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Sep 12th

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  1. bresna

    Ja'Wuan James might lose $10 million because he listened to the player's union

    Sounds like Ja'Wuan James should have had someone drive him to the Broncos training facility and then gotten out of the car and fallen down in the parking lot. As long as the injury "happens" at the facility, he's covered, right?
  2. bresna

    Patriots cut Edelman(Update- EDELMAN RETIRES)

    And one of those tackles was pretty memorable for Jeremy Lane:
  3. bresna

    2021 NFL Free Agency/Trade News & Discussion: March Edition

    I am so sick of these stupid posts. Look here: Tom Brady Contract Details, Salary Cap Charges, Bonus Money, and Contract History | Over The Cap Brady was NOT UNDERPAID. And again - in 2010, Tom Brady was the highest paid player in the NFL. Lastly, just to show you how stupid this is, look at...
  4. bresna

    Path cleared for Jimmy's return? [SF trades for #3 pick]

    Not that simple. For #6, they traded the #12 pick and their own first rounder from next year (2022). They also agreed to flip 5th round slots this year. Decent work by Miami if you ask me.
  5. bresna

    James White re-signing with Patriots

    Last year was a tough one for James White so I am not at all surprised his numbers were down. Between Covid and his parents' car crash resulting in the death of his father and severe injuries to his mother, I'm surprised he played as much as he did. After that car accident, his mind was probably...
  6. bresna

    James White re-signing with Patriots

    When I first saw "James White resigning with Patriots", my first thought was, "Damn, he's leaving" (resigning). Then I realized that dash was missing. :)
  7. bresna

    Player Signing David Andrews is back!!

    But... but... but only Brady did that! Say it isn't so. You mean players actually take less money to play for the big, bad meanie Bill Belichick? :)
  8. bresna

    Player Signing Patriots Sign DT Adams

    So does this plus the KVN deal push the Patriots to the "Most money spent on free agency ever"? :)
  9. bresna

    Patrick Chung has retired

    For those with cap queries Part 2:
  10. bresna

    2021 NFL Free Agency/Trade News & Discussion: March Edition

    Today is Sanders' 34th birthday and he is a long way from his peak season. It's not 2014 any more.
  11. bresna

    Thuney To Chiefs

    Since when don't players need to agree on a restructured contract?
  12. bresna

    J.J. Watt signing with Cardinals

    It's the Tom Brady effect. Now every team thinks they can sign an aging superstar and win a Super Bowl. :)
  13. bresna

    OT: Back Specialist needed.. Anyone know the name of the guy who worked on Gronk?

    I know 3 people who had back surgery to repair a bad disc. Only one of them came out pain free. The other two are still in constant pain. As others have recommended, exhaust all non-surgical options before you get the surgery. I used to work with a guy who swore by an inversion rig. He'd lay...
  14. bresna

    OT: Russell Wilson & Seahawks relationship deteriorating

    Quoting myself to say... I did not realize that Wilson was that old! :) Spending $27 Million for a 35 year old Russell Wilson might not work like it did with a 35-year old Tom Brady. Not every QB can be like TB12.
  15. bresna

    OT: Russell Wilson & Seahawks relationship deteriorating

    According to, trading him with a post-June1 designation would result in 3 years of dead money at $13 Million per year: Year Age Base Salary Prorated bonus Roster bonus Guaranteed Salary Cap # Cap % Dead money Cap savings 2021 33...
  16. bresna

    Adam Humphrey anyone?

    Didn't the league change the rules for cutting someone who is injured? How does that affect this situation?
  17. bresna

    OT: Russell Wilson & Seahawks relationship deteriorating

    Actually, if they trade him with a post-June 1 designation, his cap hits (3 years at $13 Million/year) aren't that bad.