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  1. pazrul72

    Alamo's Predict The Score Alamo’s Predict The Score Contest Week 2: NE at SEA

    If the pats play their kind of game, low possession ball control, take what the defense gives, run it down their throats then I have faith the secondary is good enough to get a pick or two and make them kick FG‘s instead of TD’s. Any other sort of game I think the Seahawks win handily. Pats 20...
  2. pazrul72

    What counts as "success" this year

    I voted .500 or better and Stidham shows promise but I would revise that to the TEAM shows promise. As long as they play hard, take coaching, continue to be the smartest franchise in the league I can handle a down year because that’s entertaining too. Honestly one of my favorite teams was 2008...
  3. pazrul72

    Poll... What made Brady the best QB?

    Tough to only choose 3 as Brady had all of those and I think at one time or another each of them put him over the top. I voted for consistency, film work, and leadership with intelligence and clutch getting strong Honorable mentions and being the tough not to vote for options. To me the most...
  4. pazrul72

    Coronavirus RESPECTFUL Discussion Only! (Mod edit: Closed)

    What’s blowing my mind is how fast this went from it’s like the flu, wash your hands, cover your mouth when coughing, and be extra careful around the elderly/immune system compromised to schools are closing for weeks, maybe a month in a 24 hour time span. I got the notice from my sons school...
  5. pazrul72

    Thread for Ian

    It was David Patton at the point where he was like Dorsett just good enough you should keep him as a 4/5 cuz he might make that one crucial vet catch but only a 4/5 and you really hoped you could upgrade him. The board was split almost exactly 50/50 between this is David freaking Patton look at...
  6. pazrul72

    Frank Clark: Patriots Dynasty Dead...Chiefs "New Dynasty"

    Ok that’s not nearly as bad as the headline which, shame on me, is the only thing I read. That’s more like nah we are the chiefs not the patriots which is a fine view point to have. Could have done without the we took care of them earlier in the year when that game was SO poorly refed I can’t...
  7. pazrul72

    Frank Clark: Patriots Dynasty Dead...Chiefs "New Dynasty"

    My only problem with this is why bring the Patriots up at all? It's not like it was the chiefs that ended our season. I mean maybe if they had come to foxboro and knocked us out then I could see that being an outlier in 20 years of domination but it felt more like 2009 (just an off year with an...
  8. pazrul72

    JoeJuan Williams arrested (drugs)

    Faulk would have been the 3rd down back protecting Brady against KC in 08 when he got his knee destroyed if he wasn’t serving a one game suspension for smoking a joint. Faulk was FAR better at pass pro then...umm back up guy more of a runner....Sammy Morris! Whew yay stupid memory bank that...
  9. pazrul72

    Super Bowl Matchup You'd Like to See

    Titans is number one for me for one very simple reason. Its alot easier to take losing to the eventual Super Bowl Champions then some scrub wild card team that barely made the dance. Though I have to give credit where it's due and what they did to the Ravens already elevates them above some...
  10. pazrul72

    Team Draft Assessment Challenge for the Decade

    I was just thinking what team almost never signs big money free agents and has been competitive for most of the decade. also hadn't seen anyone else say it so in the interest of being different I made a shot in the dark.
  11. pazrul72

    Alamo's Predict The Score Predict the Score Contest, Week 16 BUF @ NE

    Going to be some weird scores, like a safety or a blocked punt return when neither offense shows up. Pats 19 Bills 11
  12. pazrul72

    All time QB rankings by Chris Simms

    the fact that Unitas isn't on the list at all makes the whole damn thing invalid. Your top 4 have to be in some order Brady, Montana, Unitas, and Staubach. After that you have a much more debatable tier of Manning, Brees, Elway, Marino etc.
  13. pazrul72

    Jets Suck -- 2019 Edition (Official): Entering A New Half-Century of Moronic Mediocrity!

    Pats 10-2, Jets planning for the draft. Pats 6 SBs, Jets 1 massively overhyped lucky ass win 50 years ago. Pitchers and catchers report in 6 weeks. Just sayin’