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Sep 12th

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  1. Jlaff

    What should the punishment be for the Eagles?

    We all saw the Sunday Night Football tank job from Pedersen: Doug Pederson on QB change: "I was coaching to win" - ProFootballTalk What do you all think the punishment should be? Simply moving them back to 9th in draft order (by all accounts the loss moved them up to 6th) isn't enough. I think...
  2. Jlaff

    Another Silver Lining on Loss (Ravens still out!)

    Was just watching SNF and I saw the Miami win keeps Baltimore out of the playoffs for now (Miami wins the tie breaker). Maybe I'm too young to know better, but I hate the Ravens far more than the Phins. Was very happy to see that. Also means that loss to the Pats still stings for the Ravens...
  3. Jlaff

    OT: First Look at Tompa Bay in Action (Madden week 1 simulation)

    Thought this might help others ease into it before reality hits. Character models looking much better than I expected. Spoiler, Madden has the Bucs wining handily on the road week 1: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New Orleans Saints 'Madden 20' simulation | Week 1 preview
  4. Jlaff

    We get this every year, and it's good.

    I'm going to start a thread after the loss because why the hell not. Everyone else always does, and I hardly start threads. I was thinking back on something I think @PatsFanInVa said in the GD thread to the effect of "we'll never dominate you, but we'll usually beat you". At the end of the day...
  5. Jlaff

    Titans displaying Jet level stupidity with season ticket holders

    Or what some may call Kraft level fan appreciation:p (I know that comment is going to raise the ire of some posters, so just take it as a joke). Not much more to say other than that the Titans invited season ticket holders out to a "movie night" at the stadium, then proceeded to drench them all...
  6. Jlaff

    Integrity = Disclosing Referee Game Grades

    I think we're at the point where referee grades need to be disclosed. These things need to be analyzed, and playoff assignments (and others) can be referenced to the grading. At the very least we can know whether refs are being improperly and explicitly influenced by "good grades" following...
  7. Jlaff

    Irvin thinks Colts should sit luck to protect team's fragile ego

    Irvin: Colts should sit Andrew Luck against Patriots - I realize it's best not to get too confident, but I just found this hilarious. More or less, Irvin doesn't even think the Colts should bother trying, rather, they should "roll" with Hasselbeck and the built-in excuse that comes with...
  8. Jlaff

    Another reason for hope that Brady will remain sharp for years to come...

    Interesting article on another component of Brady's prep work I was unaware of... NFL notes: Heady play by Tom Brady - brain training helps Pats star stay sharp | Boston Herald Maybe he really will play till he's 45!
  9. Jlaff

    Bagpipe song they always play on SNF when Pats play?

    Anyone know which bagpipe song that is? They always seem to play that song with a close up on Brady before commercial. I'm assuming it's Irish with the Brady/Boston connection. I'm in Canada (with an Irish last name), but I haven't heard that song much up here, I'm hoping that song might be...
  10. Jlaff

    Boston College/University of Boston law

    I just wanted to get the general perception from those in the Boston area on the reputation of both Boston College, and The University of Boston's law schools. I'm a Canadian Pats fan and I'm thinking of attending these schools mainly to move to the Boston area and watch my favorite team. I...