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  1. PatsRI

    Anyone else giving up their season tickets?

    May have to give mine up. Last year I found someone to buy them but the economy is making it tough this year for people. I wish the only thing they would do is have a payment plan option. Where you could pay in installments. Have a penalty that if you don't make each payment you lose the tix...
  2. PatsRI

    Seymour introduced but Al Davis steals the show

    --One day [Patriots coach Bill Belichick] said to me about two days before we made the trade, 'Would you be interested in Seymour?' I didn't put the phone down or anything, I said 'Yeah I'd be interested in Seymour.' I said 'What do you want'? and he told me what he wanted for him. And I said I...
  3. PatsRI

    September 11, 2009

    Always remember. And I remember that first game back against the Jets. Andruzzi brothers and the feeling of togetherness even more than the usual Pats game. (We'll leave the Bledsoe hit out of it for today :) )
  4. PatsRI

    Preseason captains a sign for Aiken?

    Re: Preseason captains a sign for Aiken ? You gotta figure unless he really screws up being a preseason captain means he's here for the long hall. With Izzo and Washington gone it would seem there are a few ST roster openings.
  5. PatsRI

    Caption this: Belichick at 8/6 AM

    "If you get hit with the ball your traded to Oakland!"
  6. PatsRI

    Borges: Bill Belichick saves dough by piling up low picks

    Re: Borges:Bill Belichick saves dough by piling up low picks I hate Borges' writing as much as the next guy but this seems to be a positive article for once. Seems like he's saying that they could have gotten the same talent in the twenties as he did in the thirties and forties while saving...
  7. PatsRI

    This article speaks for itself...

    Re: This article speaks for itself/... I look at it this way: He's "had" some of the most beautiful women in the world, he's rich beyond any of us slobs, he's got 3 rings, he may go down as the best QB of all time, he's one hell of a teamate and competitive player, and oh yeah could probably...
  8. PatsRI

    Happy opening day

    Walked out of work (night shift) and the sun was shining (RI). Could see the storm wall off to the east and had a big smile upon my face. Just finished loading the truck add a few final touches and I'm out the door.
  9. PatsRI

    Congrats Celtics

    Beautiful win, another Boston Championship.
  10. PatsRI

    More stores/restaurants announced at Patriot Place

    Yep, playing football before the games in the old lots was alot less hazardous with a grass or dirt surface as opposed to cement, and hell the traffic seems the same to me.
  11. PatsRI

    OT: Tales of a Fairweather Fan...

    Re: OT - Tales of a Fairweather Fan... Not that I ever agree with Dennis and Callahan but who can blame anyone for shutting a game off at that is a blowout and you know won't be over until midnight. This game could have been on a weekend night and Sundays could definitely start earlier. Hell...
  12. PatsRI

    ESPN Ombudsman to investigate ESPN's coverage of Spygate [June Update]

    One more case of everyone in the media saying "we were wrong or over zealous". Of course it's always way after the fact and hidden many pages or links inside of where an original story bashing the team was found.
  13. PatsRI

    Saw a MA license plate on the way to work today...

    And those Pats fans take abuse when in enemy territory. My brother is a huge fan who lives in Pittsburgh and has his car keyed and many flags stolen from his house even when they are bolted down. He expects it to happen though, the price paid for being proud of your team. I'm sure any guy in...
  14. PatsRI

    More stores/restaurants announced at Patriot Place

    I find I'm strangely torn about all this. I love Bass Pro and will also love the Hall but I can't help but feel that all this right in front of the stadium is going to take away from some of the atmosphere I've come to enjoy over the years. I think maybe if more of the development not directly...
  15. PatsRI

    Who's Boston best GM now??

    Even if the C's win it all I'd have to hold off on declaring Ainge the top GM. If Rondo and Perkins/Davis turn in to top players in a few years then I'll put him near the top. If KG/Allen/Pierce are washed up or gone in 2 years and there are no young players to step up then we can say it was a...
  16. PatsRI

    What would it take for you to switch team alliances?

    There is only one chance that I would ever go against the Pats....and that's if a loss would give them the #1 draft pick, and since we know that won't be possible for many years to come I guess my answer would be a resounding "no".
  17. PatsRI

    Pats select QB Kevin O'Connell with 94th overall pick

    If nothing else ever proved they take the best player on their board this is it.
  18. PatsRI

    Pats select OLB Shawn Crable with 78th overall pick Watching this video he seems to have a really good burst of speed when he sees a pass rushing lane.
  19. PatsRI

    List: ESPN Names Pats Fans 11th Most Satisfied in Sports

    Re: List: ESPN names Pats 11th best franchise in sports Useless piece of drivel. Jax? the Sabres and Ducks of the NHL? it's meaningless.
  20. PatsRI

    2008 schedule release thread [merged]

    Re: It's Out!!! try the link again Way too early of a bye week.