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Sep 27th

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OT: UK Pats Fan Suffering depression
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    sanu released

    Looking at the WR corp (other than JE) like...
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    NFL Free Agency/Trade Rumors:

    Seen very little video but he seems to be a little high but solid in the backpedal, but not sure about the rest...
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    Newton vs Stidham: Who wins the QB Battle? (poll)

    If what Kyle Love said is true in any respect, CN better toughen The &@$& up if he wants to quarterback this team. BB will coach his *** harder than he’s ever been coached before. He’s no longer got the blanket of his past accolades to fall back on. CN has a lot to prove if he wants to be a...
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    TE Matt LaCosse Opts Out

    With all those concussions, I just hope he’s still thinking in general.
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    NFL Suspends Antonio Brown for 8 games

    Good gosh almighty Joe Friday would this man just....
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    Patriots agree to terms with FB Danny Vitale

    Cajuste...your table is ready!!!
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    OT: Chris Jones promises at least 5 rings for the Chiefs

    I’m gonna have to say this prediction is gonna end about as well as his 40yd dash at the combine ended...
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    NFL Preseason (Might Be?) Canceled

    Live feed into Goodells office:
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    NEW ARTICLE: Lack of Long-Term Deal For Patriots Thuney a Surprise

    Let’s think about this for a second, Thuney is a very intelligent man. He’s likely sitting there, gathering info, and realizes that there is a chance the season is cut short. If the salaries are prorated for a shortened season, I’m sure he’s thinkin I’d like it based off that tag number than...
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    NEW ARTICLE: Lack of Long-Term Deal For Patriots Thuney a Surprise

    “Most likely scenario throughout” Could be wrong but I don’t recall many people saying this at all. Extension or traded is all I heard, but I could be/likely am wrong on that.
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    NFL Free Agency/Trade Rumors:

    Never like to tell a grown man what to do, but Reed is one that needs to move on from football.
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    Fauci- "NFL needs bubble like NBA or football should not Happen this year"

    I understand the fear over the Murder Hornets, but this is getting ridiculous
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    OT: Almost done!!!!

    Great news!!!!
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    Would you TANK for Lawrence?

    I vote “C”: See what your record is and how Stidham looks after 7-8 weeks, then decide. But that’s just me