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Sep 12th

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  1. J

    Rookie wage scale not a sure thing

    Ron Borges' article on the CBA mediations indicates that owner desires to limit the outrageous contracts for rookies is not an issue that will be easily won. Agents voice support for DeMaurice Smith after meeting - Agent support for Smith indicates he must be in agreement to...
  2. J

    Gary Guyton=Roman Phifer clone?

    I was worried when Spikes got suspended, but Guyton filled in admirably, and looks better run-stopping than he did last season. Going to be a real good 3rd down ILB, IMO.
  3. J

    OT: Harvard beats Yale; 29-29

    Saw this in Rockland,ME over the wk-end. Great movie featuring 12-15 players reminiscing from both teams about the game between clips of the action. The game took place in 1968, a seminal time in the social and political history of our country, and an attempt to catch the flavor of the times...
  4. J

    3-4 def rankings from NFP

    Pretty thorough listing: The National Football Post | NFP Specialty Rankings: 3-4 Defense
  5. J

    Dom Capers

    This game should be a test for the Dom Capers led secondary and so far, this season, it's been a great disappointment. Last year, we had holes in our zone coverage at times, but nowhere was it been as bad as this.
  6. J

    2013 Pats?

    What else is there to write about now? An interesting speculation found in the Pats website....
  7. J

    Available TE's

    Remaining free agents from (pats1) focusing on TE's------------- As we are now about a month into free agency, here is a comprehensive and accurate list for those interested. All tendered but unsigned RFAs and franchise-tagged, the top available UFAs, and some of the top street FAs are listed...
  8. J

    The Devil you know....

    WEEI just announced the Colts resigned Polian for Four More Years..........file under news you didn't need to start your day.
  9. J

    Nice article on Bryant Commended for a career of community involvement.
  10. J

    Saints handing it to the Gulls

    28-10 Our guy Davis Patten--8 for 113 Hasselback sacked back to back Bush stepping up
  11. J

    Could Cassel throw to this stable of WR's?

    While we may have been in deep doo-doo if Brady had gone down last year, the prospect doesn't scare me as much this year. Not wishing, just saying.:D
  12. J

    ombine results page

    This may be embedded in other posts but I don't see it identified as such------
  13. J

    Matt Light Pro-Bowl question

    While I was glad to see our guy in the Pro-Bowl, I was unclear how he got there. Was he the next in line in the balloting as an injury replacement? Or after the top picks are made did the choice fall to the coach of the team as openings occur? Didn't see this mentioned anywhere.
  14. J

    Anyone notice?

    BB had Matt Light playing RT in the Pro Bowl. hmmmmmmmmm
  15. J

    A good Borges article

    I know, it'I know, it's an oxymoron, but here it is.....
  16. J

    Jets Fuel Talk Radio

    Compliments to PatriotsPlanet--
  17. J

    Jets O-line article

    Looks like Sey will have a good day--
  18. J


    Not enough has been said about the Pats red zone efficiency compared to opponents red zone efficiency. It is far and away better than any other team. Comments?
  19. J

    Mickens a solid nickle

    After the Detroit Debacle I was worried that we couldn't cover a slot receiver. Flurrey killed us with 11 receptions. Mickens came in against Miami and held Welker, their leading receiver, to 0.(His only catch for -1yd was against Samuel.) Hank who? GO RAY!
  20. J

    Bears Message Board (from KFFL) They link to patriotsplanet as the Patriots fan message board in one thread.