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  1. Adam Seward

    OT: Moving to Portland Maine EDIT: NOT moving

    Portland isnt so bad compared to where I moved from but yeah, its no walk in the park either. Cant believe Im paying 1550 for a 1 bedroom with a yard and home office, and still have to deal with winter.
  2. Adam Seward

    Hurricane Laura looks terrifying

    I saw a convoy of IBEW trucks & heavy equipment heading north thru SC yesterday, I am assuming the damage was considerably less than expected.
  3. Adam Seward

    Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested

    Says the guys with Obama Derangement Syndrome
  4. Adam Seward

    Ghislaine Maxwell Arrested

    Had been growing for nearly a decade prior. The only valid point you could make is China & somewhat Iran. NK has made us look like absolute fools since the meeting. Military readiness across the EU is laughably low, the only modern and functional military is France. We did nothing here.
  5. Adam Seward

    What happens if Aliens show up? Here is your answer

    I personally dont think its an 'if' at this point. I have a close friend who works at a 3 letter in DC, and from a brief conversation, the few publicly released videos of objects maneuvering in ways human created objects are not known to, are just a peek into the archive of these instances...
  6. Adam Seward

    I think I will see the first one term president in my lifetime.

    Why are they crying for government money? Cant they get a better paying job, or some skills that are more valued by the free market? They should pull themselves up and EARN on their OWN. I dont need government money, and neither should they. BOTTOM LINE
  7. Adam Seward

    I think I will see the first one term president in my lifetime.

    Want to know who (mostly) wants to live in rural areas? Farmers who need government handouts :crying:
  8. Adam Seward

    WHO says it is 'carefully monitoring' bubonic plague outbreak

    Its the Clintons releasing this thing to get the heat off them for when Maxwell gets suicided.
  9. Adam Seward

    Kraft auctioning Super Bowl LI ring for charity

    The crown jewel, this one was from the greatest game of all time. I can only imagine what this goes up to.
  10. Adam Seward

    Bill Belichick Releases Statement On The Passing Of Don Shula

    BB: ‘Haters mad for whatever reason.’
  11. Adam Seward

    OT: Don Shula has passed

    Gone Don Shula
  12. Adam Seward

    Focusing On The Weak Link On Defense: DT

    Let the outrage begin :cool:
  13. Adam Seward

    Focusing On The Weak Link On Defense: DT

    I was hoping we would touch on this in the draft. Maybe we go there with a cut vet down the road?
  14. Adam Seward

    DRAFT Pick 159, Patriots Select K Justin Rohrwasser

    Hair trigger reaction from the left, and Dems wonder why moderates walk the other way as the party cannibalizes itself. Ugly and sad showing. I dislike Trump but his detractors can be just as psychotic. Justin Rohrwasser's Marshall teammates defend Patriots’ kicker, ‘He’s not a racist. Not...
  15. Adam Seward

    Jeff Thomas

    Really fast, was running a lot of routes at the U?
  16. Adam Seward

    The 2020 Offense

    Without Tom, I expect it to be a long ole troublesome road - a lot of getting up to speed without the GOAT taking snaps, this wasnt going to change no matter how the draft worked itself out. ====================== The OL & RB situation should be pretty solid, a healthy Develin was missed...
  17. Adam Seward

    DRAFT Pick 159, Patriots Select K Justin Rohrwasser

    I’m sure there is a tattoo artist that could transform it into something less controversial.
  18. Adam Seward

    DRAFT Pick 159, Patriots Select K Justin Rohrwasser

    Are they linked to some white power nonsense or are they just really worried someone is going to decide to begin seizing all of the 400M registered guns in the country? Be a right wing nut job, that’s your politics. Hope he isn’t racist, also stay away from jersey #14 or #88
  19. Adam Seward

    DRAFT DAY DISCUSSION Official Draft Day LIVE Discussion Thread - Day 3

    He was also screaming to draft 2 rookie QBs to develop behind Stidham. I think brain damage occurred when he fell out of his tractor, or maybe he didn’t have a mask on and got a compromising dose of DuPont chems from the crop duster. Pats sign QB Brian Hoyer, LB Brandon Copeland
  20. Adam Seward

    O/T: Sorry I Haven't Posted In Awhile

    Love you man, rest up and GO PATS.