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Sep 12th

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  1. PatsDeb

    Not that it is any surprise, but Pats just announced no fans at games until further notice.

    Just got the e-mail below: "Dear Patriots Season Ticket Member, Like you, we missed watching our team compete yesterday – as we too had anxiously anticipated the Sunday afternoon matchup against Kansas City. However as we’ve all become accustomed to these last few months, we were reminded of...
  2. PatsDeb

    Patriots Notify Season Ticket Holders they are trying for 20% Capacity During Games

    Text of Notification: "Thank you for your continued patience as we prepare for the 2020 football season. Today, we are reaching out with new information regarding our expected seating capacity in 2020 and how it will impact Season Ticket Members. Last week, Gillette Stadium met separately...
  3. PatsDeb

    Help! I can't make my weekly picks!

    When I click on the link I get this message: "2019 NFL Games For Week 6: You have disabled this page. Please return to the forum page and open the Menu and enable to view." I don't see any way to "enable to view" on the forum page or the Menu. What should I do?
  4. PatsDeb

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Sending all my Patsfans friends lots of hearts, flowers and chocolate to celebrate our shared love of the Patriots! Have a wonderful day all!
  5. PatsDeb

    The "Show"'s Ending Now - James Cordon and Adam Lambert Recap the AFC Title Game

    James Cordon and Adam Lambert recap the AFC Title Game. Pretty Good!
  6. PatsDeb

    So I am in Fort Lauderdale and it’s crawling with Pats fans!

    And, get this, I was taking a nap & the team moved into the other tower at my hotel (the Westin) & I missed it! Anyone know what time they usually leave in the morning to go to the stadium? Anyone know any good Pats bars to visit after the game? Thanks for any info!
  7. PatsDeb

    Dear Bill - Thanks for Giving Away the Super Bowl.

    I am loathe to agree with Skip Bayless, but I have to get this rant off my chest. Bill Belichick cost us the Super Bowl with his lame, stupid, petty, ridiculous benching of Malcolm Butler. There are two other "coaching decisions" in BB's tenure that I thought he was dead wrong on that cost us...
  8. PatsDeb

    Game Day Thread: Titans/Chiefs and Falcons/Rams

    In an effort to get away from the latest BS of the NFL, how about a discussion about tomorrow's games? I know the home town teams will probably win, but I hope the visitors in the AFC do. I can't see the Titan's O keeping up with ours in Foxboro. And I know September is a long time ago, and...
  9. PatsDeb

    Jimmy G. Can Help Us Clinch a 1st Round Bye

    I did not realize that SF plays the Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend. If the Jags lose and we win, we clinch a 1st round bye. If we win, the Jags lose and the Steelers lose, then we clinch the No. 1 seed in the AFC and our boys can rest during Week 17. See, it's like he's still on the team...
  10. PatsDeb

    Woo Hoo!! Playoff Game Day!! How are you watching?

    I am lucky to be going to the game with my family! Will be eating meatballs, bar-b-q and downing various libations (maybe Irish coffee to keep warm) pregame. Can't wait!! How about you? Go Patriots! One More!!
  11. PatsDeb

    Both those games were snooze-fests...

    hope the games are better tomorrow. PS - boy does Seattlr get the hometown calls.
  12. PatsDeb

    Going to Quebec City for the weekend. Anyone know of a bar there that will show the Pats?

    My hubby and I are taking a long weekend in Quebec City. Does anyone know of a sports bar there that will show the Pats and/or American football? Or, can you tell me (the technically challenged one) how to live stream the game? Lastly, if you know any good places to eat or visit there, let me...
  13. PatsDeb

    RG III visiting Jets amid Fitzpatrick talks...

    Report: Robert Griffin III to visit Jets Oh, yes please! Sanchez to Broncos and RG III to Jets to replace Fitzpatrick. It's time to pull a George Costanza and leave the office on a high note! Edit - it does not say that RG III is going to the Jets. I am just having fun on a Friday afternoon.
  14. PatsDeb

    Happy New Year to All My Patsfans Compatriots!!

    Happy New Year everyone! For those going out tonight, please drive and stay safe and don't drink too much champagne (just enough). For those who have had a tough year, may 2016 be better, brighter and healthier for you and your family. Wishing you all peace, health and happiness. Go Patriots...
  15. PatsDeb

    Happy Thanksgiving My Fellow Pats Fans!!

    Wishing you all a great day filled with food, family and football (not necessarily in that order :))!!
  16. PatsDeb

    Did Anyone Else Catch BB's Presser?

    You would think that Buffalo was the 2nd coming of the 1985 Bears! They did "everything well" according to BB, particularly their outstanding young QB, and their good coaching and game planning. He also gave specific plays (including what quarter they occurred in and what route the receiver...
  17. PatsDeb

    We're On to the Steelers....

    Who's with me? I pledge not to read any more threads or respond to any more deflategate, spygate, crapgate stuff. My offseason was stolen from me, robbing me of the ability to enjoy a Superbowl (Superbowl!!) victory for my favorite team. I'm tired of reading about it and wringing my hands...
  18. PatsDeb

    Yay! Reading on someone's Twitter that Goodell is NOT coming to Foxboro Next Thursday!

    Good ole Rog knows when he's not wanted!! Stay home you bum!! I'm hoping you're out of a job by then! Here's my happy dance again!!
  19. PatsDeb

    My Mom passed away on March 28, 2015...

    I miss her more than words can say. She was only 74 years old. She was diagnosed with uterine cancer less than a year ago. By the time she showed any symptoms it was already Stage 4. They arrested it for a while with chemo, but then it started growing again and was untreatable. She was so...
  20. PatsDeb

    OT - Beetle Shames Shaughnessey...

    I forgot to post this yesterday amid all the hullaballoo, but when I got in my car yesterday to drive back to my office around 11 a.m. there was an awesome exchange happening on 98.5 the SportsHub. Apparently the curly haired boyfriend wrote a scathing article in the Sunday Globe slamming UMass...