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Sep 12th

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2021/2022 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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    Was The Draft Average After The First Round?

    Personally, after the first pick, I don't expect a lot of help from the draftees this year. Some one or two MIGHT step up. If the emphasis is on 2021 contributions, I would say that this a decidedly below average group. Is it great in future value? Maybe, maybe not. To be clear, I'm fine...
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    Maximum Salary For A Practice Squad Player

    We used to be able pay a Practice Squad as much as vet minimum. I think that the new CBA ended this practice, and greatly reduced this maximum pay. Can someone clarify. This makes a difference at lots of positions, clearly at OL, QB and St's.
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    Yes, Asiasi and Keene Are Flops

    1) We used two top draft picks (3rd rounders) to secure our TE's of the future with contracts through 2023. 2) One year later, Belichick uses $25M a year AAV (with $46.25M guaranteed) to sign TE's for the same contract time period (actually, we have an additional year on Smith's contract. 3)...
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    Our Receiving Options Are The Best Since ???

    This set of receiving options is the best since ??? We've seen no reps from Jones and receivers. But, IMO, this looks really good. IMO, when Jones is ready, this could be the best set of receiving options in a very long time. And yes, the receptions may not be concentrated in two players like...
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    3 Months To Upgrade Bottom Of Roster

    We have lots of strong competition at the bottom of the 53 man roster. There are three positions that I see as most upgradable. Even here, we may be fine with what we have. We still need to considering adding players who might be needed in case of injuries. I see the following positions as...
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    The Defensive Front

    Folks thought that this needed a lot work. Belichick agreed, and acted. Let's see what we have. Obviously, we can keep more or less than my guesses for the most likely to make (NOT locks). This isn't a way too early roster prediction. It is more of a status quo assessment. Lots can happen...
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    Signing UFA's

    We didn't address CB or WR or OL in the draft. I suspect that we will address these positions by signing free agents. For now, we can presume that both Gilmore and Jackson are staying, but who knows? I presume that we are OK at OT with Herron and Onwenu as backups. CORNERBACK Richard Sherman...
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    Let's Extend A Couple OF Top Players

    Now that we we have our quarterback on a rookie contract, let's spend some of the money consolidating the future. We need to extend our best player. It would be good to also extend Jackson. Finally, we will now need pick up the option on Wynn.
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    Round 4 - Pick 14

    This pick will likely make the roster. All the remaining picks are serious longshots, but we always find someone. SOME INTERESTING PLAYERS OT Hudson WR Wallace ILB Cox (undersized) ILB Barnes IOL Dalman (OC) IOL Brown IOL Smith CB McPherson CB Brown CB Gowan
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    Team Who Might Want To Draft A Quarterback At The End Of The First

    We will all continue to follow the biggest story of the draft: the competition for the first 5 QB's. STIPULATE FOR A SECOND that all 5 are gone by 20 ===================== The second competition will be to move into the bottom of the first to pick their favorite of the second tier of QB's...
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    Value Of Future Draft Picks

    How much is our 2022 first worth? Our 2022 2nd? Folk say that they would never trade away our future picks. Obviously, that depends on how much they are perceived to be worth. ========== I think that we used to say that a next year 1sr was worth as much as a current year 2nd? Is that...
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    Gut Feel - CIN and MIA are locked into their picks

    My gut feel is that CIN and MIA will draft Sewell and Chase. Both players are a great fit for both teams. The wild card is that one of them could draft Pitts if he there. ================ We will all hold our breath to see who goes 1,2 and 3. ================ And then the action begins at 4...
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    Rating The Quarterbacks: Jones, Fields and #6

    We all have different scouting and media sources. What I am getting at is the difference in overall ratings. For example DRAFTEK 16 Jones 6 Fields 79 #6
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    Draft: Scouting And Rating QB's

    Each team has its ratings based on fit and their own evaluations. I've heard a lot here about Jones vs Fields, and well as how far away the #6 QB is in talent. I do NOT suggest that Belichick should use such rating to make his decision. We all follow different media and services. Let us see...
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    If We Pick At 15

    This means that Belichick couldn't make a deal to get his choice of the top five. OPTION Trade down to late in the 1st, picking up a second. Then draft 2 QB's or trade for one and draft one with the resulting 2 picks. For example, we could use our first on Monde and the second on Newman. THE...
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    Last Chance

    I suspect that this camp is the last chance for Harry, Williams, Asiasi and Keene (and perhaps even Winovich). I'm not suggesting that they won't make the team, but I certainly could see any or all of them gone. Personally, I would like to see Asiasi and Winovich on the 53.
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    Phase One Of QB Search Is Over; On to Phase Two

    We need 2 quarterbacks: a future top 10 QB and a 1-2 year bridge. As of now, we have Cam. Phase 1 -------- Choose a backup/bridge quarterback from among the free agents. Presumably, all the available quarterbacks were evaluated. Belichick chose Cam. Please correct me if you think that any...
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    Trade a 2nd For Jimmy Now; This is Not a Long Term Commitment

    There are other excellent thread on QB, but I wanted to focus on a single issue. WE HAVE A NEED FOR A QB FOR 2021!!! How can it NOT be worth a 2nd to be able to have an excellent team in 2021. Jimmy would be paid $26M, $25M AAV over 5 years ($25M bonus plus $1M salary) for a $6M cap hit ...
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    I Have Exactly Zero Priorities For The Draft Other Than Quarterback

    I would be fine if the first 3 picks are used on a quarterback or two. For Year 3 of the Belichick Plan, we need a starter and a backup. =============== Sure, we will draft the usual suspects late: an OG, an OT, a CB, a WR and a STer. ================= My expectation is that free agency (or a...
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    Rate The Support - The Team Other Than QB

    We often discuss the supporting team for top QB's. How good is this team? Would Jimmy have a top 5 team to back him up? or average?