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Sep 12th

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  1. dannydyn

    Patriots cut Edelman(Update- EDELMAN RETIRES)

    "Thank you for calling Jet Blue, how may I help you?" "Yes hi, one way ticket from Boston to Tampa please...."
  2. dannydyn

    Kraft acknowledges drafting woes, says approach is changing

    Been saying it for years.... BB is the GOAT of coaches, but mediocre at best as a GM.
  3. dannydyn

    Why didn't Belichick light up his Benjamins on fire like that when Brady was here?

    I'll settle for the irrational Brady fan if you will, but I think this run is more credit Brady, than Belichick.
  4. dannydyn

    Why didn't Belichick light up his Benjamins on fire like that when Brady was here?

    Funny how I get flamed here for this thread by people claiming we had playmakers all along and we made the playoffs every year. The same people who *****ed and moaned here every year how Brady has no one to throw to, and he's playing with no names. Let me break you the news: we had as many...
  5. dannydyn

    Why didn't Belichick light up his Benjamins on fire like that when Brady was here?

    Brady played for years with scrubs because Belichick wouldn't sign anyone worthy. Then Brady leaves, and BB starts spending like the Kardashians' on Rodeo Drive? Why? Why couldn't have BB spend that money when Brady was here? Give him the weapons he needed? That sure would have make him stay? No?
  6. dannydyn

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Pats @ Chiefs

    I feel bad for Edelman for risking his life to play with this circus offense. Should have asked to be traded to Tompa.
  7. dannydyn

    League giving Pats “a break” by postponing game?

    If anyone is gaining out of this postponement, it's the Chiefs.... they were supposed to play on a short week.... now it's a regular 7 day week for them.
  8. dannydyn

    Cam Newton Tests Positive; Out for KC game

    They should cancel the game so others don't get infected, not because the pats starting qb is sick. That's none of chiefs problem.
  9. dannydyn

    Cam Newton Tests Positive; Out for KC game

    He's quarterback of a pro football team! A team sport. Sit your ass at home! No dinners for you for the duration of the season! That's lack of common sense on his part!
  10. dannydyn

    Cam Newton Tests Positive; Out for KC game

    Fwiw, this would have been most likely a loss anyways, so... It's ok, let Stidham suit up. As a side note, if this is how Cam treats a 'business trip', I think it speaks volumes of his work ethics, or lack thereof... Given what's on the line, and given its a team sport, players should pretty...
  11. dannydyn

    New Position --- QB SPY

    I was saying that all game last night. Our LBs are slow as 5hit, and RW is not even that of a fast QB on the ground. Wait till we face LMRJ....
  12. dannydyn

    Welcome to The Patriots Newton!

    Is he going to be chewing a red, white, and blue gum?
  13. dannydyn

    Spygate 2 penalties announced.

    This team just can't get out of their own way.
  14. dannydyn

    How far does Brady take TB this coming season?

    Too early, but for 5hits and giggles.... How far does TB12 take TB this season? P.S. - Next year (2021/2022 season) Bucs are playing NE at Foxboro... homecoming.... :) Tampa's schedule: Date TBA at Atlanta FalconsMercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, GA Date TBA at Carolina PanthersBank of...
  15. dannydyn

    Of course it was going to be Tampa!

    I'll be a major Pats fan forever, and a minor Bucs fan for the next 2 years. Hoping to see Brady get at least one more ring.
  16. dannydyn

    Brady gone

    (Brady vs. Brees) x 2/yr + playoffs! Giddy up!
  17. dannydyn

    New QB thread

    Outside Bridgewater who appears to be spoken for, I'd be all over Foles.
  18. dannydyn

    New QB thread

    It's a pretty much done deal. they are just working out the last few details on the contract. Rivers to the Colts is a forgone conclusion.
  19. dannydyn

    New QB thread

    What about Nick Foles for now?