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  1. SalemPats

    The Brilliance of Tom Brady

    Lets be brutally honest, we made it to the SB because of Brady. Our defense gave up a ton of yards, got better towards the end of the season (but all i real Pats fans know that a big reason is because of the schedule). Brady had an MVP season and MVP postseason. His security blanket (JE11)...
  2. SalemPats

    Greatest Playoff Patriots 4th Quarter comeback

    This one vs the Jags was impressive because we were out Edelman already, Gronk goes down early and we are playing the #1 defense
  3. SalemPats

    Brady the greatest in any sport

    He is not just the football GOAT, but is the greatest in any sport. I love this guy
  4. SalemPats

    Butler vs Jets

    i thought he very good today and was all over the ball. He played with an edge.
  5. SalemPats

    Chris Hogan Offensive MVP (not named Brady)

    I thought he was sensational today and has been every week. His route running is the best on the team, rarely drops the ball and comes up with big plays. Most importantly he’s our biggest red zone threat. He’s still improving. Might be our best offensive signing since Wes.
  6. SalemPats


    Unfortuantely, i wasn't at the game and i find it difficult to understand what is going on in the secondary on tv. It looked like Butler was all over the field, was their miscommunication and he was covering up for someone, was he getting beat? What was McCourty doing, i saw him in the box...
  7. SalemPats

    R-E-L-A-X on the defense

    With the last CBA, September is basically training camp, we've had a few injuries and our talented secondary hasn't gelled yet. We know that with the greatest defensive mind our defense will slowly improve.
  8. SalemPats

    Pats secondary vs Saints

    The Saints have a ton of speed at the WR position. Thomas was a slot receiver who kind of like Edelman can play the x, y and z (but is probably the most dangerous in the slot). Lewis and Ginn Jr are burners. It will be interesting to see if we have Butler following Thomas around or if Butler...
  9. SalemPats

    Let's not overreact

    Andy Reid runs a very nice offense, they were 12-4 last year and Reid has torched us in the past -lets look at the last 6 games 2005 SB: 24 - 21 - McNabb 357 yards 2007 regular season 31-28 - AJ Feely 345 yards 2011 regular season 38-20 - Vince Young 400 yards 2014 regular season 14 -41 - A...
  10. SalemPats

    Conor vs Floyd

    I know this is not football, but we do have a strong Irish community in Boston who love the Pats and all things irish I'm going with the upset Conor 4th round ko
  11. SalemPats

    Deshaun Watson Media Love-Fest

    OT: D Watson It's like the media is in love with D Watson. I just don't see it, accuracy and the deep ball are issues. College and NFL are very different, way too many mismatches and a good O-Line or scrambling ability can skew results that won't happen in the NFL. n my opinion if you can't...
  12. SalemPats

    The reason sports media has declined (mainly BSPN)

    Things changed about 10-15 years ago when the media shifted away from showing sports to the hardcores and catered to the social sports fan. The popular shows would breakdown the game on a technical level, the commentators would focus on the game (hell John Madden was lambasted for over...
  13. SalemPats

    Hypothetical trade

    Apparently the Texans are not interested in Romo (no surprise as he stinks). Would we do Jimmy G for Hopkins
  14. SalemPats

    BB as a GM proved a lot of people wrong, again!

    Not only is he the greatest coach ever, but as a GM he was incredible, just look at what he did the last couple of years to reshape this team (while losing a 1st and always drafting late) This is who BB has added since 2015 Defense (we were a top 5 defense this year): D-Line: Flowers (2015...
  15. SalemPats

    Falcons Wasted Timeouts

    During the second half, i was shocked that the Falcons wasted timeouts (and not even good ones). I don't understand teams making these types of mistakes against a good offense
  16. SalemPats

    Greatest comeback ever, game thoughts

    Wow, for 3 quarters we had bad luck, made some mistakes and the Falcons made some great plays. Falcons started off great, the edge blocking was great and Freeman was breaking runs (not sure why Shanahan didn't ride him more). Long, Ninko, Sheard all struggled. Butler was great, had one bad...
  17. SalemPats

    James White is a legend

    There is nothing else i can say about this man.
  18. SalemPats

    Greatest moment of my life

    1. James White TD 2. Julian Edelman catch 3. Brady emotional after the win 4. birth of my child I love you guys, always believe
  19. SalemPats

    Who wins the MVP? Brady or Ryan

    For me it's pretty clear cut that Brady should win stats are close, the fact that Brady only has 2 int's is huge: Brady 28 TD/2 int, 3500 yards, QB rating 112.2 vs Ryan 38 TD/7 int 4900 yards, 117.1 but here is where it starts to separate: Wins: Brady 11 wins in 12 games, Ryan 11 wins in 16...
  20. SalemPats

    This is why we think the media is stupid

    This was on CBS Sports Twitter thinks Tom Brady threw subtle jab at Aaron Rodgers following AFC title win Twitter thinks Tom Brady threw subtle jab at Aaron Rodgers following AFC title win