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Sep 20th

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  1. Harry Boy

    Father I have sinned... I have a confession

    Thats Mrs Shue's daughter....
  2. Harry Boy

    Thoughts with you all. (9/11)

    This is the picture the Media will very seldom print, it's a sad picture but it's reality "it happened"
  3. Harry Boy

    hello to all

    Hello, I used to enjoy reading books any time...
  4. Harry Boy

    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts,

    I didn't mention religion or God ( I mentioned intelligence) That was just my opinion. A few weeks ago I watched a wild Turkey making love to another Turkey and I thought to myself "I don't believe the big bang could have thought of that" The Turkeys had eyes just like me, I don't think The...
  5. Harry Boy

    Here is Practical Explanation about Next Life, Purpose of Human Life, philosophical/religious facts,

    Listen to me, Look around, almost everything that moves on this planet has Eyes, Nose, Ears, Limbs etc etc, NO big bang created that, reproduction the process made to "feel good" to insure that these things that move would reproduce, no big bang could dream that one up, look at The Octopus, ha...
  6. Harry Boy

    What Song Are You Listening To Now?

    When people drink they should sing: Earphones
  7. Harry Boy

    Glen Campbell has died

    One of the last of the REAL COUNTRY MUSIC people, the screaming, yelling and face contortions these new ones do today isn't even close to "real country" RIP Glen
  8. Harry Boy

    A Thread About Nothing...

    "mommy" "yes dear" "whats that" "nothing" "oh"
  9. Harry Boy

    A Thread About Nothing...

    There's nothing there
  10. Harry Boy

    How were the Pyramids built?

    So much time had to be involved it seems strange that no record was ever found on the building, it was so massive it must have taken years.....Unless they didn't want it known..
  11. Harry Boy

    Science and Tech talk

    Go out at night where there are no city lights, look up at the Universe..... The human brain has billions of years to go before it can come close to figuring out what goes on "out there" The climate will do what it wants to do.
  12. Harry Boy

    Just lost my job

    There's a reason for everything, keep enjoying today there is a better job coming tomorrow.......You'll see.
  13. Harry Boy

    Need Marital Advice

    Throw the hat away, kiss your wife, I was married for 66 years......
  14. Harry Boy

    What Song Are You Listening To Now?

    I love Violin Music, one of my grand daughters is getting very good at it, my son (her father) sometimes plays along with her on the guitar.....
  15. Harry Boy

    What Song Are You Listening To Now?

    Your right I never noticed that.
  16. Harry Boy

    Yet Another Jag Thread

    When I was young anything that moved was a 'chick magnet'
  17. Harry Boy

    Yet Another Jag Thread

    My first car was a 1932 Ford Coupe with a Rumble Seat, when I was 18 I got drunk and tipped it over twice in one day in Cambridge both times we got it back up and I got the hell out of there, it was like a little Tank....
  18. Harry Boy

    What Song Are You Listening To Now?

    Put this away and save it until New Years Eve, listen to it with a pretty girl, drink Red Wine, eat Genoa Salami, Seedless Grapes and Cheddar Cheese use earphones..........
  19. Harry Boy

    Rant thread

    If you die during the middle of the night you won't know it until the next morning.
  20. Harry Boy

    Universe - Planets - Moons Thread

    The Universe is endless, there is no end, there are Zillions of Planets with Life on them, the Big Bang is a bunch of crap... When our Earthly Body dies we move on to another Life and another Planet, we do this forever, each one gets better, we start out in the rotten one "Earth" all we do here...