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    The NFC Hasn't Been This Wide Open In A Very Long Time!

    Everyone knows the AFC is pretty much a 2 horse race between New England and KC! Of course there are other good teams with potential to be great in between! However things are much more complicated in the NFC! That conference is going to be a straight bloodbath this season all the way to through...
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    Will Josh Gordon Get A Ring If New England Wins The Superbowl?

    I'm pretty sure this has been discussed! I guess it's all comes down to Kraft and Belichick in the end!
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    Did You Guys Know The Pats Have Played In The Last 4 SB's In New Orleans?

    I never noticed this until recently. I was born in 1987. So I wasn't around for the 1985 SB vs the Bears (played in N.O.). I was alive and well for the 1996 SB vs the Packers (which was also played in my hometown of N.O.). I'll never forget the 2001 SB vs the Rams (also played in the Big Easy)...
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    What's up With Gronk?

    I hope that injury was nothing serious. I want my dawg playing in the SB!
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    I'm a Pats Fan in New Orleans! Please pray for me?

    I've been a huge Patriot fan for a good while.The Saints who has never really won anything has always had a special place in my heart.I'm a N.O. native who would love 2 see the Saints win the whole thing.Then there's another side of me that wants Brady & the Pats to win another Superbowl (which...
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    The Line In Vegas Is Steady Dropping!

    The Pats are now 12 point favorites.I can almost gaurentee you it will drop to 11 by the end of the day.Hopefully it can fall to single digits.I'm loving this.
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    I've Admit The Chargers Have Some Great Cornerbacks!

    I was glad to see Brady shake off those 3 INTS.How ever I've to tip my hat off to the Chargers.They got a great group of corners in San Diego.You Chargers fans have nothing to be ashamed of.Congratz on a great season.
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    I Want My Pats To Earn Their Win Against The Chargers Without The Refs Help!

    I'm pretty sure most of us seen the Colts/Chargers game Sunday.There were some outrageous/horriffic calls against the Chargers.Pats fans like myself knows exactly what it feels like to play against the Colts in the RCA dome with the refs clearly on the Colts side.I hope its a very fair called...
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    The Crowd Should Be Extremely Loud & Wild Saturday Night!

    For those of you going to the game, scream to the top your lungs every time the Jags Offense has the ball.I want the crowd to scream chants like we did in the Steelers game.Lets make the Razor a living nightmare starting with the Jags.
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    Did Anyone See The Saints vs Jags Game?

    I've an uncle who's from New Orleans.He's a huge Saints fan.My uncle has taped every single Saints game this year.We'll know that Saints fans didn't have anything to cheer about this season.I just finish watching the Saints/Jags game.Drew Brees torched those dudes.People are crazy if they think...
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    ''Redskin's Corner Shawn Springs Is An UFA In 2008''

    Do you guys think the Pats will be interested in him?He's played some very good football in Redskins last 4 games.Thoughts...
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    Will The Colts Try To Knock The Titans Out Of The Playoffs Next Week?

    Do you guys think the Colts will try keep their division rival Titans out of the playoffs next week.The Browns & Titans are both tied for the final AFC wildcard.If the Titans win next week they'll make the postseason.If Cleveland beats the 49ers & the Titans lose to the Colts the Browns will...
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    I'm Still Staying Far Away From ESPN

    1st it was the spygate fiasco (which they ate up until it was gone).Then the Pats are clearly the best team with a very good shot at going undefeated.Then there was the so called ''Blueprint'' talk.Last but not least was how the Steelers stopped our 21 game winning streak talk.The media is just...
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    This Game Was A Rollercoaster Ride!

    I was on the edge of my seat the entire game.The Pats has destiny on their side.
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    I Think Maroney Is Going To Have Some Breakout Games In The Next Coming Weeks

    With the passing game just on fire,Maroney is due to have a big game real soon.He'll either do it tomorrow or next week against the Colts.What do you guys think?
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    When Exactly Does Seymour Return?

    I was just curious to know exactly when is Seymour expected to play again.
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    ''Emmit Says If Maroney Doesn't Watch Out Sammy Could Take His Job''

    This should definitely motivate Maroney.I'm not taking anything away from Sammy because we'll know he was a beast tonight.I just hope Maroney's fire is fused big time.
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    What Is The Game Plan Against Bengals?

    We'll know BB has different strategies for each team.What do you guys think will be the game plan against the Bengals next Monday night?
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    Imagine Some Of Things Charlie Could've Done With Our O This Season

    The Pats offense is remarkable this year.I was just thinking about some of things Charlie could've done if he still was our OC this season.
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    I'd Love To See A Team Make The SB When Its In Their City!

    Could you imagine a team making the SB in their own house?It will happen 1 of these years.It will be a major homefield advantage IMO.