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Sep 12th

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  1. Boomer B

    Matt Light Was Almost A JETE

    Interesting story from Scott Pioli on NFL Network this morning. They were discussing how teams need to keep their cards close to their vest and he gave some great insight into the draft. in 2001 they wanted Matt Light and wanted to take him at pick 50. At about pick 45 or so Pioli gave Light a...
  2. Boomer B

    Rank ‘Em: Top 10 Comic Book Movies

    The Snyder Cut has been released and it’s fantastic. Time to re-rank the best comic book movies. My top 10: 1. Batman Begins 2. The Dark Knight 3. Spider-Man 2 4. Joker 5. The Avengers 6. Zack Snyder’s Justice League 7. Captain America: Winter Soldier 8. Sin City 9. Logan 10. Spider-Man, V for...
  3. Boomer B

    Belichick On Vacation During Senior Bowl What happened to No Days Off? Bill is with Linda and the dog in the Caribbean instead of attending the Senior Bowl. Not a great look in my opinion. This is a very important...
  4. Boomer B

    The Boys (Prime TV Show)

    Finished the first 2 seasons of The Boys. Pretty damn good show. It’s about a shady corporation who hires out super heroes to cities. The focus of the show is on the Seven, which are their 7 most famous superhero’s who are headquartered in New York. These are not your regular heroes though, to...
  5. Boomer B

    Streak of 17 Straight Years With 10+ Wins Is Over

    Remarkable NFL record that will be very tough to break ended with our loss last night. 10 or more wins for 17 straight years. Kudos to Brady, Bill, the Krafts, and all the players & coaches who gave us so many great seasons over an extended period of time.
  6. Boomer B

    The Biggest Reason We Are Starting A Rebuild

    The biggest reason we are beginning a rebuild is the first picks we drafted from 2014 to now. 2014 - Dominic Easley (1st round): bust 2015 - Malcom Brown (1st round): below average 2016 - Cyrus Jones (2nd round): bust 2017 - Derek Rivers (3rd round): bust 2018 - Isiah Wynn (1st round): average...
  7. Boomer B

    RIP Eddie Van Halen

    I thought I’d post this on the main board and the MODs can move it to the Pub when they see fit. RIP Eddie Van Halen who died this morning of cancer in L.A. One of the great musicians in rock n roll and who’s style was often copied but never duplicated.
  8. Boomer B

    Tom E Curran Podcast - Very Interesting Discussion With Dynasty Author If you got an hour I recommend giving this a listen. Curran, Michael Holley, and the author of the new Dynasty book, Jeff Benedict, discuss the Pats and the dynamic between Kraft, Brady, and Belichick. Benedict had in person interviews with Kraft and Brady...
  9. Boomer B

    Brady Fighting Back: Calls Out Colts For Fake Crowd Noise

    Great to see Brady openly talk about the fraud Colts and how they were piping in fake crowd noise. I guess one of the benefits of not being under Belichick is he can tell the truth how the Colts cheated. Tom Brady Throws Shade At Colts When Asked About Fake Crowd Noise At Buccaneers Practice...
  10. Boomer B

    Patriots Rumoured Landing Spot For Andy Dalton

    Colts, Patriots named as potential landing spots for Andy Dalton - ProFootballTalk
  11. Boomer B

    PFT...Brady to the Dolphins Rumors Gaining Steam

    Tom Brady to Miami rumors keep gaining steam Play a few years and then slide into part ownership.
  12. Boomer B

    Thank You Mr. Kraft - New England Patriots nearly became the St. Louis Stallions

    From pft New England Patriots nearly became the St. Louis Stallions “James Orthwein, a St. Louis native, bought the Patriots from Victor Kiam in 1992 with the intent of moving the team to St. Louis, where the Patriots would have become the Stallions. As illustrated by the attached photo, the...
  13. Boomer B

    At The Movies

    Discuss the latest movies we’ve watched. Saw Once Upon A Time In Hollywood last night. Absolutely loved it. Drags a little in the first 2 acts but the final act may be the best of Tarantino’s career. DiCaprio and Pitt are at the top of their game. Both of them should be in serious contention...
  14. Boomer B

    NFL 100 Greatest - Which Pats Will Make The List?

    This fall the NFL Network will have a 6 part series on the top 100 players and top 10 coaches ever. Bill Belichick is one of the co-hosts. What Patriots will make the list? These are the very best of the best so it will be a tough list to crack. My thoughts Guaranteed Brady Belichick...
  15. Boomer B

    Edelman’s Contract

    I was listening to OMF yesterday and they were discussing the Patriots WR position. The offer to Humphries came up and it led to a discussion on how underpaid Edelman is going into this year. This is the last year of his contract and he is due approximately $4m. Fauria figured Edelman’s agent...
  16. Boomer B

    Hightower in the Super Bowl

    I've been watching lots of play breakdowns and D. Hightower had an amazing game. We all know he's a great downhill LB who can make big plays getting to the QB or stopping the run, but this game they had Hightower dropping back in zone coverage more then he usually does and he was great. Take a...
  17. Boomer B

    Unsung Hero: Ryan Allen

    The D, Edelman, etc...will get a lot of the spotlight right now (and rightfully so) but how about Ryan Allen consistently dropping punts well inside the 20. Winning the field position battle was a big key to this win. Great job Ryan Allen!
  18. Boomer B


    You are one tough SOB
  19. Boomer B

    Let’s Enjoy It While We Can

    Reading a few different threads and reports about changes we’ll see in the coming years got me thinking, instead of over analyzing our flaws and gripping about only sitting at 10 - 5 (imagine saying that in the 80’s or 90’s), I should sit back and enjoy this while I can. I’m in Vancouver. I...
  20. Boomer B

    Tom Brady Planning Summer Passing Camp With Teammates

    Tom Brady planning summer passing camp with teammates Let's all get off the ledge. Brady wouldn't be contemplating retirement if he has a passing camp planned. TB12 will be throwing passes for the Pats in 2018.