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Sep 12th

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  1. Rob0729

    Do the Pats go big and trade away a lot of draft picks for Watson or Wilson now?

    I thought about this after the Henry signing and now they are talking about this on 98.5. Now that the Pats have restocked the cupboards and added four receiving weapons for a QB, do the Pats get really aggressive and package 3 first rounders and some other good picks in hopes to trade for...
  2. Rob0729

    The Steelers game now becomes huge

    Now winning or losing the game on Sunday could be the difference between HFA or playing on Wild Card weekend. If the Pats win on Sunday, they control their own destiny. They will hold the tiebreaker over the Steelers. They beat the Bills and Jets and they have HFA. If the Pats lose to the...
  3. Rob0729

    Game Thoughts: The Pats got BBQed by KC

    Here we go: First and foremost, everyone needs to calm down. The first week of the season has a lot of aberration games. Remember how the Pats got smoked by Buffalo in 2003 and went onto a 14-2 season and a Super Bowl while Buffalo went 4-12. That said, the lack of fight in this team is very...
  4. Rob0729

    I don't get why people think the Pats can offer Garoppolo money to sit & wait for Brady to retire

    Ok, I just heard on the radio that the Pats should just offer Garoppolo three years, $30 million to sit and wait for Brady to retire. In what fantasy world do people think Garoppolo would accept that offer? Garoppolo wants to start and not sit for another 2-3 years. If Cleveland are going to...
  5. Rob0729

    OT: Aldon Smith doing what he does best - Drinking away his career

    Before it is too late, welcome back to the NFL Aldon. This stay will be short. Apparently, he was arrested in San Fran for public intoxication. I hope the Raiders weren't planning on him. Oakland Raiders player Aldon Smith detained in San Francisco
  6. Rob0729

    I hope Arthur Blank can get an industrial size package of tissues out of his Home Depot warehouse

    Never forget. Blank was one of the many owners who came out in support of the Deflategate investigation and punishment. He blamed the Patriots for stonewalling Ted Wells. The Pats got a bit of revenge against him. It was sure nice of him though to rush down to the field in the 4th quarter to...
  7. Rob0729

    Game Thoughts: Congratulations to the Patriots Edition

    Here we go: First, I want to thank Arthur Blank to rush down on the field in the fourth quarter to make sure he and his wife were among the first people to congratulate the Patriots on their victory. In all seriousness, Blank was one of the owners who spoke up against the Patriots on...
  8. Rob0729

    Roger Goodell is Don King

    After hearing clips of the press conference from yesterday, I am convinced more than ever that Roger Goodell will go down as the Don King of NFL. Here is my reasoning: In the 90s, Don King made the heavyweight division of boxing into a huge money maker. The sport was huge back then. But most...
  9. Rob0729

    Game Thoughts: We're Goin to the Ship! We're Goin to the Ship! Edition

    Here we go: Tom Brady vs. Mike Tomlin: 22 TDs 0 INTs An MVP performance by the best QB of all time. Terry Bradshaw is right. Mike Tomlin is just a cheerleader. The guy knows that his zone defense makes it like shooting fish in a barrel for Brady and he still trots out that same zone. No...
  10. Rob0729

    Brady vs. Steelers under Tomlin: 19TDs, 0 INTs and 127.5 QB rating

    Lost in the discussion of Brady's INTs in the playoffs in the local media is that Brady has never thrown an INT against a Steeler defense under Tomlin. They have faced six time and no INTs and 19 TDs. Brady has the highest QB rating against Tomlin than any other head coach that he has faced...
  11. Rob0729

    Game Thoughts: Pats earn a Rocky Mountain Bye Week Edition

    Here we go: I don't care what offenses the Pats have faced, the fact that 15 weeks into the season that they have the #1 scoring defense is no fluke or statistical abnormality. Time to give them their due. They still give up their yards here and there, but they don't give up points. And I...
  12. Rob0729

    Game Thoughts: The feasted on Ratbirds edition

    Haven't done one of these in a while. Here we go: First and foremost, the score does not reflect how lopsided this game was. The Pats' special teams gifted the Ravens 14 points. You take those away and the Ravens score 9 points. I am not going to lie. I was a bit nervous at the end, but...
  13. Rob0729

    Someone needs to teach the media how compensatory picks work

    If I hear another guy on the radio say "The Pats would have gotten a third round compensatory pick anyway for Collins if he left after the season. So they really traded him away for nothing." I am going to scream. There is no guarantee of this.In fact, the fact that Belichick did trade him...
  14. Rob0729

    Game Thoughts: Brady is back and likes playing with his shiny new toys edition

    Here we go: I didn't think Brady would be rusty like most (see how well he played opening game last year), but I didn't think he would be that sharp as he was off the bat. He was in midseason form. It is clear that he loves his new weapons utilizing both Bennett and Hogan extensively this...
  15. Rob0729

    Enter to win to have pizza and beer with Brady, Affleck, and Damon

    I figured I would pass this along since it is for charity, but Tom Brady, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon are holding a charity raffle to have pizza and beer with them. ou can get tickets here: Checkout Now is the chance to tell Affleck how much Batman v Superman sucked.
  16. Rob0729

    Game Thoughts: Houston, we had no problem (with you) Thread

    Here we go: I think it was a tactical error for Bill O'Brien to bench JJ Watt for the game. They really could have used him. In all seriousness, JJ Watt (or as I like to call him, Josh McDaniels' B**ch) was invisible last night. Kudos to the o-line and McDaniels for totally taking him out of...
  17. Rob0729

    Game Thoughts: Ringing in the Homie Don't Play That Era Edition

    Ok, here we go: Let me get this out of the way. The title of my thread refers to the fact that I think Brissett looks like a young Damon Wayans. Fun fact: In the Last Boy Scout, Wayans played Jimmy Dix who was one of the best QBs in football before he was banned for gambling. So there is a...
  18. Rob0729

    Game Thoughts: No Brady, No Gronk, No Nink, No Solder, No Problem Edition

    Here we go: Three more games like this by Jimmy Garoppolo and Deflategate will blow up in the owners who wanted Goodell to go hard after the Patriots' faces. These owners wanted Goodell to take away the draft picks and suspend Brady to weaken the Pats and give their teams a chance. If Jimmy...
  19. Rob0729

    Mark Daniels: Gronk, Solder, and Jonathan Cooper are not on flight to AZ

    Mark Daniels: Gronk, Solder, and Jonathan Cooper are not on flight to AZ
  20. Rob0729

    10 Labor Scholars file Amicus Brief in support of Brady and the NFLPA

    Yet, another amicus brief in support of Brady from some heavy hitters. Ten scholars from schools including Cornell, Harvard, and UC Berkley have filed a brief in support of Brady.