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Sep 12th

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    Why didn't Belichick light up his Benjamins on fire like that when Brady was here?

    The Patriots just had the greatest 20 year run in the history of the NFL and BB is a horrible GM? I feel like I can deny it. He has certainly missed on too many draft picks of late but having this much cap space to rebuild after 1 down year did not happen by accident.
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    All-Time QB Rankings / QB Hall of Fame Monitor

    I have Manning in the top 10 but not top 5 due to his post season failures. He was carried to both of his Super Bowls and his 9 one and dones hurts him. Absolutely a tremendous regular season QB but came up small too often in the big moments. Derek Jeter is the best baseball player you saw...
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    Hall of Fame's lack of Patriots (Stanley Morgan and Richard Seymour)

    I think the main issue many Pats fans have with Morgan is the direct comparison to Lynn Swann and John Stallworth as he statistically blows them away. Lynn Swann never even had one 900 yard season let alone a 1,000 yard one. He had several great post season games and his reputation was built...
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    Are the Chiefs in trouble?

    It is extremely difficult to keep a great team together for a long time with a salary cap. It can result in a lack of depth and injuries like they had last night can end up dooming a season. They are certainly a top contender for the next couple years - we'll see what happens after that.
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    OT: Official 2020 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    Great game by both of them tonight. Almost wished KC did something in the 2nd half so Brady and Gronk would have been asked to do more.
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    2020 Super Bowl Game Pre-Game Thread

    Not sure where you getting this from. BB with the Pats 242 - 92 (.726) plus playoffs of 30-11 (.732) Reid with KC = 91-37 (.711) plus playoffs of 7-5 (.583)
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    2021 NFL Awards and Hall of Fame

    The lack of individual HOF respect for the Patriots dynasty is stunning. Unfortunately my guess is that only Seymour and Law make it from the defense and Gronk and Brady from the offense when all is said and done. Maybe Gilmore if he plays well for another 3 or 4 years. (realize Moss is in...
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    The case for Jacoby Brissett

    The problem with JB is he has an extremely low ceiling. Would rather they roll the dice on someone with more upside even if it means they may ultimately be worse in the short term.
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    Stafford traded to Rams

    I doubt Harry is cut as he has a $4.7M Dead money hit which is well more than his $2.7M salary. Like others I do not have high hopes but maybe he can carve out a role as a solid #3.
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    Lobby for draft rule change

    I would be fine with a limited weighted lottery like the NBA where the worst team has the best odds but is still unlikely to get the top pick. All non playoff teams are in it but only the first 3 or 4 picks are up for grabs then it goes back to normal order. I do not think many teams are...
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    OT: Official 2020 Tompa Bay Gronkaneers Thread

    Their primary argument seems to be that the QB should not get credit for team success and they should be looked at mainly by individual stats, Problem with that argument is that QB stats are not individual stats either. And not all stats are created equal as a TD with a minute remaining down...
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    A vote of confidence for the painful philosophy of: "Better to let a player go too early than too late"

    By the time they let AV go his kickoffs were landing at the 10 yard line and he never made another memorable kick again in his career. The Pats would have needed to carry someone to do kickoffs if they kept him. Ghost missing an extra point in the 1st quarter is not bigger than missing 2 FG's...
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    A vote of confidence for the painful philosophy of: "Better to let a player go too early than too late"

    AV was 26-34 in the post season for the Pats while SG was 39-44. SG could actually kick off throughout his career while AV could no longer do it. AV had the 3 big kicks and I give him a ton of credit for them but SG never missed a big late game kick in the post season and he did nail the game...
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    A vote of confidence for the painful philosophy of: "Better to let a player go too early than too late"

    They moved Seymour as they made the decision to keep Wilfork. Did not think that Jones was worth a massive contract due to the other roster holes that it would create. I assume that if the cap was not an issue BB would have kept most of the players he let go but we saw it as early as Milloy...
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    A vote of confidence for the painful philosophy of: "Better to let a player go too early than too late"

    Agree they are not in the same place as the Saints or Steelers but they still have a ton of decisions to make. They have by far the fewest players signed with 30 (next lowest is 41) and have decisions to make on players like Godwin, Gronk, AB ..... how many do they resign and for what type of...
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    A vote of confidence for the painful philosophy of: "Better to let a player go too early than too late"

    If you want to maintain a long run of success you absolutely need to move on early as it is the only way to manage the cap. Not easy to do as you need to continually find quality replacements at better salaries. Will be interesting to see how TB handles their moves this offseason. They appear...
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    Curran: Patriots will be "extremely and uncharacteristically" aggressive in Free Agency

    BB knew it was a rebuild based off of cap situation and all the departures but I think he was hopeful they still had enough pieces that if Cam performed well they could sneak into the playoffs. After 3 weeks that seemed quite possible- won easily over the Dolphins, lost by a yard to what was...
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    Green Bay kicking the field goal: a different perspective

    They were shut down due to the INTs. I do not believe they had punted all half and the prior drive was a FG. I do not think kicking the FG was crazy - just not something I would have done. GB was stupid not to kick it into the EZ and the returner was stupid not to take 2 more seconds.
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    Green Bay kicking the field goal: a different perspective

    It was not the worst decision in the world as they were at the 8 yard line but it was asking a lot from a defense that had not really shut down TB all day (outside of some poorly thrown balls) If there was 3 minutes left I think it was fine but with just over 2 I don't like it. If the Pats had...
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    Aaron Rodgers wants a new contract?

    He is an extremely talented player but there are times when an alleged all-time great QB has to finish off the drive and maybe even do it again to win a game and that has been his weakness throughout his career. Why stats do not always tell the story. GB was given chance after chance in the...