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Sep 12th

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  1. J

    Overlooked: Edelman punt muff

    With 2 weeks of SB analysis, I wanted to bring this up. Can't take any more analysis for tomorrow. Notice a few things: 1) KC players picked up ball and ran into the EZ 2) Referee followed KC into the EZ and signaled TD 3) Announcer (A TEAM) screams "Takingi it into the EZ, TD" So for a...
  2. J

    Hernandez "Smokes more weed than anybody"

    Teams had concerns about Aaron Hernandez in 2010 draft | Daily World | Funny how this all comes out but I had no idea he was ever a character risk. I also find it funny that people make a big deal about something that will be legal in 50 states within the next decade. But...
  3. J

    i think its the way we lose, not that we lost has us frustrated...

    Shocking Trend: Leading at half....then losing From 2002-2008, the Patriots won 66 games when leading at half and only lost 1. Out of the two big winning streaks, the absence of consecutive losses for so many years, the home winning streak (current), consecutive games scoring 30 (current and...
  4. J

    GridIron Grunts: Aaron Hernandez | Wes Welker

    Has anyone been following Hernandez and Welker on GridIron Grunts? This is kind of like verbal twitter and Welker is pretty damn funny. He "grunted" about going to Pilates classes with 40 year old women. Hernandez talks about going to Brown's spring game, where his brother is the QB coach I...
  5. J

    Michelle Beadle (Cowherd's show) fact about BB?

    On this SportsNation show that is on ESPN2 and on the radio, Michelle Beadle just reported that Rex Ryan went out to the practice field today with a shovel and buried the game ball from the Pats game to symbolize the team putting the loss behind them. There was some shallow discussion (and...
  6. J

    Does Brady miss a game in Dec around the 14th?

    According to Mike&Mike this morning, Giselle is due mid Dec. If the baby is born Tuesday through Fri - I say he plays. If the baby is born Sat, Sun or Giselle goes into labor on Sunday for a Monday birth, he misses the game to be with her. The reasoning behind this is that you know she...
  7. J

    Carbrera rumors back in 04?

    What is up with WEEI always insinuating that there are nasty rumors about why the Sox did not resign Cabrera after the WS in 2004? They talked about it Sunday and said it was "not appropriate for the radio". Details? Links?
  8. J

    Samuel v. Fitzgerald - for all you haters out there

    So Asante left town with the "get paid" tatoo. He was a product of he system. He would sit back in the soft cover 2 that Peas would run out there and then have the luxury to bite underneath for the easy picks with the safety help over the top. Of course he had way too many PI penalties -...
  9. J

    OT: The strategy behind the clock-killing spike

    This pet peeve was seeded earlier in the season but was again played out yesterday in the SD/INDY game. My contention is simple: you never spike unless you will run out of clock before you run out of downs. In the final SD drive to tie the game, Rivers spiked with about a minute left on...
  10. J

    Thank you Rodney - it was a good ride

    Well the replay looked pretty bad- I had to turn away the second time they played it. Its a shame he was even on the field with such a big lead but we all know BB never takes the foot off the gas. 3 pretty bad injuries in the last 5 yrs.... Last game as a Patriot, huh?
  11. J

    Patriots Ranked #17 by CBS Sportsline (Pete Prisco) Pete Prisco: What a clown. The super bowl QB last year threw for basically a 1:1 TD/INT ratio during the season (23/20). Big Ben threw 17 TDs the year he won the super bowl. To assume that a good team in the league needs a Pro-Bowl QB is just stupid...
  12. J

    Mask Patriotism For Free Tix?

    Serious question folks since its a slow down period (relatively speaking) and the hottest thread right now is a damn Brady v Manning rehash. I live/work here in San Francisco and my office's secretary is the cousin of a prominent 49er defensive player. She is willing to bring me to the...
  13. J

    what are the other high traffic RS boards?

    Which ones do you visit?
  14. J

    Manning, Favre, Brady & God

    > Three quarterbacks, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, > and Tom Brady, go to > heaven > to visit God and watch the Celtics play a game. > God decides who will > sit > next to him by asking the boys a question... > > God asks Peyton Manning first: "What do you > believe?" Peyton thinks...
  15. J

    Reverse Logic: Playoffs - Hardest > Easiest??

    The premise: the 2nd, 3rd, 4th best teams in the league were Colts, Cowboys, Packers - Patriots played none. Jacksonville in the 1st game represented the biggest challenge for the Patriots because of match ups. They jumped out early. Had a tie at half. Duel running back threat could have worn...
  16. J

    Next Win is Brady's 100th?

    I remember reading that Brady had either 81 or 82 wins going into this season so I figure that this next one could be the big 100. He should also be just at about 80% winning percentage. The only question now is how much Manning extends Favre's current record and how long it will take Tommy will...
  17. J

    Teddy Bru on ESPN Thur Night

    Had a nice 5 minute phone interview during the 2nd quarter of the Oregon/Arizona game on ESPN. Talked a little bit about playing at 'Zona - camera focused on Bruschi name at stadium 92-96(?)- said he is not able to watch them a lot. Got interesting when they asked him about the Patriots becoming...
  18. J

    Old Friend Adam Jim Kelly in the background is hilarious.
  19. J

    I don't understand the end of this game

    With 2 minutes left, this game was clearly over. 10 point lead. Right after the 2 minute warning, Brady throws for Watson in the endzone. We get that defensive penalty. Then it looks like instead of kneeling they are going to get Eckle some work, which is fine. Romeo feels threatened; starts...
  20. J

    20 Games Review: The Class of 2006

    1 21(21) Laurence Maroney RB MINNESOTA has the ability to become the best RB in this class of 06 but has a way to go. Saint, Colts, Jaguars and even Titans would all prop up their candidate in against Maroney. Can he handle a 300 carry 1400 yard season physically? This team will allow him to...