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    Favorite Player on Each Team

    Arizona Cardinals Current: Adrian Wilson All time: Tillman Atlanta Falcons Current: Matt Ryan All time: Tony Martin Baltimore Ravens Current: Anquan Boldin All time: Priest Holmes Buffalo Bills Current: Mario Williams All time: Eric moulds Carolina...
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    Pats at Bills Weekend

    Feel free to join us. We'll be hitting the town fri and sat nights too. The more the merrier, especially when it comes to pats fans.
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    Pats at Bills Weekend

    Our 25th trip is planned for the last weekend in September for the game. We have a group hotel, tickets and tailgate. Anyone going and interested in joining let me know at [email protected]
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    Patriots = Tennessee Volunteers, Clemson Tigers

    Maybe you should be worrying about that defense that was ranked #1 in the regular season then gave up 316 yards passing to Tim Tebow. Once thats done go under a bridge in Pittsburgh and when you see some drugged out bum he was most likely a 1970's steelers player.
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    Anyone buy Bills-Pats tickets

    I sent a message but you can drop me an email to the address I sent to you.
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    Anyone buy Bills-Pats tickets

    I bought a group too, for those who posted before me and are looking I have 7 available with pats fans and a tailgate (all you can eat/drink included).
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    Single game tickets for road games?

    game Any specific game you're looking for???
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    A Dol-fan's view

    Culpepper Is this the same Daunte Culpepper who lead the Vikings to such a tremendous start in 05, got hurt, missed the season. I remember some old guy named Brad Johnson coming in with the same players and nearly taking the Vikings from the depths of hell to a near playoff appearance.
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    Marc Wilson

    Jeff Carlson Remember Jeff Carlson, he started the last 2 games of the 92 season after Zo got hurt. He was a sucky left hander who lost games to the Bengals and Miami. His backup was the immortal Lee Saltz from Temple. They were out 4th and 5th stringers, how bad was that o-line.
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    Best NFL Radio Broadcaters

    my vote Play by play is Merlin Reese of the Philadelphia Eagles. I also love the guy from K.C and his "Touch-down Kan-Sas City".
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    53 players- just my thoughts

    I look at the roster and this is how I see things shaking out QB (3) Brady, Cassel and Vet possibly Fiedler/or udfa Bramlet All depends on the growth of Cassel from rookie season. If he does grows just a bit like Brady he could be the backup. RB (4) Dillon, Faulk, Maroney and Mills...
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    Obscure Patriots Players

    Names for the list Some I haven't seen so far Scott Secules Jay "sky" Walker Michael "Scooter" McGruder Mickey Washington Steve Hawkins Rod Rutledge Tim Goad Harlon Barnett Greg McMurtry Eugene Lockhart Marvin Allen Ricky Reynolds John Burke Shawn Stuckey Devin Wyman Pio...
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    Guess the number game

    Answer I'll have the answer when I post saturday night. I'm going up to cover the camp and press conferences for the radio station.
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    Breakout players this year

    Stepping Up I think the two key guys are Kaczur and Mankins. They should be starting with Light, Koppen and Neal with two of them coming off injuries but experienced.
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    Some help please

    Does anyone have a link to a list of all teams and there picks so I don't have to go team by team and print them that way. Thanks in advance.
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    Kiwi Overrated This guy has been nothing but a great player but even more importantly a model citizen. I can understand thinking he could be the next Mike Mamula like people always think every Duke player is the next Danny Ferry. Kiwi is athletic enough to play in the 3-4 at OLB and it's...
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    ESPN/Scouts INC mock-7 rounds
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    Pats at Bills- October 20th weekend

    Good idea That would be a great idea. Just trying to help my fellow pats fans to make road trips more affordable. My thoughts are the more the merrier.
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    Pats at Bills- October 20th weekend

    If anyone is going up to Buffalo for the game I've got a friend who works at the best hotel in Buffalo so I'll get a nice discount of 25%. Anyone interested let me know, less money on hotels means more money having fun. [email protected]
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    Away games you're going to...

    Dolphins Super Bowl Hey Fins Fan: That game the dolphins are playing in isn't the actual super bowl. It's a celebrity softball game with dolphins players of the past. It's on the wednesday. Would hate to see you pay a ton of money and then see Zach Thomas sitting near you.