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Sep 12th

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    Brady vs. Bill, Perspective of a non-Pats Fan

    Hi all. :thumbsup: Brady vs. Bill seems to be a controversial topic here. Some insist it is a "thing," while others say it shouldn't even be discussed because nobody is even looking at things that way. As an out-of-towner non-Pats fan, I can say that it definitely is a thing. I and many others...
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    Now we FINALLY get to see who's better - Ben or Brady

    Hi all :) First, congratulations on your new signing. I'm a bit surprised Father Belichick was eager to take on the headache, but we'll see how all of that plays out in due time. As a respected, long-time contributor to these forums for over a decade, I feel now is a perfect time to resurrect...
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    Brady vs. Ben - Legendary Rivalry Resumes

    Yet another epic clash between these two all-time top 15 quarterbacks is just days away. This week, Big Ben took part in what could be considered trash talk against his counterpart, when he boldly declared that he looked forward to outplaying Tom. “Man, any time you can share the field with...
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    Big Ben Implies Pats Will Lose to Titans?

    Ben Roethlisberger has obviously alluded to retirement as a possibility at the end of the season, as he did after last season. However, when asked today if he thinks Sunday's game against the Jags will be his last at Heinz Field, he said that he does not think so. Ben Roethlisberger doesn’t...
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    Pittsburgh Troll Agrees With Overturning the TD

    I called it right away. Can't call that a secure catch. The game was lost with conservative play calling at the end by Haley. Disgusted but hopefully AB will be back for the rematch. It'll make a difference. Great game.
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    Epic Battle of Elite QB's

    Assuming the Pats take care of business against the fish, next Sunday is setting up to be not only the most epic regular season clash in NFL history between two teams, but also between two quarterbacks. Steelers #7 threw for his third career 500-yard game (all WINS) against the Ravens Sunday...
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    Just Imagine if Gronk... Grassy Knoll Super Merge

    ...had broken White's neck. Just ponder the magnitude of that for a few seconds. How he only got one game for that attack would be baffling, aside from knowing that Goodell is an all-over-the-map incompetent buffoon when it comes to handing out punishments. And to deny that there is a very...
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    The Ultimate Brady vs. Ben Thread. Pittsburgh Troll Thinks They ARE in the same class

    This is not trolling. I am going to use an assortment of facts and figures that show that while Brady may clearly be the best of the era, he is not as far ahead of Ben Roethlisberger as many around here seem to think. Let's start with the bottom line - Brady has 4 Super Bowl appearances in...
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    Picture Showing Just How Bad the Injury Was

    Most of the TV angles don't show a good shot of the injury, but the picture at this link shows just how far Thomas Brady's knee buckled in. Have a look:
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    Kordell Stewart???

    Did anyone else hear anything about the Pats possibly being interested in Kordell Stewart? I head it mentioned on an AM sports talk show a little while ago in the car, but the station was kind of fading in and out so I couldn't hear too much about it. I think it could be a good signing...
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    I will see you all in January!

    I want to thank the Pats boards for their hospitality, even though tonight I've been getting called names. For the most part, it's been an enjoyable experience to post here. But you have not seen the last of me, nor have you seen the last of my boys in the black and gold. We will meet...
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    Who Will Play Better - Brady or Big Ben?

    I predict it will be Big Ben. Brady might end up with fancier stats, but as I've been saying here all week, Big Ben's will to win will be the determining factor in this game. He'll do whatever it takes to win the game. Ben outplays Tom in this one.
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    Patriots' Harrison Thinks Big Ben is One of the Best - One of the Very Best. He chastised the media for critizing Big Ben.
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    The Patriots Have A Great Chance

    To solidify their position as the second greatest dynasty in NFL history if they can win the Super Bowl this season. And it all starts Sunday. Personally, I expect the Steelers to win Sunday, and go on to win their sixth Super Bowl this year. But, if the Pats can somehow miraculously win...
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    Will Anthony Smith's Comments Cause the Pats To Play Better?

    Does anyone think that Anthony's comments will motivate the Pats to play even better than they would have if he had never made the guarantee?
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    Polamalu Not Expected To Play, So That Means...

    ...that even if the Steelers lose (which they won't), it will be somewhat of a hollow victory for the Pats, because we won't have our best defender out there. I mean, I'm still predicting the Steelers to win, but if we lose, it will be because we don't have Polamalu in there.
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    Big Ben's Time To Shine

    I see so much mockery of Big Ben Roethlisberger by you Pats fans! Let it be known that the Steelers will most certainly not be able to win this game with the running game. They will have to play great defense, but, even more than that, Ben will have to take the offense on his back and lead...
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    Does New England Really "Own" Pitt?

    Hi all. :) The consensus among many Pats fans seems to be that The Patriots "own" the Steelers, primarily because of the two AFCCG losses at Heinz field. But is this really the case? The Kordell Stewart era is long gone, so 2001 should not even be a factor. The Pats also thoroughly...