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  1. coltsgirl

    Colts @ Jaguars game discussion [NFL Network] (Pats Playoff Implications)

    Oh yes it has :eek: Freeney and Mathis are great - and I'm really happy that both of them made it to Pro Bowl this year. They deserve it. Wow, what a game. Just can't believe we turned into such a 4th quarter team this year, so I have to keep the pills close :singing:
  2. coltsgirl

    Better than for streaming video

    You should try THIS ONE and then chose football. It's normally much better than Justin. Enjoy :)
  3. coltsgirl

    Are you entertained?

    Yes, I'm very entertained. Actually - this is prolly THE most entertaining and interesting seasons I've experienced. Of course I've been somehow down about the season start for Colts, but I'm just a big a NFL fan as I'm a Colts fan. And it's really exciting to follow the league this year :)
  4. coltsgirl

    31 teams seasons are meaningless

    Who foresaw Giants being in SB 42? And what was the odds for them to win it? Do I think Jets will be in this seasons SB? No. Do I guarantee it? NO. Meaningless? I don't believe that for a second. (If nothing else, it entertained the fans.)
  5. coltsgirl

    Wendel's Week 7 NFL Picks (Guaranteed 50% Accuracy)

    This just keeps getting better and better... next week it's guaranteed 41% accuracy :D
  6. coltsgirl

    New NFL Football Forum

    Okay, thanks for answering... who am I to question anything on your forum, anyway :)
  7. coltsgirl

    New NFL Football Forum

    Just out of curiosity... how come you put it under "other sports forums"? I mean... it is still NFL. Why not under "Sub-forums" like "Visiting locker room"?
  8. coltsgirl

    Texans beating Colts

  9. coltsgirl

    Texans beating Colts

    If any Colts fan tells you that he's not worried, he's a big fat liar. Of course we're concerned about the situation. BUT... I don't care how many or few games they win this year - they're still MY team, and I'll root for them regardless - just as you would for Pats
  10. coltsgirl

    Texans beating Colts

    ^^Thank you. To others in this thread: That said, yes, we got lucky. And so what? I'll take a win however it comes. Whether it's pretty or ugly or wrapped in gift paper by a QB with fumbletitis - it's still a win, and don't any of you here say otherwise. You'd take it too - and some of you...
  11. coltsgirl

    Best Wishes to Tom on surgery and rehab

    I really want to add my best wishes to Brady for his recovery. Those injuries are ugly, and nobody should suffer like that.
  12. coltsgirl

    Giants players comment on Patriots D

    I drafted Freeney too... but somebody else stole Sanders, so pls don't tell him :o ;)
  13. coltsgirl

    Giants players comment on Patriots D

    I think it's really funny. Isn't it enough for fans to call doomsday after watching preseason games - now players are doing it too :eek: Well, who gives a rats behind about preseason wins or losses? Preseason are meant for trying out your young players and different line-ups, not for flashing...
  14. coltsgirl

    A Thread About Nothing...

    I understand.... NOTHING
  15. coltsgirl

    A Thread About Nothing...

    Yea, to me it means... well... NOTHING
  16. coltsgirl

    OT: Peyton Manning out 4-6 weeks after knee surgery

    Excactly... Peyton is not the type of guy who skips TC, just like Brady. As far as I have heard/read, (I didn't know about this surgery until this morning when I went online - and I almost died :(), his bursa sac hasn't been infected until now. He's gotten medical treatment up until this...
  17. coltsgirl

    The "FAVRE - he's really coming baaack only not in GB" post

    Excactly! As much as I love Brett Favre, I never forget about that. :nono:
  18. coltsgirl

    The "FAVRE - he's really coming baaack only not in GB" post

    Just doesn't look right :D
  19. coltsgirl

    A Thread About Nothing...

    Of course it is, LOL But what do you expect me to say? I know very much that we didn't make it to the AFCCG, and believe me, I hated it when it happened. Who wouldn't? But now we're entering a new season, and I deny crying about it now. That's why I try to make a little fun outta it. When it...
  20. coltsgirl

    A Thread About Nothing...

    Not if we would lose the Super Bowl to Giants anyway :rolleyes: