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    Bodden and Dowling Out

    Per various twitter feeds, including the Pats, they did not make the trip.
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    OT: ESPN Reporter gives out Steeler trick play details

    Rumor Mill | ProFootballTalk The next time one of the whiny members of the media cry about BB or Shannahan or the others who don't give them access maybe they can look at this as a reason why.
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    Brady has 2nd surgery after infection

    Per Reiss he sufferred an infection following the first. Brady had 2d surgery - The Boston Globe
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    Reiss talks to former NFL people about 2008 Pats

    I apologize if I'm not allowed to interrupt the "I'm a better Pats fan than you are debate" with some actual talk about the team. Early reads on Patriots - The Boston Globe
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    Gasper on Chad Jackson Jackson's ridiculous popularity on this board aside, there is no doubt he is one of the players to watch in camp.
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    Oscar Lua released, Colvin official
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    2001 Patriots - NFL Network Thur at 8

    If Comcast's guide can be trusted, the America's Game on the 2001 Pats is scheduled for Thursday at 8. Brady, Adam, and Lawyer are the player commentators.
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    Alan Greenberg - AWFUL

    More substandard Patriots coverage. Is it so hard for papers to find people who will actually follow the team to cover the team? "With Tedy Bruschi (who turns 32 in June) considering retirement, and Mike Vrabel turning 32 in August, the team could use an infusion of youth at linebacker...
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    FWIW - Borges says Branch has agreement on contract with other team "The sides have been mum for the past week, since the team announced Branch would be given until today at 4 p.m. to work out a trade acceptable to New England at a pay level acceptable to Branch. The...
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    Seymour Expected to Practice Today (merged)

    Seems like there wasn't an injury, just an agreement by both sides that he would be held out until his contract became official.
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    OT:Lord Favre Hadn't Gotten Press in a Week So

    His arrogantness now says that he may play longer than just this upcoming season. You can be sure he will continue to play this card during the season as the calls to move on to the future and Aaron Rodgers become louder.
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    Mills projects as a FB in the NFL

    ESPN Scouts Inc had him as the top FB on the board going into today.
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    LA Daily News - LenDale failed Drug Test I would chalk this up to pre-draft rumors but it has a quite from White that seems to give it validity.
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    Len P with insight on Pats Plan

    Insider article: Not exactly shocking stuff but he did at least talk to a Pats official and get a quote (although anonymous) which is light years ahead of anything the local media has accomplished...
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    Globe on Givens, Willie

    Says 5 years 24 is Titans offer which if true makes me think he will sign with them. Willie to visit Cleveland today.
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    Dolphins Want Brees Badly Have to wonder if this works with professionals. It works wonders for college kids and I'm sure Saban was drawing on that experience. I've got a feeling that a guy who is considering the Saints like...
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    Mort - Top 5 teams give 3 million per year to revenue sharing pool

    Per Mort the top 15 will give $ to a pool that will go to the bottom 17. The top 5 will give 3 mil, the next 5 2 mil, the next 5 1 mil.
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    Talks Break Off - Again

    So says Mort on ESPN. He says that players broke off talks at 6:30 PM.
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    Givens Agent on WEEI

    Highlights (lowlights maybe): No talk with the Pats since last year. Categorizes chances Givens stays with Pats as low. Talked about a guy like Givens who was a low pick, hasn't made big $, and who because of his age really only has 1 shot at a LT contract in his career isn't likely to...