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Sep 12th

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  1. The Brandon Five

    “Roger’s doing a great job” - Lawsuit alleges NFL explicitly discriminates against black players in concussion settlements

    So the NFL’s guidelines for concussion settlements explicitly discriminate by race. Two lawsuits have been filed. Good material to have being discussed during SB week in a year where awareness of racial injustice is top of mind. Clinicians fear NFL's concussion settlement program protocols...
  2. The Brandon Five

    Divisional Games: Who you got?

    Saturday, 4:35 PM: 10-6 Vikings at 13-3 49ers. I'm all in on the Vikings. Saturday, 8:15 PM: 9-7 Titans at 14-2 Ravens. I'm picking the Titans b/c F the Ratbirds. Some of the starters haven't seen live game action in three weeks. Sunday, 3:05 PM: 10-6 Texans at 12-4 Chiefs. I'm picking the...
  3. The Brandon Five

    Expert Picks for Wildcard Weekend

    Bleacher Report's Expert NFL Wild Card Weekend Picks & Predictions They pick three of the four underdogs (inlcuding the Titans). The only favorite they pick to advance is NO. Only two of eight pick the favored Pats against the Titans on CBS Sports. Only one of eight pick the favored Texans...
  4. The Brandon Five

    There is a God

    Barstool Sports Silver hasn't 'given any thought' to NFL inquiries
  5. The Brandon Five

    “Integrity of the game is the most important thing”

    How NBC broadcaster Bob Costas was dropped from Super Bowl LII broadcast |
  6. The Brandon Five

    Fire Goodell

    My nephew met Gronk at Logan this morning. Luckily he was wearing appropriate attire.
  7. The Brandon Five

    The Faith of Christopher Hitchens

    I heard an interview with the author and thought it was interesting. He says that the point of the book is to encourage people with different worldviews to engage with one another constructively. Some reporters (who obviously did not read the book) have "debunked" Christopher's "deathbed...
  8. The Brandon Five

    Chicago Cubs

    After they beat Pittsburgh (a good team) in their own house to win the Wild Card I started thinking that this team had a shot. After beating the mighty Cardinals in 4 games, I know they do. Yesterday in Game 3 they set a record with SIX homeruns in a post-season game. Winning in 4 means that Jon...
  9. The Brandon Five

    Colts Coach Chuck Pagano ‘Supremely confident’ about Week 6 Matchup with Patriots Sorry, Chuck. Tom Brady's coming, and Hell is coming with him.
  10. The Brandon Five

    2014 MLB Playoffs - Who ya got?

    One round late, but who do people either want to see get a title or think will come out on top? ALCS - Baltimore vs. KC I like Baltimore to take this. I expect them to be the AL rep in the WS. NLCS - San Fran vs. St. Lous I am going with the "even year Giants" thing. WS - Baltimore vs...
  11. The Brandon Five


    Updated series to began airing this past Sunday night. Anyone watching? The opening statement (same as from the original, by Carl Sagan) is interesting: I am wondering about how scientific this statement we know all that ever was? How do we know what will ever be? Beyond that, how...
  12. The Brandon Five

    Reiss mentions one of our own (Oswlek) in look back at Defensive Forecasts

    Looking back at our defensive forecast - New England Patriots Blog - ESPN Boston
  13. The Brandon Five

    Let's Go B's!

    Come on B's, let's do it again! Nanabula: Let's Go B's: Part 1 Nanabula: Let's Go B's: Part 2
  14. The Brandon Five

    Clean or Unclean?

    Dogged If You Do, Dogged If You Don’t - By Mark Steyn - The Corner - National Review Online