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    Do you want Welker to retire a Patriot?

    You aren't seriously equating the contributions to the Pats of Welker and Brady, are you? Plenty (most) ex-Patriot players get ovations their first trip back to Gillette. Depends on how they choose to leave and how they talk after they leave. Had Troy Brown become a Jet, I would still...
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    Quick Slants Shout Out for Ian

    Did everyone catch the Shout Out to "Ian Logue of" by Tom E. Curran for the stat assist? Congrats, Ian!!!! (I just got home from away and saw recorded Quick Slants, so apologies if this was discussed - I looked for a thread of it and didn't see anything so went ahead and...
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    Desmond Trufant

    His career will be what it will be. How is he now (or rather Sunday night) that is the question :D
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    Shane Vereen.....

    If by 'main back' you mean a bell cow type of runner, I don't think so. He's valuable as a change of pace runner, but I don't want to see him in short yardage situations, and I doubt if he would hold up to a 300-carry season. I like the Pats committee approach. Use the runner who is hot and/or...
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    Leon Washington is back

    He likes the Washington signing but thinks the Pats are cheap because they offered a better deal than Washington could get with the Jets and Gints. I *think* the idea is that the Pats should only sign players to large contracts or they are cheap. The logic is kinda sound but ignores that with...
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    Pats re-sign DB Marquice Cole

    Seriously don't see the need? I'd rather have a 5th CB on the roster than a 10th OL. edit: Plus Kline would make a terrible gunner! :D
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    Very Interesting: Belichick's history with Jermaine Cunningham

    Carried the Bengals to the AFCCG last year, right?
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    ESPN has destroyed Mike Reiss' Patriots blog

    I sent an email to Reiss last night, but thanks for this link. I responded straight to ESPN. I have switched to NBC's ProFootballTalk because the site is so much cleaner and I can click a single link to get just New England Patriot stories. I don't like Florio much, but it is a lot easier to...
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    ESPN has destroyed Mike Reiss' Patriots blog

    And no one forced you to comment. So what. You're entitled and so was he. The guy said ESPN screwed up Reiss's blog. Whether he HAS to read the blog or not is irrelevant. Even if you DO like constant ads for ESPN Insider, it doesn't mean everyone does. Some liked it the way it was and I...
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    Jake Ballard

    Best indicator of depth chart to me is who played the two series with Brady last night.
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    Kenbrell Thompkins

    You should stop listening to Gary Tanguay and look at season ending injuries rather than games missed. Amendola and Welker have each had one season ending injury. Welker's happened week 17. Had it happened week one, welker would have missed a whole season. Broken bones generally are not...
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    Kenbrell Thompkins

    I dunno. Let's ask Drew Bledsoe.
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    Zach Sudfeld

    Re: Zach Sudfeld, how good can he be for us? Nobody fills anyone shoes. Every year there are new players and a team is built around the players that are there, not who used to be there. THe question isn't can Anendola be Welker and Sudfeld (or anyone) be Hernandez, but can the team the...
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    The 2013 season: The Jets suck (as usual)

    Whut? Wait. You mean PETA doesn't stand for People Eating Tasty Animals?
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    DE Mark Anderson released by Bills

    They don't need to assess him. They have years of game film on him. He came here as a vet and played here for a year. They know his ceiling pretty well. If they think he's better than what they have, they don't need to cut a guy to bring him in to assess him. Hey, the Bears let him go...
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    Dennard arrested for DUI

    Post 759: Post 761 WTF? Can you just take this crap to another forum please? People who choose screen names like yours do so for a reason, and it is not to ignore religion and focus on football.
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    Dennard Testing New Patriot Way

    What a load of crap. This sentence is such bull**** it makes Tomase look like Walter Cronkite. Kraft specifically tied the release of Hernandez to being arrested in conjunction with a murder investigation. Why is horse**** like this even linked to this forum?
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    Dennard arrested for DUI

    That's how it was before dash cams - in a he said-she said, the courts went with the cops' version. Now cops back up what they say with dash cams. Makes for a more solid case but it is a two-edged sword: it becomes suspicious if they don't have video and audio on it, especially for a field...
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    Vigilante takes to eBay to thwart auctioning of Aaron Hernandez's jersey

    I imagine they would for three reasons: 1. Security will remove people who cause a disturbance, and if there is a disturbance centered around the jersey-wearer, security is within their rights to remove the person and if they are seasons ticket holders, the Pats can revoke the season tickets...