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    Why does 1st round pick Sony Michel play like a jag?

    By this time in his career, if Michel was going to show flashes of brilliance...he would have shown it by now. He is what he is and I doubt he is going to improve substantially. To be honest, i think Steven Ridley was a better RB than Michel. That being said, I am not sure there is any...
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    Gronk... Disturbing on so many levels!

    Gronks lowbrow "hi jinx" while funny at first have become so predictable and adolescent, that they are not funny or impactful anymore. He is grabbing everything he can in the short run, but in the long run the opportunities will shrink to next to nothing. Its good he is saving his money. He is...
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    Official Post Game Thread - Seattle beats the Pats

    Maybe we can trade with the niners, a second round pick for Sanu?
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    Official Post Game Thread - Seattle beats the Pats

    agree. Only quibble is they should have spread out the OL , TE's and receivers.
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    35 million in cap space, are there NO quality WRs or TEs available?

    The thread title aged well. The Seahawks basically completely disrespected passing thereat and so shut down the run. THe TE position is historically bad. Need to consider Delanie Walker if healthy. I just do not believe that any defenses will respect anyone other than Edelman. The RB's also...
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    35 million in cap space, are there NO quality WRs or TEs available?

    He is a free agent at end of season, so his value goes down, because you would have to resign him. I would think a 3rd would get it done (which pats do not have because it was was taken away by NFL in camera gate). Seems like he is kind of redundant with Harry. OBJ would make a lot more sense...
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    35 million in cap space, are there NO quality WRs or TEs available?

    as reliable as National Enquirer, pure BS
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    NFL Free Agency/Trade Rumors:

    I would gladly take either one. Either would be a #1 receiver and OBJ in particular would occasionally command double teams and at a minimum would open things up a little for the other WR and maybe even the TE's. If you could get OBJ for a 2nd rounder this year and a fourth next, I think you do...
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    Ravens QB Lamar Jackson improving

    He looks so very poised and I agree he has dramatically improved from year one. The Ravens and Chiefs are in their own stratosphere in terms of talent and ability. TB12 or no TB12, Pats were not going to compete with either of these teams this year for making it to SB. What makes it so painful...
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    35 million in cap space, are there NO quality WRs or TEs available?

    Cam is being set up to fail without credible WR and TE threats. It will be easy for defenses to stack the box and give minimal attention to passing games. No double teams on WRS. I understand that until outputs, BB thought he had no cap to work with. But now there is 35 million available...
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    I want Tom Brady to _____ in Tampa

    humble hard working great Teammate Tom has been replaced by diva, whiny, terrible teammate selfish Tom. I want to see him struggle and retire at the end of the season.
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    NEW ARTICLE: Aqib Talib Announces Retirement From NFL, Reveals Bill Belichick Tried To Sign Him

    I find this super interesting. I suspect Chung and Hightower opting out may have impacted BB reaching out to Talib. If its true, quite likely other teams will try to exploit this match up. I think BB is looking at this year as a semi rebuilding year. There is no other way to explain the group...
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    Boomer Esiason Down On 2020 Patriots, Believes Cam Newton Is Bad Fit

    agree that physical running game is their best bet, but I do not understand if that was the plan, why not sign Leonard Fournette. I do not see Sony, Damien, Rex or James as physical runners
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    Boomer Esiason Down On 2020 Patriots, Believes Cam Newton Is Bad Fit

    He is certainly entitled to his opinion and he does know football. However I think this is as unpredictable as it gets. I think the problem is not with Cam, but with the WR' and TE group that has been assembled to support him. Its an extremely inexperienced and unproven supporting cast that...
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    Is BB betting that the NFL season will not finish due to COVID 19?

    The roster he has built is truly puzzling. I certainly do not believe he would tank. However, WR, DT, DE, LB and TE groups are extremely surprising to me. Does not feel like he is going all in, more like he is building for 2021. How can you have a group of WR's who other than Edelman no one has...
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    Thoughts on the Defensive Line

    I believe that is not in BB's nature to tank. But I am still astounded at the roster he has assembled, especially at WR, DE, DL, TE and LB, especially in the face of sitting on the most amount of cap space in the entire league (35+ MM) Sure does not seem like he is going all in. I do...
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    Thoughts on the Defensive Line

    This has to be one of the biggest surprises to me in terms of roster rebuilding (along with WR obviously). There have been many opportunities where BB could have signed relatively inexpensive upgrades at DT this sumer but he opted not to. Lawrence Guy is a good solid but unspectacular DL. But...
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    2020 Kicker is ....

    Blankenship was available in 5th, 6th or 7th rounds and apparently has been outstanding in Colts camp and has made their team. To say Rohrweiser was perhaps as big of a reach as Jordan Richards in the 2nd round is probably not an understatement.
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    Patriots cutdown thread

    Hoping Berry makes the team. Tremendous upside
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    Rosen on the trading block in Miami

    I do not see how the Pats get him unless they sign him to Practice squad. Would certainly not cut either stidham or hoyer to sign him. His ceiling may be higher than Stidham's however.