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Sep 19th

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  1. Joker

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION 8/5/2021 Hall Of Infamy Game

    Splattsburgh starts off looking like crap...INT...Dallas takes over
  2. Joker

    Christmas Game: Nawlins & Vikes

    Both teams so banged up it's hard to guess a winner. I'll go with the Saints because of the head coach.
  3. Joker

    MNF: 12/14 Ratbirds vs. Browns

    Ravens giving 3 points....they murdered Mayfield the last time they met. No excuses for "world's greatest!!!" Lamar Jackson tonight.
  4. Joker

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION MNF: Seattle @ Philly 11/30

    didn't see a thread so I HAD to put this up...mainly because of the early coaching decisions on offense by Pete the Cleaner. This is gruesome football, as if Amos Alonzo Stagg somehow took over Pete's body from the grave
  5. Joker

    TNF: Cardinals @ Seahawks

    should be a fun game with lots of fireworks...
  6. Joker

    TNF: Colts @ Titans

    tonight's game should be a good one at last....I really respect the job Vrabel has done in Tennessee
  7. Joker

    TNF...Packers vs. 9ers...11/5

    Should keep our interest tonight...I despise the DDD so I'm going for the DreamyJimmy-less 9ers...
  8. Joker

    11/02/2020 MNF Tampa Bay at Giants

    Didn't see a thread yet so here it is....merge if I'm going blind mods.
  9. Joker

    NFL Official COVID protocols statement...July 4, 2020

    Here is exactly how the NFL will deal with all these COVID related incidents....
  10. Joker

    The Bill Belichick Trade...Some Christmas Candy For My Patriot Brethren

    Nuff many nuggets of delicious satisfaction. To this day I still still can't believe our good fortune ..
  11. Joker

    Thursday Night Football - N.O. vs. Atlanta

    Watch Kamara run wild...
  12. Joker

    PDS - Patriots Derangement Syndrome

    Hard to top the overt racist sub-moronicism of the past 48 hours but the flood of vitriolic hatred and racist bigotry emanating from ESPN and other media outlets is simply staggering. I would like to point out the supreme hypocrisy and overt racism of Michael Wilbon as an example. Please feel...
  13. Joker

    Thursday Night Football: Seattle vs. Arizona

    half hour before game time....I, for one, need to discuss football instead of the Felcher Fiasco
  14. Joker

    Derek Rivers....D line or LB?

    I am 1000% on the Derek Rivers bandwagon. Loved this pick when they made it. Love it even more now.My only question is...where will Bill play him? Sub packages as a DLman? Outside linebacker? I cannot wait for camp to see what they have planned. No doubt there is a boom or bust factor here, due...
  15. Joker

    "DO YOUR JOB!"...the movie

    is this the biggest no brainer in recent entertainment history? You want to fawn and blither and blather about "Rudy" or "Any Given Sunday"? You want to say the "Longest Yard" is a great football movie? I give you "DO YOUR JOB". The script writes itself. The ending IS pure Hollywood. You have...
  16. Joker

    Goodell to be at AFCCG in Foxboro...[EDIT: no he isn't]

    Roger Goodell cornered into visiting Gillette Stadium next week I literally CANNOT WAIT....
  17. Joker

    Caserio staying put...per PFT

    Caserio reportedly staying put with Pats Discuss this development, the effect it may have on Josh and Matt's decisions and the future stability of the franchise... IMO, an extremely soothing development. I'm a huge fan of organizational continuity for the NEP.
  18. Joker

    OT: Integrity of the Game? End of Ravens Game (youtube..)

    Ridiculous defecation on the spirit of the game of football...agree/disagree?