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  1. kurtinelson

    Draft Pick Envy - Miami

    Yes Miami has been terrible for years, but they have an incredible opportunity significantly upgrade their talent in this year's draft with the following picks: Rd1 5 Rd1 18 Rd1 26 Rd2 39 Rd2 56 Rd3 70 Rd4 141 Rd5 153 Rd5 154 Rd5 173 Rd6 185 Rd7 227 Rd7 246 Rd7 246 Rd7 251 Rd7...
  2. kurtinelson

    Thuney vs Mason

    By all accounts Thuney is regarded as our best offensive lineman. Shaq Mason is a very good player but not as good as Thuney and he had a down year last year - likely due to injury, the absence of David Andrews and the fact that Cannon played through illness/injury much of the year. Mason...
  3. kurtinelson

    End of the BB TB Dynasty Appreciation Thread 2001-2019

    18 sustained years of NFL greatness. More than any fan could ever dream of.
  4. kurtinelson

    How concerned are you about O-line depth?

    The AB soap opera will dominate the football discussion for the foreseeable future. To me the more important issue is our lack of depth on the offensive line. I have faith that Karras can do a serviceable job, but an injury to any one of our starters could spell major trouble. If Brady...
  5. kurtinelson

    Rookie Watch

    How are your draft binkies doing so far? Chris Wesseling from 2019 NFL preseason: Each team's most promising rookie(s) Chase Winovich has been an unblockable dervish through two preseason outings, dominating overmatched backup tackles....This was one of the best preseason...
  6. kurtinelson

    Is it too early to start the Chase Winovich DROY talk?

    The answer is yes. But I'll be the first one to dedicate a thread to the idea since I've been wearing rose colored glasses since the Super Bowl.
  7. kurtinelson

    With the 205th pick of the 2019 NFL Draft the NE Patriots Select TE....

    TYREE JACKSON, BUFFALO NFL Draft & Combine Profile - Tyree Jackson | Lock it up. Championship!
  8. kurtinelson


    Top OLB Prospects 2019 NFL Draft |Top Linebacker Prospects 2019 NFL Draft | OLB is not a position that has gotten much focus, but worth considering that there could be a few draft gems out there that can rush the passer and/or do well in coverage. Honestly, I don't have much of a clue as to...
  9. kurtinelson

    Trey Flowers Replacement - Zach Allen

    I'd be ok with Zach Allen at 32. He's being considered one of the easiest projections in the Draft and is being compared to Trey Flowers with respect to his versatility. His ceiling likely won't be perennial prow bowler but I think he's a safe return on the investment of pick number 32. If...
  10. kurtinelson

    Jervontius "Bunchy" Stallings -Best OL Highlights of All Time!

    Albeit High School, this is the greatest interior lineman highlight reel of all time.
  11. kurtinelson

    Good Article: Chasing Ghosts - what its like to face Bil Belichick in the playoffs

    Good article from the Denver Post of all places on game planning and the history of surprise wrinkles in Patriots playoff games. Dead headsets, paranoia, “chasing ghosts”: What it’s like to face Bill Belichick in playoffs – The Denver Post
  12. kurtinelson

    Putting things in proper perspective

    Given the Patriots earned a convincing win over the talented and up and coming Houston Texans through exceptional coaching, which allowed a rookie 3rd string QB to flourish, and which showcased solid play in all three phases of the game, it understandable that we allow are selves to get...
  13. kurtinelson

    CBS Camera Angles are Terrible

    What is with the close up angles of game that CBS uses? Who the hell is in charge over there? Its impossible to see a play develop when they are zoomed in and you can only see a portion of the 22 on the field.
  14. kurtinelson

    Boom!!! In 3AM Saturday Morning Tweet Jerry Rice Falls on His Sword

    The Official Petition to Admonish Jerry Rice for Cheating If you care about about the NFL and preserving the integrity of the game, please view and sign this petition to admonish Jerry Rice for admittedly cheating by using a stick-um substance on his hands/gloves to give him and his team a...
  15. kurtinelson

    Belichick and Brady - Breaking Bad

    My prediction is that in the next 48 hours the next shoe to drop is the ball boy is found dead due to mysterious causes and the NFL find remnants of a suspected meth lab in the bowels of Gillette Stadium
  16. kurtinelson

    Is Brady to Blame?

    Haters are going to hate, but in Brady's defense if you shared a bed with Giselle your balls would be deflated too.... Thank you! I'll be here all week.... Don't forget to tip the waitress... Honestly, the more I think about this, the more silly it is. Lets move on.
  17. kurtinelson

    Any news on the offensive line?

    I haven't been able to find any news on how the O line is performing. Anybody have some news links or training camp observations?
  18. kurtinelson

    Lowered Expectations

    IMO this Pats team is too decimated with injuries to make a legitimate run. My goals for the team for the rest of the season are to: 1. Play competitive games that are fun to watch 2. Don't suffer anymore catastrophic injuries 3. Rookie development - WRs to gel with Brady, continued...
  19. kurtinelson

    The Official Pats vs Jets Post game thread

    Post your knee jerk reactions here. Whooooooooo eeeeeeee!
  20. kurtinelson

    2012 Binkie Update Thread

    How are your binkies from the 2012 Draft doing? Here's an article on local boy Kendal Reyes: Nashua's Reyes gets noticed in his NFL debut | New Hampshire SPORTS0401