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  1. long distance

    Boogymen terror: Halloween edition

    Buttfumble gets a rightful heir (@#6) Why don't i just hand you the ball..
  2. long distance

    Monitoring Wynn injury situation (Placed on IR)

    Wynn over win - id prefer good Wynn news over the win. So far this from dr.Chao: “He came into the season recovering from a left achilles rupture as a rookie and was taken into the medical tent with an apparent foot injury. His return is questionable. The injury happened on Sony Michel's...
  3. long distance

    2019 PS Dream Team

    starting with Pats cuts only . adding some league cuts later RB -- Brosette FB/LB -- Johnson WR -- 2 of Berrios, R.Davis, D.Patterson (assuming Olszewski makes the 53 - here or elsewhere) TE -- Anderson OL -- (Gauthier, Croston, St.Luis) DT -- Kamalu* (Parry) LB -- Munson* (Scooby) S -- Gant...
  4. long distance

    FA part 2

    One of the most experienced OT on the market is visiting Foxb. If healthy could be a solid addition at the start of second part of FA
  5. long distance

    TE Kyle Rudolph trade idea

    Its just Breer throwing darts but still . an interesting and plausible idea I wouldn't mind this at all - should be as Pat Fit as it gets..
  6. long distance

    Pats re-sign Josh Gordon

    nice . next good sign
  7. long distance

    Ryan Allen returns

    Ghost to go.. Just a 1y deal though . real P competition in TC again .. but good to be on the safe side Interesting P/K Draft so one of Day 3 picks might be reserved here..
  8. long distance

    MIA signing Fitzpatrick

    MIA QB game seems to be the biggest blunder of this FA. Many moves - and every move worse than the other. I wonder how happy is Flores with this? After they missed on Bridgewater and Taylor I thought Brissett trade indeed makes sense. Probably IND didn't want to move him unless for a kingdom...
  9. long distance

    Great read on NE FA by Reiss

    Here a great Sunday read on NE FA & more: - comprehensive WR search analysis - behind the scenes Humphries bidding - links to Patriots influence across the league - making FA difficult - trades easier (so expect trades ;)) - two beautiful nuggets by ex Pats on special 2018 locker room enjoy...
  10. long distance

    2019 NE CAP SPACE

    ok, lets open a thread for cap since its a recurring subject on multiple threads any many people are deeply worried . which hopefully can be avoided ;) At the moment - going by @Miguel of course - NE cap is at 12.4M (note: Slater's picked up option already accounted for) id follow this with...
  11. long distance

    And the perfect circle of mediotic drama continues..

    Yeah.. lets forget what we were “reporting“ all of this season.., JFX Year after year .. Can't this poor souls enjoy at least one day? (or at least have the decency to wait for the Duck Boats..) Please don't read this or any of this. Just business as usual (on both sides)..
  12. long distance

    True hype: on coach who brought TB to NE

    Didn't see this posted before. Its a week old but if you haven't yet - do watch. Its an amazing pre-game watch . low-key . true hype..
  13. long distance

    AFCCG NE @ KC - pre-watch

    A place to collect at one place film analysis on Pats and Chiefs + tape oriented podcasts. For some further - tape based - specific discussions . and for those who can't/don't search around during the week. Please add interesting things of the sort you find around or produce yourselves... Lets...
  14. long distance

    2018 Draft <-> 2019 NFL re-watch

    Its always interesting to see how college boys look 1y later in NFL unis playing w big boys. How their traits and games translated to the big stage. And possibly learn something for the new Draft cycle.. So im starting this thread for some re-watch material / analysis of last years prospects...
  15. long distance

    LA Chargers @ NE Patriots divisional game rewatch thread

    LAC @ NE Divisional . re-watch . thread This re-watch should be pure joy. One of the most amazing & complete performances by any team I can remember. Coming from “struggling team“ vs “most balanced“ team makes it all the more intriguing. Above all - the strengths of this performance should...
  16. long distance

    Dividends on MICHEL pick starting to pay off EDIT: paid off

    There were plenty of eyebrows raised when Pats didn't bring back Lewis and used #31 pick for a RB. While Patriots statistically had a decent running game in SBLII they struggled quite a bit in last yrs postseason. They nearly lost the home AFCCG after they couldn't get anything going on the...
  17. long distance

    Revisiting NE schedule

    1. Before the start of the season Pats were projected to have one the easiest schedule. Revisiting the schedule now turns out to be almost the opposite: Pats played 9 games against top 15 teams in the league. 2. Most people now say this NE team is not likely to make significant playoff run...