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Sep 12th

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  1. masterbouncer

    The State of Politics

    na sorry the toxicity is in the socity by itself, nothing to do with Brady leaving or the Pats forum byitself, you just got your country devided, thats what you see now everywhere whether its at a Walmart or the Patriots forum its a divided socity with basically two extremes, there is no in...
  2. masterbouncer

    Our ridicously early 53s

    I think Jacob Johnson will make the team as FB, they will need him for the heavy ground game and he did a great job last season. If Cam is the starter they just have to have Johnson on the 53. Keene most probably will end up on PUP/IR list right there in august...
  3. masterbouncer

    OT: Madden 22 leaked cover?

    looks like Madden was about to pass the torch, probably Brady eats him alive next year in the SB and stops this **** Brady in 2040: "I am calling it a career! . . . . ...and I am taking the torch with me!" Brittany still crying in the background: "No you don't"
  4. masterbouncer

    OT Euro 2021 soccer

    Jogi is busy with sniffing his eggs during games :haha: I think with Flick a well needed change will help them to get different impulses on the team, he made a great turnaround with Bayern as he took over and made them the best team in Europe within months
  5. masterbouncer

    OT Euro 2021 soccer

    nothing wrong with it, its just how Spain plays the game, they are fully commited on ball possesion dominance (in theory when you have the ball, the opponent can't score), while it seems dominant (and actually is) it is also quite easy to defend if you go for an X or just don't want to get...
  6. masterbouncer

    Ramsey Recruting Gilmore to Rams

    a 2nd and Donald is also fine to me :D
  7. masterbouncer

    OT Euro 2021 soccer

    no its not that bad, the real tiki-taka under Guardiola (though you requier specific talent to have it run that smooth and successfull) was much more dominant and faster than what you see it now evolved to in Barca or NT of Spain. But they miss also players like Messi(or Xavi and Iniesta), who...
  8. masterbouncer

    Mandatory Mini Camp Practice- 6/14

    but you have to count it in for, thats basically the contract you signed for, 65M/5years with 40M guaranteed this means you get the signing bonus paid out before you even step a foot on the field, its not less money or something, you got your money already earlier onto your bank account its not...
  9. masterbouncer

    OTA'S 6/10

    chill snowflake, I hope you can interpret the emojis properly next time if not here is the translation: IT WAS A JOKE! oh well not everyone has humor...
  10. masterbouncer

    OTA'S 6/10

    in some of the german speaking areas in europe you use it to describe some haphazard action or not well thought through idea, often including a good portion of risk that it will go against your favour (like playing Harry and expecting him to get open :whistle: :haha: )
  11. masterbouncer

    Damien Harris: Power & Speed

    what I noticed in the video is: Ref: "Holding! Offense #16..." Harry: "Whaaaaaattttt?" :haha:
  12. masterbouncer

    OTA'S 6/10

    it was zone coverage, Harry was stumbling right from the get go, Mac hit him right onto the helmet where the ball got stuck, it was called clear catch
  13. masterbouncer

    2021 NFL Free Agency/Trade News & Discussion: April Edition

    so Tampa went on to extend Chris Goodwin, Antonio Brown and Rob Gronkowski and draft Kyle Trask in the 2nd...ok then :whistle: they drafted Darden but still it sounds like Arians went to Brady and said you can chose the first four picks or something like that cmon lets be serious Brady ain't...
  14. masterbouncer

    OTAs on 6/4

    why?because he is learning a new play book, where he has to know what to do when each play is called? rather have him ask question about that in OTA than in week 4 during the game
  15. masterbouncer

    Was The Draft Average After The First Round?

    hmm sorry thats to logical for this board, you have to allow the patsfans member to pretend to be smart and knowing whos the best available player in the draft for the pats general rule is, every other player not selected by the Pats will be a HoF regardless of the round selected (especially...
  16. masterbouncer

    OTA Photo's

    if thats true, Mac is the starter WK1! Cam still throws hospital balls, working on his throwing mechanics but still horrible at it, no way Mac doesn't start he will win the team by end of August, love it
  17. masterbouncer

    Vitale, we hardly knew ye...

    Hightower, LaCosse and Bolden are left
  18. masterbouncer

    Vitale, we hardly knew ye...

    LaCosse and Bolden are next, only Hightower will remain from the opt outs if he decides to not retire, and thats good so Johnson won the FB job, he didn't opt out ..
  19. masterbouncer

    Mac Jones blowing away Patriots coaches and teammates

    Well, its not like Cam excels at that either, the bar is low for Mac. Cam is just lucky White has been extended so he can drop him some hints who the Mike is before the snap :whistle: Cam for himself has to show in Camp that he can throw an accurate pass 10 yards down the field (no low balls...