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Sep 12th

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2021/2022 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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  1. J

    BGC 2022 WR/PTP Thread

    Love the early work, looks like yet ANOTHER good WR class My favorites are Pickens, Ross, Romney, Dotson, and Metchie
  2. J

    NFL Draft 2021 Team Grades

    Love what CAR did, but absolutely see the disappointment at QB Curious why you don't like Wilson, I don't either
  3. J

    2022 Mock Drafts

    Never too early 1) WR George Pickens, UGA 2) OT Cade Mays, Tennessee 3) CB Chase Lucas, ASU 4) FS Nolan Turner, Clemson 5) TE Grant Calcaterra, SMU
  4. J

    2022 Draft Prospects

    Never too early QB Bo Nix, Auburn QB McKenzie Milton, FSU RB DJ Williams, Auburn RB Isaih Pacheco, RU RB Mateo Durant, Duke WR George Pickens, UGA WR Gunner Romney, BYU WR Justyn Ross, Clemson WR Aron Cruickshank, RU WR Jahan Dotson, PSU TE Grant Calcaterra, SMU TE Braden Galloway, Clemson TE...
  5. J

    2021 UDFA Signings Thread NE's roster is too loaded to attract UDFAs, but I would have LOVED Marvin Wilson, Tamarrion Terry, Dylan Moses, Zach Von Rosenberg, Javian Hawkins, Tommy Kraemer, and Mark Gilbert
  6. J

    NEW ARTICLE: Which Players Did the Patriots Draft? Some Thoughts On All the 2021 Selections

    How do we feel about NE's class as a whole and each pick individually? I think Day 3 could have gone better, but between Day 1 and Day 2 I am happy
  7. J

    2021 NFL Immediate Re-Drafts

    Who would you have rather picked with NE's picks that they used? I'll share my meaningless re-draft now 15) Mac Jones, QB, Alabama 38) Assante Samuel Jr., CB, FSU 96) Amon-ra St. Brown, WR, USC 120) Tyler Shelvin, DT, LSU 177) Shemar Jean-Charles, CB, App. State 188) Tarron Jackson, DE, CCU...
  8. J

    NFL Draft 2021 Team Grades

    How do we feel about the immediate grades around the league? CAR, CLE, DEN, JAX, KC, LAC, and NYJ stood out to me
  9. J

    Next year's draft (2022)

    Yet ANOTHER good WR class?
  10. J

    Semi-serious question: With Schiano back (at Rutgers), are we drafting Rutgers guys again?

    Yup, wait for his first class to be draft eligible and wouldn't be surprised at all RU has bright days ahead
  11. J

    Semi-serious question: With Schiano back (at Rutgers), are we drafting Rutgers guys again?

    Just finished his first year of an 8 year deal results look promising
  12. J

    Oddly enamored with Kyle Trask

    Wouldn't be excited either But outside of Fields/Lance, he is who I'd be eying on Day 2/3
  13. J

    BGC 2021 QB/PTP Thread

    Corral is super interesting, he's my Heisman pick rattler I like a ton as well
  14. J

    BGC 2021 QB/PTP Thread

    I've been following him Curious of his NFL future, awesome in college
  15. J

    Let's Mock Draft Together by Board Consensus

    Prefer Hudson personally, wonder if NE is interested
  16. J

    Who will be our 2nd round DB draft selection in 2021

    Of the names you listed Samuel is the biggest baller CB1 ceiling with him
  17. J

    2021 Draft Binkie Thread

    Moore will be a star
  18. J

    Oddly enamored with Kyle Trask

    Unfortunately right, Trask another option in the 3-4
  19. J

    BGC 2021 WR/PTP Thread

    Where's Meyers?
  20. J

    2021 Mock Drafts

    Personally don't view this as a good S class, my favorites are all apparently Day 3 guys