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2021/2022 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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  1. One-If-By-Sea

    Will Sony make this team?

    Your argument, that you have repeated ad nauseum, fails to address the fact that the Pats in 2018 wanted a RB who could start immediately to help with a Super Bowl run. Yes, BB drafts in the middle rounds or UDFA, and then sits the RB for most of their rookie year. In the case of Sony, BB chose...
  2. One-If-By-Sea

    Patriots 2021 schedule is dope

    It is a 17 game season. Did you mean 20-0?
  3. One-If-By-Sea

    DRAFT Rhamondre Stevenson

    I had no idea who Stevenson was and commonly look at college highlights and come away unimpressed. Stevenson's tape is very impressive due to his vision, patient and power. Vision and patience in a college running back are rare in my opinion, and his anticipation due to his amazing vision is fun...
  4. One-If-By-Sea

    Roster Decisions

    From his college tapes he seems to have lots of 'tude running and blocking.
  5. One-If-By-Sea

    JMac sleeps with the fishes...

    Yes so much churn. Cutting guys 1 or 2 years into their contracts - bad look. Future player FAs will not trust the organization.
  6. One-If-By-Sea

    Taking Christian Barmore was a gamble.

    Can't have everything Captain. As you note, run stuffing is not Barmore's strong suit so let's hope he contributes well collapsing the pocket. That would be a big help. Maybe not the biggest help, but I am satisfied with an improvement.
  7. One-If-By-Sea

    Taking Christian Barmore was a gamble.

    We can hope. Pushing the pocket on passing downs would change A LOT.
  8. One-If-By-Sea

    DRAFT Welcome Mac Jones

    I believe Brady's hand measurements were done at the combine which means they were confirmed independently and are very reliable. An image of Brady's combine page was provided earlier.
  9. One-If-By-Sea

    GM LOUNGE :: part 3

    Agreed. Gilmore way before some #1 WR fantasy move.
  10. One-If-By-Sea

    The Defensive Front

    Can you imagine how good the secondary would be if the Pats can teach Barmore and Godeaux/Guy/Wise to collapse the pocket? And we had two edge rushers to hurry the pass? We would win a lot of games.
  11. One-If-By-Sea

    The Defensive Front

    Whatever it takes to stop the run. I get frustrated when there is 150+ yards rushing against us. The opposing team running it down our throats and Cam scaring worms ruins the fun of my Sunday beer celebration. Not sure what the base mix will be, but I am sure with BB's moves this offseason he is...
  12. One-If-By-Sea

    The Defensive Front

    Very big guy, 3rd round pick of the Ravens, 29 years old, and has a lot of talent but has never put it all together. At 29 he is running out of options. He played well for a few games, but the concussions for a DT makes me wonder if the Pats will ever depend on him. End of the roster guy I...
  13. One-If-By-Sea

    2021 NFL Free Agency/Trade News & Discussion: April Edition

    Thanks. I am drawing a blank. Who is Williams as a third outside receiver? Zuber?
  14. One-If-By-Sea

    Pats pick up Wynn's option

    OK. My mistake. I should have realized that different positions have different $ amounts. But the idea is the same - $18M for a starting QB is still cheap compared to someone like Dak's contract of $40M a year.
  15. One-If-By-Sea

    Pats pick up Wynn's option

    Agreed. That is why you draft the higher paid positions in the 1st round so the 5th year option is a bargain. Hopefully Jones is a 5th year option in 2025 for about $10M as well.
  16. One-If-By-Sea

    5th y option deadline + poll [update : WYNN yes . SONY no]

    We have tried the "great talent " but often injured route. I think BB should stick to his own advice that "availability is the best ability". Having said that Wynn's injuries are never serious or long term like Vander Esch so I would try to sign him or pick up the 5th year.
  17. One-If-By-Sea

    Number of 2021 Mac Jones Starts

    I say 19 -1 is a bit pessimistic. I am expecting 20 - 0 and a Super Bowl victory.
  18. One-If-By-Sea

    DRAFT Rhamondre Stevenson

    If you expect it you will be disappointed, and then you might start a "We still don't have a #1 WR" thread and the vast majority of posters will roll their eyes. Limit expectations in life to stay happy and healthy. :D
  19. One-If-By-Sea

    DRAFT Rhamondre Stevenson

    This is a common thread throughout PatsFans (we don't have a #1 WR over and over), and it hardly ever happens. We had Moss and AB, neither ended up great. Edelman and Welker are great but not big time talents. BB much prefers a big time TE, but posters always want a big time WR. Winning 6 Super...
  20. One-If-By-Sea

    2021 UDFA Signings Thread

    I agree. I think the Pats did not draft a JE11 replacement because of Gunner + Bourne and Myers.