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  1. patsfan55

    Patriots Season Highlights Video

    I passed it along...hes loving this! Its too bad he cant send this to espn or nfl as part of a resume. Hed kill it in film editing for sports. When he was a kid hed film our turkey bowls when we started coming home from college and beyond. Hed do a pregame and all. Hes even filmed our fantasy...
  2. patsfan55

    Patriots Season Highlights Video

    My buddys lil brother actually made this one Ive known him since he was 1 yr old..makes me feel so old that i go out drinking with him now He used to be the annoying lil bro that would come to my house and watch games with me, my dad, and his bro...asking us to throw the football around and wed...
  3. patsfan55

    Who is your (realistic) Binky for the Patriots at 29?

    My binky isn't always a round 1 guy and this year isn't like years past where I was soooo in love with the guy (Greg Jennings, Lamar Woodley, Carlos Dunlap, Muhamed Wilkerson) But this year I do very much like Austin Sefarian Jenkins and Paul Richardson I would love ASJ in a trade back at around 40
  4. patsfan55

    Fools gold- prospect that could be bust

    After watching a few game tapes of Pryor, I've been saying for months that he IS Brandon Meriweather 2.0....huge bust potential....always goes for the big hit vs. ensuring a solid tackle
  5. patsfan55

    The Annual PatsFans Draft Contest, 2014

    Xavier Sua Filo Joel Bitonio Austin Sefarian Jenkins Troy Niklas Trey Burton Tyler Starr Stephon Tuitt Scott Crighton
  6. patsfan55

    Looks like my binky Michael Buchanan is making the team

    I really think this guy could be a stud and down the road start opposite Chandler. Don't forget, Buchanan had a great junior year, but dropped down last year after losing a ton of weight because of an all liquid diet he had to go on after an altercation left his jaw wired shut.
  7. patsfan55

    Who will contribute the most in his rookie year

    Exactly how I see it Could def see Boyce having some big moments Collins could contribute more, but it really depends on how we utilize the safeties and linebackers. If Collins is in every nickle situation as the linebacker opposite Mayo, and he's also brought in to rush the passer on other...
  8. patsfan55

    Who will contribute the most in his rookie year

    I voted Dobson as well Think Boyce, Collins, and Armstead could all become better players over their entire careers, but I think Dobson is gonna get every opportunity to be the starting outside wr If we start to see more 3-4 fronts though I could see Armstead having a pretty big year
  9. patsfan55

    Who will contribute the most in his rookie year

    Did this last year. Pretty sure most votes went to Hightower, with Chandler being a close second. Do remember Dennard getting some votes too
  10. patsfan55

    Dream Scenario

    If this came true I would literally know what it was like to have multiple orgasms on they mocked the next four picks after the trade here's what they got 2013 NFL Draft: Day Two Patriots Mock Draft | - 2013 NFL Draft 1-Justin Hunter 2-Margus Hunt...
  11. patsfan55

    Day 2 Mock

    LOOOVE the Wheaton pick Like the Swearinger pick Like the Dobson pick LOOOVE the Mathieu pick
  12. patsfan55

    What Bill Belichick did to the Vikings...

    I wanted Justin Hunter....thought he could eventually start would be VERY happy with Markus Wheaton though....just not sure he'll fall to 52 wish we had gotten a pick around 40
  13. patsfan55

    Annual draft contest-2013

    Margus Hunt Blidi Wreh Wilson Justin Hunter Deandre Hopkins Markus Wheaton
  14. patsfan55

    To the people of Boston

    For those at the Marathon (to grieve together) I moved to Boston in September of 2002 when I was a Freshman at BU, and have stayed since. Born and raised a New Englander, I always knew Boston would be my home when I grew up and became an adult. I'd come in a couple times a year, attend a Sox...
  15. patsfan55

    Some personal news

    Incredibly sorry for your loss buddy My thoughts go out to you and your children As others have echoed please let us know if there's anything we can do
  16. patsfan55

    Salary Cap

    I'm starting to wonder if BB knew Light was gonna retire and we spread it out over two years to help with our cap room last year
  17. patsfan55

    Are the 2012 Patriots team more talented than the 2007 Pats?

    I agree that we can't polish any Canton busts yet. But come on people?!? You guys are having revisionist memories if you think the 2007 linebacking crew was any better. Bruschi and Seau were a shell of themselves. Adalius was decent. Colvin was three steps slower. Vrabel was the only one who was...
  18. patsfan55

    Fitzy goes to the 2012 NFL Draft

    OMFG!!!! I lost it at 4:10 with the super vilain dude, that was amazing!!!
  19. patsfan55

    Nickname for Chandler Jones

    Hahaha....I do kinda like Condor, nice and simple
  20. patsfan55

    Nickname for Chandler Jones

    Lol...I know I know I just wanted to be the first one to come up with something Trust me I know he could amount to absolutely nothing But I have a really good feeling about him