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Sep 12th

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  1. Snooky97

    Joejuan Williams moving to safety

    He’s a matchup DB, think of Brandon Browner. Big WRs, Move TEs, think he will be a good player he’s just behind the best secondary in the league
  2. Snooky97

    BGC 2021 TE/PTP Thread

    Dawson Knox was one guy I was gutted about. Thought he was legit and top guy and will be eventually. He just didn’t get the targets in college against AJ Brown and DK. Kittle was more of a mystery, but BB does have good connections with IOWA so he was another guy they should of looked at...
  3. Snooky97

    BGC 2021 TE/PTP Thread

    We’ve tend to rely on the TE having a big impact on the success of the team. If it’s the passing game or running game. The only season I can think we didn’t have huge production out of the position was the 07 season, but even then we had Ben Watson making plays if we needed him to. hopefully...
  4. Snooky97

    Reiss: Yodny Cajuste healthy

    The only thing to consider is that Garcia injury/health was a more significant problem compared to Yodney.
  5. Snooky97

    Sony Michel recovering from foot surgery

    So surprised at how Michel has turned out so far. His college tape and combine put him right next to Chubb apart from the bench press. I’m guessing Sony’s knees aren’t going to be 100% ever. Interesting though how Chubb who had surgery on his at college has maintained his ability. Maybe it’ll...
  6. Snooky97

    BGC 2021 QB/PTP Thread

    Trey Lance's film is unbelievable. Quicker than he looks, quick release, has an absolute cannon of an arm. Trevor Lawrence is just on a different level. Cannot wait to see what he does this season.
  7. Snooky97

    Redraft Game

    it just really felt like this years specialist was selected far to early. Now if it was the late 6th or 7th then yeah I’m fine with it just felt there were still impact guys out there in that round.
  8. Snooky97

    Redraft Game

    One thing I didn’t like about Kmet tape is he didn’t flash to me or look that explosive. Whereas some of the other TEs did and players who were selected around where Kmet was drafted did. The one thing that did annoy me was taking the kicker as early as we did. Felt there were still a lot of...
  9. Snooky97

    Patriots’ drafting over last 20, 10 and 5 years

    One thing to take into account was the year we lost a first rounder for nothing...
  10. Snooky97

    2021 Draft Prospects

    Pitts is just a matchup nightmare, I’ve watched some tape on him but he hasn’t exploded of the screen for me yet. Hoping more I watch more I see the TE1 that many see. I’m a bigger fan of Lawerence and Trey Lance than fields, but I know fields is regarded as the 2nd best in the draft at the...
  11. Snooky97

    2021 Draft Prospects

    Levi Onwuzurike Washington looks a great prospect. Long arms, good agility and a good first step. Takes on double teams and is also a good pass rusher on all three downs.
  12. Snooky97

    2021 Draft Prospects

    Justyn Ross reminds me of Julio Jones, not sure if he will test the same 40 time, but he’s outstanding, very similar to Ceedee lamb. DT Jaylen Twyman is another guy we should be looking at as well. Kyle Pitts and Pat Freiermuth are TE1/1B. Both could be very good guys to look at if we go TE...
  13. Snooky97

    The Official 2020 UDFA Signing Thread

    Just watched some Jeff Thomas tape... He’s electric. Runs solid routes, good off press man. Legit deep threat. I wouldn’t be surprised if he made the roster as long as he doesn’t do anything stupid. He can flat out play.
  14. Snooky97

    The Official 2020 UDFA Signing Thread

    One of the best UDFA classes we’ve had. A lot of the players we’ve picked up could easily of been drafted if it wasn’t for some character issues or injuries. The one guy I’m disappointed they didn’t go after is Hunter Bryant. It wouldn’t surprise me if 3-5 guys from this UDFA class make the...
  15. Snooky97

    The Official 2020 UDFA Signing Thread

    First play JJ Taylor is in man coverage against the LB. Beats the LB with ease with leverage. Slightly different to the play above. The defence is in a man scheme again. If the ball is placed better taylor is off to the races. RT gets beaten and before taylor leeks out of the backfield...