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    Gasp, With No Reasonable Tradedown Or Out, Belichick Drafts

    Don't you think Bill is going to trade out of the 1st though?
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    The official Nadya-Brave thread.

    Thanks for the update. Its great to see her happy and healthy.
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    Drew Bledsoe in Pats locker room

    Drew is a very successful businessman and investor in several start ups. He has no need or desire to be a coach. Im sure he also has a business relationship with Mr Kraft and might be in town on business. Shortcomings aside he helped put this team back on the map with Kraft, Parcels and BB...
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    Patriots Release Safety Adrian Wilson

    Revis just got his #24 back.
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    DeSean Jackson Released by Eagles [update]: Signed by Washington

    Rand Whitney Paper Co, not Kraft Foods.......
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    Jets lose out on DRC

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    Jets lose out on DRC

    hitman harris should be put on suicide watch.....:D
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    PFT Sat 3/15: Pats, Edelman working on a new deal

    This is good news. Who knows how many games Amendola will play next year? Edelman is ssid to be the first one in and last one to leave type of guy. He will be a great option for Brady next season. If were going to have an awesome D, lets give Tom as many options to score as possible. :)
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    Report (Unconfirmed) - Patriots sign Brandon Browner

    doesn't it? This is awesome though.
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    Report (Unconfirmed) - Patriots sign Brandon Browner

    check out his highlight reel. Reminds me of Harrison the way he hits but he has a nose for the ball...lots of dazzling INT's...
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    Report (Unconfirmed) - Patriots sign Brandon Browner

    thanks! just look at some of his bone crunching hits and imagine this guy next season.....
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    Report (Unconfirmed) - Patriots sign Brandon Browner

    well someone get in there and buy him a drink!
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    Report (Unconfirmed) - Patriots sign Brandon Browner

    its going to be SICK..... Those calcium deposits in Mannings neck must be quivering right about now!:D
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    Report (Unconfirmed) - Patriots sign Brandon Browner

    Rap again says Browner to NE Revis - Browner Revis - Browner.... the D on this team is going to be tough to pass on next year...
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    Seahawks CB Brandon Browner meeting with Pats Thursday 3/13

    Shefty says Patriots official says Browner wants to be in NE and "we are close" Might mean signing and physical need to be done.
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    Report (Unconfirmed) - Patriots sign Brandon Browner

    back to the old early 2000's Patriots - bone crunching defense....ceiling painting will be going on all over NE if this report is true...
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    Report (Unconfirmed) - Patriots sign Brandon Browner

    possibly awesome! must be the old sign and physical technicality issue with the agent....
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    Nate Burleson makes a pitch to Patriots

    anyone hear Christian Fauria on EEI yesterday talk about Smith? said he played with him and he is a ticking time bomb. Bad influence on the other WRs, always wants the ball and blowing up about things on a regular basis.....
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    We. Have. Revis.

    This is the likely scenario.