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Sep 12th

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2021/2022 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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  1. Brick27

    Bill Belichick to be featured in new VICE series Dark Side of Football

    She’s made quite a career out of race claims and baseless accusations, so this would be nothing new. She’s certainly not kept around to provide any meaningful insights as far as X’s and O’s for any sport. Not like she ever has.
  2. Brick27

    Bill Belichick to be featured in new VICE series Dark Side of Football

    Will there be an episode that focuses exclusively on Goodell?
  3. Brick27

    2021 Schedule Notes & Record Predictions

    What about fairness for draft order in any given year?
  4. Brick27

    JMac sleeps with the fishes...

    Nice take: Appreciate his contributions and he’s a great man. That play against the Rams was absolutely critical and one of the biggest Super Bowl plays in recent memory. Great add to the team and was worthwhile Current take: He fell off last season and don’t feel this a difficult replacement...
  5. Brick27

    Patriots sign their first undrafted free agent

    Yeah everyone on the board was raving about all these guys before the draft.
  6. Brick27

    3 Months To Upgrade Bottom Of Roster

    Just out of curiosity, where/what picks involved in the draft and who would you have picked over say Jones and Barmore?
  7. Brick27

    3 Months To Upgrade Bottom Of Roster

    4th and 5th WR is basically the 6th-7th or 7th-8th receiving option from their deck of cards given Henry, Smith and White. They can make do as is. Can see them adding someone with wheels for camp to compete as more of an outside guy though.
  8. Brick27

    OT: Did BB Tie the Knot?

    Bill: Yeah.. that happened. Nice little ceremony. *smacks lips* Family. Friends. Good food. *smacks lips* Was a good time. Reporter: Were there any bacon wrapped hors d’oeuvres served ahead of the reception dinner? Bill: Look, I’m not here to talk about what happened with appetizers. I don’t...
  9. Brick27

    Number of 2021 Mac Jones Starts

    It’s 3rd and 10 down by 7 in the 4th. Cam sees nothing open from his perspective, only to dart towards the right sideline trying to pick up yards, being met by a violent collision from CJ Mosley. Jones comes in and the rest is history.
  10. Brick27

    Still No # 1WR

    Can’t tell if this was intended as a semi-clever troll job with the way OP dropped this absolute stinker and then seemingly ran for the hills, never to return.
  11. Brick27

    Signing UFA's

    They could probably benefit from a more solidified 8th OL, sure. This would be a guy who’s potentially expected to be the 3rd C and 4th or 5th G option depending on circumstance. They seemed to be dabbling with the idea of a more C specific option in Woodard but it didn’t work out. Maybe they’ll...
  12. Brick27

    Signing UFA's

    Yeah expect also that they’ll throw another guy or two in the mix. Cheers to hoping Sherman can have the showings of someone who can fill that spot. What I don’t see is having 2 additional IOL on the active roster past Onwenu, Andrews, Mason and Karras. One more on the active roster, with...
  13. Brick27

    Signing UFA's

    OL: Karras is a great piece as the 4th IOL and Herron seemed solid enough last year to feel comfortable about as a backup tackle. Throw in the versatility elsewhere to move pieces like Onwenu around and it’s shaping up nicely. Can see them throwing in another guy to compete following upcoming...
  14. Brick27

    Still No # 1WR

    So you don’t feel Agholor is a deep threat when he very much can be..yet then you suggest Edelman was heavily tied to that role?
  15. Brick27

    Proud dude today

    Great work, coach! Has to be surreal. Can’t say I’ve ever coached any, as I haven’t coached football, but have played with or against multiple guys during the high school or college level who entered the NFL. Each had that “you know they’re special” vibe.
  16. Brick27

    2021 UDFA Signings Thread

    Might have already seen these, but for those keeping score at home.. Borregales - Bucs Hocker - Seahawks Carter - Titans
  17. Brick27

    2021 UDFA Signings Thread

    Bill must be having a tech issue or something with the communication lines. Steelers, Colts, Jets and Ravens should be investigated immediately.
  18. Brick27

    2021 UDFA Signings Thread

    *Pats staff enter room in single file with cake and balloons* Ernie: Hold the MFing cake, we still have work to do!
  19. Brick27

    2021 UDFA Signings Thread

    Wouldn’t mind throwing a dart or two on Cade Johnson, Shakur Brown or Dylan Moses Edit: So much for that.. Johnson to the Seahawks, Browns to the Steelers, and Moses to the Jags.