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Sep 12th

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  1. oldrover

    Happy Fathers Day to all PatsFans dads!

    Enjoy time with your kids... or doing what you love... ...or both. ;)
  2. oldrover

    OT: Jim Fassell passed away Seemed like a solid coach and a decent guy. May the good Lord rest him and keep him, and console his loved ones.
  3. oldrover

    Confession time... who placed this Pats bet?
  4. oldrover

    Chris Hogan goes pro lacrosse Good for him. Now we may need a Chris Hogan forum. :)
  5. oldrover

    Edelman on Cam and Mac ""Cam's probably been working hard,” Edelman said. “That’s his M.O. Cam works hard. Now we’ve got to see if he can work smart in the right areas, and if he does...
  6. oldrover

    Gunner gunning for the Edelman role
  7. oldrover

    COVID symptom treatments...

    Sorry for a new thread on this, but I have personal experience with it. Mrs Rover and I had COVID in December... I recovered quickly after a few days of 103 temps and not being able to hold anything down (including water). But Mrs Rover had respiratory issues until a month ago, when she...
  8. oldrover

    JMac sleeps with the fishes... Thanks, man. You and your brother were a helluva d-back tandem. I’d say good luck... but it’s the Dolphins. :whistle: So good luck... in meaningless games. :)
  9. oldrover

    Semi-OT: One less veteran QB in the mix, as Alex Smith retires Hats off to Alex all the way 'round, especially for last year... that was one helluva comeback. Good luck and God bless.
  10. oldrover

    Reporting for Pats offseason workouts: Cam Newton ...well... for now anyway... :)
  11. oldrover

    OT: Two bits of Good News on Good Friday... (happy Easter!)

    First bit: The Big Guy died today... so that we might be free from sin. Second bit: On Sunday, He gets better. :) Also, there's Cadbury Eggs. ;) Happy Easter to all my brethren and sistren!
  12. oldrover

    Cam Newton to host "Sip N Smoke" on BET Hey, I like cigars and whiskey, and I like Cam... that said, this is, uh... :whistle:
  13. oldrover

    Interesting Football Outsiders article on 2020 COVID/health impact team-by-team... Team hurt most by COVID? Yep. :) Team who stayed the healthiest? Yep. :)
  14. oldrover

    Bye, bye, Butler... Adam signs with the Fins These Dolphins... ...are a pain in the tuchus.
  15. oldrover

    Brissett signs... with Miami I like Jacoby... but was he the guy? Or even a guy? Would he ever have been? Could he?
  16. oldrover

    Your dream scenario for the 2021 Pats...

    Mine is that Cam Newton winds up getting paid all $14 million. :) Mind you, that's a dream scenario ... I didn't say it was... ...logical. ;)
  17. oldrover

    Malcolm Butler released by the Titans Sign the beast? :whistle:
  18. oldrover

    Aaron Rodgers wants a new contract? Nice timing. :whistle:
  19. oldrover

    Best memories of attending a Pats game?

    I've got two... how about you? 1. My first game ever... my Dad (God rest his soul) took me to see them in 1977, playing the Bills. OJ had just gotten injured... we thought we'd see a win GUARANTEED. That's when the immortal...
  20. oldrover

    Gardner Minshew as a possible Pats QB?

    Saw this Reddit thread about him... Obviously he's not in the Jags plans, and he had some good games before he got injured. Plus he's young, and would probably be cheap.