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Sep 20th

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  1. patsfaninpa

    We’re doomed!

    Someone had to say it #theolddays
  2. patsfaninpa

    Can’t wait til draft night and we trade down

    Pick up some tackle and a 3. Board will go bananas. Captain will be on about his 7th Captain Morgan. Good times ahead
  3. patsfaninpa

    2010-2019 Patriots set NFL record for most wins in a decade

    Went 125-35. Colts had previous record of 115-45 from 2000-2009. If the league counted playoff wins 2000-2009 Pats would have had record. We went 112-48 with 14 playoff wins that decade. Colts were 9-8. We have already won 16 playoff games this decade. #winning Just wanted to point this out...
  4. patsfaninpa

    Trade Idea

    Pittsburgh wants to deal Antonio to a NFC team. Reports are they may not get a first. They won't trade him to us. Don't really want him. We trade a 1,2,3 to Carolina for 16 They flip our First to Pitt and get a 2 and 3 + AB. Pitt loses AB. If the right guy is there on draft night, we swoop in...
  5. patsfaninpa

    A trio of possible sliders due to various issues at DT

    Would you trade up for any of these guys if they slip to around 20? Last year I thought Derwin James was gonna slide. I badly wanted to move up for him on night 1 of draft. I think 2/3 of these will slide. 1. Jeffrey Simmons - DT - Miss St - Punched his girl-friend in high school. Not invited...
  6. patsfaninpa

    Encouraged by our DL so far

    They played well against the Eagles OL that destroyed us in the Super Bowl. We've added; Shelton, CLayborn and Rivers since then. Players make their biggest leap from year 1 to 2. D. Wise and A. Butler. Butler, looks significantly bigger. Looks like we'll have a nice rotation. Not Fearsome...
  7. patsfaninpa

    Gil Brandt has his Top 150 out.

    He's kinda the godfather of the modern draft. May have lost a little on his fastball. But, he's a wily veteran:) Hot 150: Gil Brandt's top-ranked prospects for 2018 NFL Draft
  8. patsfaninpa

    Derwin James - S- FSU Could he be that elusive big nickel?

    Our Front 6 in a 4-2-5 wasn't very good Sunday. But, we do have some youth and talent there. Plus, Valentine, Rivers and Hightower coming back. I've seen a lot of us(self-included) speculate a slight trade up for Vea - DT if he falls into 20's. Would it be better to trade up for James if...
  9. patsfaninpa

    Hats off to interior DL. Brown and Guy!

    Have been great these last 2 games. Held Fournete to 76 yards on 24 carries. 3.2ypc Great job guys
  10. patsfaninpa

    Should TB12 throw out the first pitch at Sox home opener Monday?

    against Pittsburgh no less. Would drive those yinzers crazy.
  11. patsfaninpa

    Should we go all in for the next 2 years?

    First, I know that's not his style. But, Belichick may not even be coaching beyond the next two years. Also, it's becoming increasingly clear that we're going to deal Jimmy G. We will probably have a Tom Brady who can win a championship for the next 2-3 years. Not counting on J. Brissett to...
  12. patsfaninpa

    PFF Top 101 PLAYERS for 2016. GOAT 1st

    Top 101 players from the 2016 NFL season | PFF Other Pats are Butler at 25, McCourty at 29, Cannon, Solder at 59 and Cannon at 61.
  13. patsfaninpa

    We're 5 weeks behind. Let's get to work.

    Initial thoughts after last night. We must keep Hightower and Malcolm Butler. I'd like to keep M. Bennett. But, he'll likely get more elsewhere. Same with Logan Ryan. Guessing Sheard is gone. I'd like to upgrade Blount. He was a non-factor in two Super Bowls. And, also in both losses at Denver...
  14. patsfaninpa

    Grady Jarrett vs Shaq Mason

    I'm watching the Super Bowl and thinking we're watching one of Manxman's binkies destroy the other. And, almost the Pats hopes. Hope your OK manx?
  15. patsfaninpa

    Roger Goodell just gave us a 1st round pick +

    While I think it's total BS that Brady got suspended. If Jimmy G didn't play a significant game in his first four years, his trade value would be minimal. Now, he'll get 4 games with; Gronk, Edelman, Bennett, Lewis, etc. I feel he showed significant improvement last pre-season. He is going to...
  16. patsfaninpa

    Nick Fairley. Come on home Son.

    Signing him should get Mayoclinic out of hibernation. I feel like I'm having flashbacks; Chris Long, McClellin, Cooper, Donald Brown and maybe Fairley. I don't do drugs. Don't even smoke. But, may need a cigarette:)
  17. patsfaninpa

    Squish The Fish

    Squish The Fish Sorry mods, couldn't help myself. We could make this the game thread.:)
  18. patsfaninpa


    Cool movie and he's back to play LB for a year.
  19. patsfaninpa

    Kraft must use financial clout to send TB12 out on top.

    We've followed the team-building approach Belichick and Kraft have operated under over the last 15 years. It's been wildly successful with one eye on winning now. And, another on keeping this thing going. Well, TB12 probably has 3-4 years left. This owner and coach owe him big-time. We...