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    Is the chip finally off the shoulder?

    Been reading lately and a lot of other teams message boards, seems the consensus is TFB is the greatest ever. Hell, even during the SB game a falcon fan posted: And that was before he went all kamakazi on their ass to solidify his place in history. Anyways, was just wondering...
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    Wes Welker hired by Texans

    Just heard on NFL network - Houston Texans hired Wes Welker as an Offensive and Special Teams assistant. I always liked Wes and I'm glad he got a gig in the NFL.
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    If we had lost

    Found this kind of interesting - if we had lost, 3 out of the 4 teams that had a first round bye would have lost. The only team that had a bye that didn't look rusty was Falcons. And yes, I know I know, we DID win, however if Texans had a real QB, we would have lost. Don't tell me you were...
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    Josh McDaniels interested in Colts HC job?

    Not sure if true or not, but if it is... wtf Josh, why??? You want to work for the team that started the whole deflategate BS? To work for the pill-popping owner of the team that totally concocted a story to take your current team (as well as yourself) down? Smh. Report: Josh McDaniels would...
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    OT - George Michael of Wham died

    Damn what a bloody year its been for celebrities. 2016 end already! Wham! star George Michael has died -
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    Whats the NFL do if Brady gets intercepted in the Playoffs

    And the opposing team measures the PSI of the football on a cold January day in Foxboro and finds it lower than 12.5? Hypothetically speaking of course. NFL will be stuck between a rock and a hard place. They can't not do nothing since they punished us the first time severely for low pressure...
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    Interesting Chart: Games BB has to lose

    in order to match the winning% of other NFL coaches. Saw it on another board, not sure if true though. Interesting nonetheless. One simple graphic showing how much better Bill Belichick is than other NFL coaches
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    NFL hiring 17 Full-Time Refs next year

    Troy Vincent: NFL planning to hire 17 full-time officials Didn't see this posted anywhere, please merge if it was: And of course since its the NFL, they gotta state some BS stat: Full time refs and expanded review... perhaps the NFL is finally starting to get the message.
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    Just curious - Why's BB wearing Suits all the time now?

    I know he has on occasion in past years worn a suit and tie, but seems this year he wearing suit and tie to almost every post-game conference. Just wondering if there's a reason, or something special about this year. Also noticed he seems more talkative too, perhaps he's just mellowing out with...
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    Seems like other NFL teams fans are finally coming around about Pats "cheating"

    I was surfing other boards to see the opinions of other teams fans on the Collins trade, and came across this gem: Thread Title: That's Why The Cheatriots Traded Collins I gotta say I was surprised by many of the responses getting on the OP's ass for saying 'Cheatriots'. One guy even gave a...
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    So. Read that the NFL won this round - what happens now?

    Read an article that basically said that the NFL pretty much won the arguments and that the justices were especially hard on Kessler, and that Kessler lost his cool and became argumentative against the justices. That the justices really found it made no sense for Brady to destroy his cell phone...
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    Manning To Retire - Announcement coming soon

    Just read this on the Denver Post, written by Woody Paige who I always thought was a goofball... but he does seem to have access to inside sources specially in the Broncos. Kinda wish Manning would've stayed for another year so Brady can even him up in the playoffs, but as it stands if he...
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    Opening Kickoff - why did we elect to receive?

    Granted, with how we played it wouldn't have made much of a difference overall. Still tho, it was a bit of a head scratcher. BB ALWAYS defers and this time he elected to receive? I can only presume he wanted us to score quickly and quiet the crowd. Did he forget the statistics though? The team...
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    Who do we root for this weekend?

    As far as I understand, if Steelers win, we play the winner of Houston/KC. If Bengals win, we play Bengals and results of Texans/KC doesn't matter as they will play Denver. That being the case, I presume the easiest path to hosting the AFCCG is by hoping the Steelers and Houston win?
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    Denver vs. Cincy... unsure who to root for

    Read in some thread that we need to root for Denver, but that just doesn't seem to make sense to me. I would have thought to root for Cincy, but now I'm not sure. Can anyone that has time and is willing, explain why we need to root for Denver? I'll admit the only reason I was thinking of...
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    Any word on Chung and Amendola?

    Knock on wood, but could we get any more injuries? JFC. Seems like every game we lose an important player. This year's seemed like its been much worse than back in 2005 or so when we had like something like 50+ games missed due to injuries. Every freakin game we lose someone, unbelievable!
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    Just curious - Why isn't Amendola returning punts?

    Isn't he fully healthy now? Or is it because he's getting more snaps on O?
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    I'd like to see us be a bit more conservative with a lead

    Until we get our injured players back. I know hind sight is 20/20 and BB/TB/JM/MP have more football knowledge on the tips of their pinky nails than I ever will in my life. That said, the past two weeks we've lost games by which we were up by 14 -- games I believe we would have won had we...
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    Sound bites - Pats vs. Jax: Ref to BB

    Just saw this on NFL Network (Sounds of the game? Forgot what its called) and I was wondering if anyone caught what the Ref said to BB and then BB thanked him. Something about the sideline I think? Unfortunately I still live in the 90s and don't have DVR to rewind and listen to it again. Sounded...
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    How is it decided who plays in London?

    Noticed that the rest of the AFC East plays in London this year but we don't have to (thank god), so was just curious how it's decided and how we were lucky enough to get out of it (if its decided by division that is).