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    Bleacher Report on Brandin Cooks

    Agreed, thanks for posting. Sounds like he has that 'always-need-to-be-better' attitude, similar to Brady. Can't wait for this season to start...
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    Today in Patriots History Thread

    Just got home from work to come on and give a shout out to TB on his birthday... Word up Troy! Class act.
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    Belichick video

    Watched this interview again. This should be required listening for anyone who wants to achieve something by working at it and putting in the many great morals and values. If we saw this 16 years ago, it wouldn't have been a stretch to envision the 16 years unfolding the way they...
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    Holy **** you guys. We were down 28-3 in the Super Bowl and won.

    It wasn't until after White scored in OT did I finally have a deep, emotional reaction. That whole drive, I just watched in a state of shock. I simply couldn't believe what I was seeing. Part of me didn't want to believe we could actually win this game. Just. Wow. Totally agree. That drive...
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    Marty's interview is worth it's own thread.

    Agreed. This is a great listen.
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    Oh Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling..

    So many heroes in this game, but he is right near the top. SO clutch.
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    Idle thoughts - The "on to Atlanta" edition.

    Hogan really sold the flea flicker well off the line also. Saw the pom pom dance, great stuff...haven't seen video of Bennett's lap though - anyone have it?
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    Malcolm Mitchell is the best rookie WR since...

    Totally agree. And he seems to get a kick out of it too when it helps the play succeed, which is even better.
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    Amendola is a beast

    Love what this guy brings. I actually felt a little sorry for him when Gronk got the TD and a hug from Brady, when Danny did a lot of the work on the drive. :p
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    2/9/2015 MMQB- Great Insight From Brady/McD on the 4th Quarter

    Thanks for posting, awesome read. I love reading this 'behind the scenes' stuff, especially coming from Brady and hearing how much goes into his decision making. Concur about Josh - it all came together in this game with flying colors.
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    what a td from Gronk...

    That's the one, thanks for posting this!
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    what a td from Gronk...

    Totally agree. Not sure if anyone remembers, but I believe it was a pre-season game in his first year, he was temporarily stopped at the 10 yard line, with 1 or 2 defenders wrapped around his legs, and he literally pulled them another five yards with shear determination. Right then and there I...
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    Is Develin hurting the running game, and the offense overall?

    I will second shmessy's kudos on a well laid out argument, Brady6. I have not been able to see either game due to work commitments, so this is a nice wrinkle of info to hear about.
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    3 #1's next year?

    I would absolutely love this as well - I've ALWAYS wanted to be a fly on the wall..every year the draft comes I think the same thing. It would be fascinating.
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    Patriots decline was years in the making

    Bingo. This has been discussed before, but I don't think enough. If we can see who Brady is going to throw to on a TV, then defenders will have a field day. Third, fourth and fifth options were scarce, but how much did his injuries, the play calling, and the OL affect this aspect? We will...