is what lost us the game, the team got to be better at taking care of the ball. Lastly we have to score TD’s.
  4. thecore762

    Winovich on the Trade Block?

    I’d like to keep him because pass rush is important these days. He isn’t much of a run stopper or edge setter but can definitely get after the QB. With that said if we get good draft pick value then I wouldn’t be opposed.
  5. thecore762

    Harry out 4 weeks with shoulder injury

    Outside of Gronk, and Edelman we sucked at drafting wide receivers in recent years. Our scouting team sucksZ
  6. thecore762

    Game Day Thread Official Preseason Game Day Thread- Pats @ Eagles

    Good running game, the o-line solid. With that said the eagles team is absolute trash so let’s try not to give these guys too much credit. Nordin has been shaky.
  7. thecore762

    NEW ARTICLE: Cam Newton Shares Workout Footage With Patriots Teammates

    He did the same garbage last year..all that workout and yet can’t last a whole season. By mid season he is already on his last leg…so yeah. He needs to improve not just his workout but his overall diet and health like Tom Brady.
  8. thecore762

    Draft the beast!!!

    It’s a sign!
  9. thecore762

    Patriots cut Edelman(Update- EDELMAN RETIRES)

    One of the best to ever play in a pats uniform. He has injury problems in his first few years, but he got to sit and watch Welker and he became a wonderful route runner. Truly an amazing patriot. It’s a new era. Lots of new guys and a new direction.
  10. thecore762

    A blocking tight end.

    Glad to hear, hope Cam is much better and consistent throughout the season.
  11. thecore762

    Throwback: Patriots 2011 2TE Offense. 2Hrs of All-22 Tape

    Wow! That year we truly had an explosive offense. Shame how the season ended, even more shameful how things turned out with Hernandez...the guy had all the talents in the world and he ended up involving himself with some bad bad bad people.
  12. thecore762

    A blocking tight end.

    It’s been a while but I got a chance to rewatch this past super bowl between the chiefs and bucs and I gotta say Gronk was a game changer when it came down to blocking, he was man handling the KC defensive ends. The ply action passes were effective when Gronk stayed in and blocked. Also he was...
  13. thecore762

    Patrick Chung has retired

    Solid player, after he came back from the eagles he really stepped his game up. Had lots of injuries but overall a very good team player.
  14. thecore762

    Happy 3:16!

    Happy 3:16 all!
  15. thecore762

    2021 NFL Free Agency/Trade News & Discussion: March Edition

    I am glad Kraft gave BB some money to play with this off-season after the terrible season we had last year. If covid gets under control then the stadiums will be back at full capacity by the start of the season. We now truly need a starting caliber QB because I just don’t trust Cam. While he can...
  16. thecore762

    OT: Official 2020 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    Brady is a great team player. It’s hard to find such people these days. When star players get all the monies it’s hard to resign solid talent. At this point in his career Brady just wants to keep building his legacy. He still getting paid long term, but his goal is to keep winning more and more...
  17. thecore762

    JuJu might be done in Pittsburgh!

    Sign the beast BB! He is an upgrade over anyone on the receiving core on this team! We got the money!
  18. thecore762

    OT: Official 2020 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    Brady out here doing Gm work to keep the bucs team intact. I’m sure they will lose few people but if they can hold on to Barrett then that’s a huge deal.