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  1. Steve:Section 102

    James White Retires

    Good Luck on the next evolution of your career, good sir. Thank you for the many years of service.
  2. Steve:Section 102

    OT: Dolphins Owner Steven Ross Suspended, Picks Forfeited, For Tampering With Brady, Payton

    The more I think about this, the more I think that this chit goes on waaaaaay more than the NFL, and everyone else, is letting on. While I am a little disappointed that this is kind of a chitbag move by Brady, this is the NFL. The NFL is probably the most corrupt, rule bending/breaking sports...
  3. Steve:Section 102

    Patriots Training Camp 7-27-2022

    I have enjoyed this guy's analysis, but I am hoping that working for the mother ship doesn't filter his approach.
  4. Steve:Section 102

    A$ante being A$ante

    It's funny really. Imagine how good the guy could have been if he did? It's amazing to me that guys get by at every level on raw athleticism, never putting it together that they could have a real advantage if they did use all the tools available.
  5. Steve:Section 102

    First Boston Sport experience?

    There's a lot to unpack here, Bill. I am in central NH, there was no cable even offered in our area. Friday nights, channel 6 out of Maine carried them, and I could get them on the black and white TV my grandparents gave me on rabbit ears. It was a real treat. Every once in a while they were...
  6. Steve:Section 102

    A$ante being A$ante

    Asante cared about one thing, and it wasn't winning.
  7. Steve:Section 102

    First Boston Sport experience?

    1972 Red Sox V Tigers. I would have been 6 or 7, we sat right behind home, maybe 10-12 rows up. Rico Petrocelli hit a grand slam in the 13th to win. I didn't really get fully on board until the '75 team.
  8. Steve:Section 102

    Former Pats Receiver Charles Johnson dead at 50.

    Gil's call, Charles can be seen at the 17 second mark. It's worth the click to go over to you tube. I still get choked up listening to Gil call it. What a thrill for him to do that after all those years. Godspeed Charles.
  9. Steve:Section 102

    James White is having hip discomfort

    I'm in. Where do you want to put him on my list?