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Sep 20th

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2020/2021 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread.
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    Pats at Bills Weekend

    Our 25th trip is planned for the last weekend in September for the game. We have a group hotel, tickets and tailgate. Anyone going and interested in joining let me know at [email protected]
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    53 players- just my thoughts

    I look at the roster and this is how I see things shaking out QB (3) Brady, Cassel and Vet possibly Fiedler/or udfa Bramlet All depends on the growth of Cassel from rookie season. If he does grows just a bit like Brady he could be the backup. RB (4) Dillon, Faulk, Maroney and Mills...
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    Some help please

    Does anyone have a link to a list of all teams and there picks so I don't have to go team by team and print them that way. Thanks in advance.
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    ESPN/Scouts INC mock-7 rounds
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    Pats at Bills- October 20th weekend

    If anyone is going up to Buffalo for the game I've got a friend who works at the best hotel in Buffalo so I'll get a nice discount of 25%. Anyone interested let me know, less money on hotels means more money having fun. [email protected]
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    My Patriots 7 round mock

    Here we go: constructive criticism always welcome. I know the pats have signed some defensive backs lately but I truly believe they'll grab these two corners (Marshall and Hunter) to plan more for the future. Don't forget Asante is a free agent soon and Randall Gay injury prone, the pats always...
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    Players I'd love to draft

    Some players after reading every possible publication I'd love to see with the Patriots. No particular order. 1. Richard Marshall CB Fresno State This guy could be the best corner from the class 3 years from now. Marshall has a firm grasp on the patriots system already. 2. Barry...
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    Week 1 2006 Season

    Wanted to see what everyone thought the primetime games usually announced the week of the owners meetings (this week) will be. My Prediction thursday: Cincy at Steelers Then either sunday or monday Dallas at Philly- T.O and the boys invade philly. Minnesota at Seattle- Just like the...
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    Sergei "glass Joe" Samsanov traded

    Bruins left winger Sergei Samsonov has been traded to the Edmonton Oilers, according to The Sports Network. The Bruins have not confirmed the transaction. The players coming to Boston in return were not named.
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    1st Draft Party I've heard advertised

    This is the first draft party I've read anything on. Looks like a good time.
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    Draft Party

    Just wanted to give everyone in the Southern new england area a draft party link. Sounds like fun.
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    2006 nfl draft order

    Looking for a link to the 2006 nfl draft order- rounds 1 through 7.