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    A Note to Bob Kraft

    Well Bob, I hope you are happy. Did Jerry put you on the christmas list yet? Didn't think so. For a guy that talk about his "Patriots family," and "our great fans," you certainly do not show any signs of actually giving a damn. Remember that time you told Tom you had his back, then backed the...
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    OT: A true conundrum

    T-Mobile just gave me a free one year subscription for glossy toilet paper (ESPN Mag) through their t mobile Tuesday thing. Wish I could pay the difference on the 50 dollar gift card. I don't even want to jump on social media and see if anyone wants it, as I'm sure it's tied to a...
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    OT: "Giselle makes final walk at Olympic Opening Ceremonies"

    "Giselle makes final walk at Olympic Opening Ceremonies" Watching the Olympic Games opening Ceremonies now. Giselle just took her "final walk," (according to announcers) no wonder T F'in B was so fired up today. He's stuck at camp while his wife is the opening act of THE GOD DAMN OLYMPIC GAMES...
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    Thursday Night Football: The Pacifier Bowl

    Our weekly sloppy, boring game is guaranteed to live up to expectations. The Flacco Smith connection is all that thr Baltimore offense has going for it. In Pittsburgh, well, Mike Vick. You know, the guy that couldn't bothered to be prepared when GeNo went down last year. Pair that with a short...
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    Sign ideas for tomorrow night

    So, as the title says, I think a quick brainstorm of sign ideas for tomorrow could be entertaining. The North Remembers Fire Goodell, Restore Integrity Pics of Pash Kensil and Roger under the heading "The 3 Stooges" "$5 million" under the pics Tampering and stealing best cb in game...$100k...
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    OT: NFL NETWORK down for all of MA

    Just for off the phone with charter, apparently a fiber was cut, and all of MA is has been without NFLnetwork since 720. No idea how long it'll take to be fixed.
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    OT: Bills claim the boxer

    Just came across espn, the bills claimed enemkpali off waivers.
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    Brady's response to THE PICK

    After two previous defensive let downs, I think we all saw just how excited Brady was for the pick!
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    Goodell press conference

    Just got on stage. "Confident we will do what is expected of us."
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    Screw ESPN!

    Top ten plays...the tip toe against us tonight and "HaHa Clinton-Dix'" pick garner top ten plays. Meanwhile Revis' bait pick and Collins' athletic nightmare pick get no mention. Come to think of it, I don't think those plays were mentioned throughout the last hour. SMFH Supposedly the line is...
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    Manning face!

    Post your favorites. That is all...
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    Bwahahaha! Da' Bears! And...
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    Thompson, RB/LB, Washington

    Not sure what year, or where he is projected, but I'm falling in love with the way this kid hustles back to the line and runs fairly angry for a recent lb/safety convert. He seems to have a bit of an extra gear and has been delivering the hit while getting low. Also seems to require extra help...
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    REVIS!!!! Ridley!!!! Wright!!!!

    Finally, he gets to play some press man, follow the #1 around. Holy ****! He looked like the sixteen(? Maybe Miguel could correct :-P ) million dollar CB he is tonight. The holding/PI in the first was a joke, should have been a pick. Then he forces the fumble later in the game. Completely shut...
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    My apologies to Vince!

    Vince, I'm sorry. I figured you are to old. An achilles is tougher on a big man. The contract... Thank you for proving me wrong! All that aside, Vince looked good last night. Here's to good health!
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    OT: Cowboys and Raiders brawl at practice

    Deadspin: Cowboys And Raiders Brawl At Joint Practice. Cowboys And Raiders Brawl At Joint Practice | Deadspin LOL, and Jerry wonders why he is muddled in mediocrity...
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    Game thoughts

    Defense played well. Some jugs work it's in line for the secondary. Should have been what, six picks? Seriously. Defensive line looked good, not great, backers and secondary looked tremendous (dropped picks excluded). The kids are rounding into form at a great time. Collins played well, Ryan was...
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    Worst officiated game I've seen in a while

    Ravens got away with murder, repeatedly. 49 on the niners gets mugged up the middle. No defensive hosting at the end. Plenty of other extra curricular bs was let go early, when Baltimore was building a lead. Said it had way through the first to the wife, there will be a bs call that decides the...
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    Rants and raves while spotlighting Donald Thomas ...

    Rewatching the game, the kids looked good. Was watching a crap feed this afternoon, but have my dvr giving me heart attacks as we speak. First drive, looked great. Handles dareus no problem. We pick up a first behind him pulling. Good pass pro, swapping men with solder on the bomb to gronk...
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    Hey Josh McDaniels, can we please end the Danny Woodhead experiment?

    Atleast three different drives ground to a hault with one simple substitution last week. Ridley ran off, Woodhead came on. Ridley: Explosive, elusive, fast, strong, game-changer. Woody: Smart, kind of blocks, takes what is given, sure handed. I could kind of understand the surehanded thing...