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  1. gomezcat

    OT: Casual Chat Thread - (No Politics)

    Yes, that's fair enough. However, cat food is more expensive these days and I didn't get a payrise this year. So...
  2. gomezcat

    OT: Casual Chat Thread - (No Politics)

    I resent the implication that mods are corrupt. Well, I'm *technically* still a mod on here (although I stopped actively being one years ago). However, for a "reasonable show of respect", I will overlook your disrespect. Please use my numbered Swiss bank account.
  3. gomezcat

    I have not yet committed to playing the 2018 Season

    Ooh, I can walk the 40 in 10 seconds. If you put pizza at the end, it becomes a sub 4.0 dash. I'm built like a Nose Tackle minus the muscle.
  4. gomezcat

    I have not yet committed to playing the 2018 Season

    I'm afraid that I can neither commit, nor can I confirm my non-commitment, to playing or not playing for the Pats.
  5. gomezcat

    OFFICIAL recommended watching thread

    It's on Amazon Prime. It's an account of the events leading up to 9/11. It's rather controversial, because it alleges that interagency rivalry led to what happened. As with all of these things, you have to remember that everyone has their own agenda.
  6. gomezcat

    OFFICIAL recommended watching thread

    Mrs Gomezcat and I are enjoying The Looming Tower. It's great drama and doesn't pull any punches.
  7. gomezcat

    OFFICIAL recommended watching thread

    I agree completely about Justified. It's darkly humorous throughout and Timothy Olyphant does an impressive take on a sort of modern-day anti-hero Western sheriff.
  8. gomezcat

    Patriots Release Safety Adrian Wilson

    I must admit to being disappointed that we didn't get to see Wilson here in his prime. I'm ok with bringing Chung in and seeing what he does in camp.
  9. gomezcat

    Patriots Release Safety Adrian Wilson

    Well said. We will deal with people who transgress this board's very clear rules.
  10. gomezcat

    Can you picture Jesus using genocide as Noah’s God did?

    Locked until I have had a chance to read through. This will probably be by 1700 E T.
  11. gomezcat

    The OFFICIAL Patriots vs. Dolphins POST-Game Thread

    The D-inspired come back was very impressive and I would hope to see more. Having said that, the first half was appalling and I thought we were screwed. I love the drama of these wins but...
  12. gomezcat

    All time NFL draft, who do you pick?

    I'd take any of Brady, Montana or Unitas. I'd then go with Reggie White and Taylor. White could dominate anywhere along the line and Taylor could cause mayhem from anywhere. A close runner up is Ronnie Lott for his ability to set the tone on D.
  13. gomezcat

    Welcome to the New England Patriots, Safety Duron Harmon

    Well, if I have the choice of trusting the opinion of a team whose coach has been involved in 5 Superbowl winning teams, or the opinion of draft 'gurus' not employed by N F L teams, and mostly with good reason, I know whose opinion I trust.
  14. gomezcat

    Roger Goodell made $30 million in 2011

    :eek:. Is February 16th the equivalent of April Fool's Day in the States? This guy is the second-worst commissioner ever in American sports. He is only second because the NHL guy, whose name I am too lazy to google, clearly hates (Ice) Hockey.
  15. gomezcat

    Worst officiated game I've seen in a while

    Having seen that again, I'm amazed he got away with it. He clearly targets the ref, rather than just shoving whoever is nearest (as I originally thought had happened).
  16. gomezcat

    Salute to PatsFans

    At the risk of repeating myself, there's the small matter of back-taxes owed. Once these are paid, yes, we can move on.
  17. gomezcat

    Salute to PatsFans

    Wow, ten years! Erm, congrats? BTW, you're alright for a Yorkshireman.
  18. gomezcat

    Pats sign QB Kafka, DE Benard to future contracts

    Well, I hope that Kafka's trial goes well.
  19. gomezcat

    Johnny Manziel

    I'm beginning to think that I should get ESPN for next year, so I can watch College games. When we were in the US in September/October (loved it, btw, and it was our first time), I saw more College FB than I had done previously. I wasted a couple of Saturdays. I haven't seen guys like Manziel...
  20. gomezcat

    I'm responsible for tonight's loss

    Actually, it will be 1200-1300 in the proper part of the world. :singing: