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Sep 19th

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    CPP # Retirement

    Move this to the Celts forum if more appropriate but I think there’s a parallel. 15 years as an elite Celtic. I’m not saying he’s Brady level but when will be the next time an elite athlete plays in Boston for 15 years? TB12, Papi, CPP, Chara. Don’t think we’ll see the likes of this again as a...
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    Who should the Pats have signed?

    Week 3 is behind us and week 4 is a few days away. In the meantime who do you think the Pats missed out on in free agency in the past several seasons? I'm not talking Julius Peppers max contract or Steve Smith redundancy. Who's earned or exceeded their contact on another team the Pats might...
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    How to PM another member?

    Possibly right in front of me but can't find it. Thanks.
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    OT - Saw Peter King

    this morning running. NY Road Runners Club had their Race for Life this morning. Central Park West was closed down and the race was only going uptown on the East side. He "just happened" to jog by in the opposite direction in the open lane when the women's group was going by. (So did I) I had...
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    Jets cut Revis

    Another thread merge?
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    Replay of SB on NFLN Now

    If you're working from home today. Not rubbing it in..
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    Absolutely Iconic

    When I was getting ribbed and calls and texts I kept flashing to Magic Johnson's interview - "they forgot. They forgot about Larry Bird." Reminded everyone of New Orleans at home a few years ago, calmed everyone as best I could (they're mostly reactionary) and thought about this. We have seen...
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    Blount Played well.
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    NY Post - Pats Have Gotten Downright Scary
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    Who is in charge of TB's Facebook?

    If he actually posts to it himself (doubtful) this is a pretty funny reply to a fan. Tom Brady
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    OT - Facebook, Verizon and Yahoo bidding to stream TNF

    Facebook is bidding on the rights to stream big NFL games — and it wants to create a whole new experience
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    OT - Little Help - Vince Wilfork Block

    Looking for a little help. I was just talking to a colleague about Big Vince and was remembering a vicious block he laid on some unsuspecting guy on an interception return. I think it was against the Bills. Anyone have a link to that?
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    OT - Anquan Boldin Trade Nepotism?

    Brother who just beat brother in the SuperBowl trades a key piece of the SB run to said brother for a 6th round pick? Or do they have too much integrity?
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    Gronk, Charlotte McKinney to star in Big screen version of A Gronking to Remember - trailer
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    Why does the "go to first unread" feature come and go?

    Could it be my device or browser?
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    Chris Simms - I may have gotten a few hundred dollar handshakes at Texas

    Admits to taking payoffs from alumni and hints that his teammates did more. Isn't this the same guy who lost respect for and called Brady a cheater?
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    Site Re-Direct Making Reading Threads Close to Unbearable

    I know there's a help desk but I'm stuck on a train for the next 3 hours and hoping for some quick answers. Literally almost every thread I open is redirecting to app download sites or ap store on my iPhone. Anyone else having this problem or have suggestions on a quick fix? I'm on an iPhone 5...
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    Preseason Games Online with Google Chrome

    Hoping someone can help me out with a technical question. I signed up for the online NFL preseason package which I had no trouble with. The problem I'm having is it looks like games will be in a pop-up console player and I'm trying to use my Google Chromecast to view it on my TV. Seems...