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  1. Snooky97

    2022 Mock Drafts

    Love the value in the third with Metchie, pre acl i had him as a late 1st or 2nd rounder. Roberson is another great pick in the 4th.
  2. Snooky97

    Ahmad Gardner: elite man-corner who could be available for NE

    If he runs well, i.e early 4.4s he will be a top 15 maybe even top 15. Especially with his size. I'd love him at 21 for us.
  3. Snooky97

    2022 Draft Prospects

    I'd love any of these guys - Mixture of early round guys, and later guys. The WR class is deep and has multiple talented guys in every round. Honestly this is the sort of draft where you would like multiple day two picks. As the talent is so deep within this class. There are a couple of blue...
  4. Snooky97

    2022 Mock Drafts

    Ideally i'd rather have Sauce Gardner but he went two picks before McDuffie. John Metchie III , would be a great fit for us and also has played with Mac and had good chemistry, obviously his medicals will be key, but if they check out I'd love him in the second round range, he may even go into...
  5. Snooky97

    Patriots Prospect Tracker - Interviews/Meetings

    Hey everyone! Bad way to end the season but at least we can look forward to the draft/off season. Again another key year for us in the draft. After last years draft i'm hoping we can have the success again. Will update this as i see reports
  6. Snooky97

    Flores fired

    This is why the dolphins struggle. Flores is a top head coach. Hasn’t had a lot to work with but that dolphin team has improved every year with him at the helm even with their bad start this season. Ludicrous they sacked him. He will be a head coach again. Texans, Bears, I’d say would be interested
  7. Snooky97

    Did N'Keal Harry really muff the punt?

    I blame Bill and the coaching staff for putting Nkeal in that position. He shouldn’t of been on the field for that play. Was ridiculous he was in that position for a guy who hasn’t been a punt return guy since his college days.
  8. Snooky97

    Mac on Monday Night

    Would I of liked to seen more throws? Yes. That wind was horrible though and why bother to throw when we can run the ball against a 10 man box. Now if we were down at any point in the game I imagine we would of thrown the ball a lot more and if not for the nkeal muffed punt this game isn’t even...
  9. Snooky97

    BGC 2022 WR/PTP Thread

    Agreed. Will defiantly been a top draft pick if he plays like he did this season next year. Shame he’s not eligible this year.
  10. Snooky97

    BGC 2022 WR/PTP Thread

    Metchie looks like he’s going to be out for the rest of the season. His draft stock could drop considerably. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t declare now and goes back for his senior year.
  11. Snooky97

    BGC 2022 Rush/PTP Thread

    Hutchinson should be going top 10 and maybe even top 5. Providing he has no off field issues or medicals that come up. He’s relentless.
  12. Snooky97

    BGC 2022 WR/PTP Thread

    YES. I’d happily take Metchie III in the second, he’s a stud. He just gets open no matter what. Beats press, understands when to sit in the zone. Good after the catch as well.
  13. Snooky97

    Our defense now vs the 2019 D

    Just from a pure eye test, i'd say this defence is better. We can get pressure with 4 and drop 7 into coverage that makes a huge difference. Plus we seem to better at stopping the run than we have done in previous seasons. Plus Barmore and Judon have been utter game wreckers at time. Barmore may...
  14. Snooky97

    BGC 2022 RB/PTP Thread

    Jerrion Ealy i'm a huge fan of him. Would be an ideal third down back and reminds me of Dion Lewis.
  15. Snooky97

    BGC 2022 WR/PTP Thread

    Agreed with all your statements there. Williams could end up going first WR off the board in my opinion. If he runs his 40 in the low 4.3s and high 4.2s I could see him having a John Ross type of draft day. His routes are crisp and you can’t really play press man due to that deep speed because...