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    Thread Last Page Not Loading

    The thread-Explosive New Hernandez Details is the only one. I'm using Google Chrome. Sorry for the late response. I took a nap that lasted several hours.
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    Thread Last Page Not Loading

    I'm not able to see the last page of any thread. It always goes to previous page or 3 pages back even when I click on the last page icon. Is anyone else having this problem?
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    Famous Pats Fans

    Donnie Wahlberg said the entire cast of Blue Bloods except him was rooting for The Giants in this past Superbowl to Linda Holliday (BB's fiancee') on Twitter. I don't think anyone can call themselves a fan of a team, and root for their team's opponent to win the Superbowl/NBA Finals/Stanley...
  4. Z

    Bill O'Brien - Welker play wasn't a drop

    That's why I can't take his opinion seriously even if I didn't have DVR footage or photos and the WR's opinion on that play to dispute his claims. People think they can throw some backhanded compliment or subtle dig at people they have issues with, and think others won't see their true...
  5. Z

    idle thoughts - the abbreviated mourning period

    This thread and the other thread- Anyone in the same boat as me? have been most helpful. I set up Google as my homepage instead of Yahoo. I'm still in a media blackout mostly. It's nice to know that others feel the same way. I feel it would be easier to shake this off if there wasn't...
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    OT: Colts would welcome back Manning [edit: if he restructures contract]

    I feel like Irsay is in Cover My A** mode trying to come out on top of a soon to be PR nightmare. Trying to throw Manning under the bus with "We wanted him back, but he was unwilling to restructure his contract." in what is sure to be nasty debacle in Indy when it's all said and done...
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    Brandon Jacobs to Giselle "Stay cute and shut up."

    I have part of that NFL Super Bowl clip on my computer- The guy on the Panthers said "The game is not over yet." "Not with that guy at quarterback." The Panthers had just scored, and the player was essentially telling his teammate the Panthers hadn't won yet because Tom Brady still had...
  8. Z

    Brandon Jacobs to Giselle "Stay cute and shut up."

    As a Black-Hispanic woman I never thought about it being racial until you mentioned it, then I thought about it. I doubt Cromaterie or Jacobs make these comments to Ray Lewis/Terrell Suggs...They wouldn't step to them because they know they would be laid out. They would make these...
  9. Z

    If you could have had one former Patriots player in his prime added to the roster....

    Re: If you could have had one former Patriots player in his prime added to the roster Rodney just for his mouth. I'm sick of the whole every teams trash talks the Pats while they keep silent, and then the Pats are beat down.
  10. Z

    Brandon Jacobs to Giselle "Stay cute and shut up."

    That's what is most offensive about this whole thing. Telling another man's wife to "Be cute and shut up." WTF is Brandon Jacobs? Someone who will probably be cut from the Giants in a couple of months. Now if Brady lets this pass, then he looks like less of a man. The NY Giants...
  11. Z

    Given this loss, will Brady pass 4-0 Joe Montana?

    I would be happy with just a 4th Super Bowl win at this point. Then Tom joins only Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw as being one of three QB's with 4 rings. I could care less because chances are he'll have more rings than Manning, Brees, etc. As long as he has more rings than his current...
  12. Z

    We'll be in New Orleans next season

    I just made the New Orleans connection. Where it all began. How cool would that be for the Patriots to make to the Super Bowl, and win where the won their first Super Bowl (New Orleans)? It would be destiny. I'm still holding onto to my Kobe Bryant comparison. There are too many similarities for...
  13. Z

    Coming to peace with Eli.

    Your post is complete garbage. :rolleyes: Talking about European sports when the discussion is about an American sport... Nice try... Your division is competitive year after year? What are the records for the teams in your division again?
  14. Z

    Must Read Article on Brady By Dan Wetzel - For those who think Brady doesn't care

    You win as a team, and you lose as a team. However, there are always certain plays that make or break games. This is no different than Lee Evans non-catch in the AFC Championship game. The Ravens fans were calling for his head the same way people are calling for Wes's head. You have to...
  15. Z

    Coming to peace with Eli.

    I remember that and thought what about Joe Montana and Tom Brady? The media proclaimed that Peyton was going to going to be the greatest of all time when he dismantled the Saints. :rolleyes: They essentially trashed Joe Montana, Tom Brady, and the Saints. I remember how media made it seem...
  16. Z

    Coming to peace with Eli.

    I'm all for anything that wins the Patriots another Super Bowl. Personality changes, therapy, etc. I really wanted a victory for Myra, and Tom's coach Tom Martinez... If Tom needs to turn into a Kobe Bryant-like narcissistic egoist to get past these Super Bowl losses and be a 4 or 5-Time...
  17. Z

    Coming to peace with Eli.

    I guess so. Sorry OP. I don't mean to be rude. It was a nice original post, but I would be more receptive to this if the Giants hadn't been so nasty this past week along with the media plus the Steelers players mocking this loss on twitter in addition to the usual haters coming to gloat and...
  18. Z

    Coming to peace with Eli.

    Those are the people considered "elite" quarterbacks. I'm also curious as to why you wrote this thread on a Patriots board after a Super Bowl loss to this quarterback? Why not take it the Giants message board? I mean this thread is about -Praising Eli. -The loss isn't so bad because it's...
  19. Z

    Coming to peace with Eli.

    Excuses are tools of the incompetent used to build monuments to nothing. For those who specialize in them shall never be good at anything else. It shouldn't matter who you face. Elite quarterbacks should be able to defeat good teams in the regular season and playoffs. That is how they're...
  20. Z

    Is Brady going to be haunted by the last two SBs?

    Kobe does have the arrogance to believe that the Lakers win only because of him, and he is the only one who needs the ball in the final seconds. I doubt he gives much credit to his teammates. That's who he is. He went 2-1 in the NBA Finals with that mentality. What the poster was trying to...